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Wandering Streets (Open)

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1Wandering Streets (Open) Empty Wandering Streets (Open) on Mon Jul 10, 2017 2:35 pm

Rosalina Pearl
Moving is always a jarring change. Or that was what Rosalina had heard. Now she could confirm that it was true. The city of Bellmuse was much bigger than the small town she came from, but that was to be expected. And with big cities came better opportunities. There wasn't much she could do with dust in her old town.
    Double checking to make sure that her luggage was secure, Rosalina walked down the street. She then proceeded to get horribly lost. Well, wasn't that just wonderful. A map would have been very helpful. If only the person she had gotten directions from had been more clear about which right turn she had to take. Rosalind began to retrace her steps in hopes of finding where she had gotten turned around. Maybe she could ask for help...not yet. She wasn't that desperate. She just had to keep moving. That quickly went out the window when Rosalind bumped into a stranger.
“I'm so sorry, it was an accident.”

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2Wandering Streets (Open) Empty Re: Wandering Streets (Open) on Tue Jul 11, 2017 10:06 am

Pluton Cronus
Pluton wasn't one for wandering the more residential areas of Bellmuse. Lacking a home to call his own; sleeping in alleyways, beneath bridges and most commonly atop those awful metal public benches meant that you had little use for a house... that or simply lacked the money to own one. He had completed his morning rituals of training and cleaning himself in a garden fountain but had found himself wandering the streets rather bored on this late morning. Unlike the previous he hadn't encountered anyone worth his time, when he had jumped into the fountain most all people had ignored him... perhaps this city was getting used to it's massive white haired homeless local. He couldn't have that, the idea that he was just someone in the background? Like hell he was, he was going to become the strongest huntsman to come out of this island town with or without the school's approval.

Deep in thought about just how to recapture the public's attention, if diving into the fountain to wash and retrieve coins wouldn't do it just what would, he was bashed on his right by someone over a foot shorter than him and wearing glasses. As much as she attempted to apologise he immediately had a response in mind, "What, those glasses don't help ya see?" It was blunt and frankly a little cruel but he had to keep himself big and tough, he couldn't be mistaken for some weak brat. That'd keep him from getting any stronger physically or mentally. "It's fine though, least you said sorry immediately. Least ya know who you're standin' before!"

On his back was what looked to be an exceptionally uncomfortable and strange backpack, more like a small crate with straps attached than a rucksack. Beneath his eyes were heavy black bags, likely from the awful sleep he had received and his body was... less than fragrant. His skin was very pale, perhaps even anaemically so, his hands were hard and calloused while his nails were dirty. While the medallion hanging from his neck may have looked shiny from a distance, up close it was clearly just spray painted scrap, and the watch around his wrist had a broken face. He loomed over her with a lightly yellow toothed grin he thought intimidating, but came of as immature and goofy.

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Rosalina Pearl
The man she had bumped into didn't seem like the nicest person. But he wasn't the rudest either. At least he hadn't started screaming at her. And it seemed like he knew his way around town. Rosalind fidgeted, playing with the end of her braid. "I was a little lost in thought. You wouldn't happen to know where I can find a map?" She decided to ignore his comment about the glasses. Getting into an argument with a stranger would be a horrible start to her day. Well, worse than it already was. She should also find something else to call him besides 'the weird stranger I bumped into on the street because the person I asked couldn't be bothered to give me clear instructions and then let me get lost in a strange city.' Which she was a little bitter about. If she ever sees him again he's getting a piece of her mind.
"What's your name by the way? I'm Rosalina."

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Pluton Cronus
"Oh? So you actually don't know who ya standin' before!? Ya just weak willed or somethin'?" Pluton's brows furrowed going from standing tall, albeit hunched, to bending his knees to be on around eye level with the glasses girl. It was meant to be intimidating and degrading, but probably came off as a lot more goofy or silly... maybe even straight up embarrassing' both for himself and the girl he was talking to. "Ya talkin' to the soon to be strongest on this island, the man who's going to show that pathetic academy on the hill ya don't need that weak learning. Gonna do it all by my hand and topple this island! Don't you forget it! The name's Tartar Sa- Pluton Cronus! Pluton Cronus!"

"As for map, I don't need one so I don't know one! Trainin' and sleepin' rough all the time means that I know the routes like the back of my hand. Ya should really try it sometime, don't need some dumb little icon telling you where to go that way! Cut your own path into the stone!" His frown then grew back into a smirk, "Tell ya what though, if ya have anything to offer me in return I'll cut the path for ya. Nothin big course, somethin' like... a meal?"

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5Wandering Streets (Open) Empty Re: Wandering Streets (Open) on Sat Aug 05, 2017 5:33 pm

Rosalina Pearl
Well, this was certainly not the response she expected to get.

"Alright Pluton Cronus, I'll accept your offer. Are there any foods you don't like?"

Rosalina frowned and glanced at her luggage. If he didn't like any of the food she had, then it was back to square one. Unless they could negotiate something else. And the part where he messed up his own name was odd. Whatever. It wasn't any of her business. Pluton was odd in general anyway.

"I have some sandwhiches, but if you want anything else I'll have to get somewhere I can cook."

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Pluton Cronus
"Yo sandwiches!? Yo you can cook?! Yo alright! We can do this! If you need more help after that I'll lend ya a hand! Food for information, food for directions, heck if you have anything else that needs done we can have a bargain over it! Course, try to do me a bad deal or break the rules and I'l break ya down but if you've got food and want directions I'll walk with ya? Where do ya wanna go? Come on! Out with it! I'm starvin' over here!" Pluton rambled on, borderline salivating at the potential of food. It was almost as if he were trying to talk over the rumbling of his stomach which, at the mere mention of food, had begun to croak not dissimilarly to a frog.

Turning on a dime and beginning to walk down the street, expecting her to follow or catch up, he continued to bellow over his stomach; Yo! Come on come on! Where are we even goin'? How could ya get lost on an island? It's not as if this place is big at all is it? Are you meant to be one of them hunter folk? Man o man, they must be gettin' desperate if you don't know directions. Maybe they'll finally give Pluton another shot, be less blind to my greatness eh?"

Do remember the minimum 150 words wordcount, you haven't quite met it here.

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