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Unexpected Confrontation (P)

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1 Unexpected Confrontation (P) on Fri Jul 14, 2017 6:06 pm

Sal stood along the beach here in Bellmuse, watching the sun set along the horizon as the comforting sound of waves crashing washed over the background. As cliché and despicably cartoonish as it may seem, he actually enjoyed little moments like these, just relaxing among the quiet with only one noise to focus on. The sun fell deeper, apparently consumed by the crashing waves, it's light almost like a hand reaching out to the heavens for one to save it from drowning. Shadows cast long upon the beach, blanketing the sand and devouring it's coloration.

He didn't often come out to such a place, not least because there was a small risk of grimm-attack, but because he needed this... There was so much weird going on right now... Charlotte... Aikomi... just learning what it was to be a student here at Syne and he hadn't even started classes yet. He felt sort of hopeless almost... Overwhelmed most definitely... This place... at least it helped him calm down a little bit...

He sighed, summoning his Avatar behind him, always feeling safer with this massive shadowy monster hovering behind him. Who wouldn't? Such a guardian made him feel almost untouchable in a way... it kept him from looking over his shoulder... The shadow and it's master looked out over the dying light across the ocean deep, crossing their arms in sync and contemplation.

"What do I do now..."

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2 Re: Unexpected Confrontation (P) on Sat Jul 15, 2017 7:18 pm

Aikomi was at the beach, in beach worthy wears: a frilly bikini. She was walking on the shore, not actually in the water, though- the girl just likes the feeling of the evening breeze on her skin. Pen and Paper were, never-the-less, hooked on her sides. She enjoyed this serenity, really, it was a nice change in pace to her every day life. She liked it.
The waves crashing into the beach, some water hitting her feet, it tickled her fancy. This was the kind of life she'd just love to live, but alas, she was an insane schizophrenic robot.

After a few minutes she saw a lone figure in a cloak, with a large, shadowy figure behind him. She knew it was a him, because she knew who it was. Who else constantly wore a cloak and had a tall shadow summon? Deciding to play a little... "Game", she quickly dashed up the beach, skidding to a halt a couple dozen meters behind him. Unsheathing Pen, she threw herself down into a crouch, slowly stalkingup behind him and using the waves as cover for her footsteps. After about a minute she was a few feet behind the shadow, and had already stopped breathing. She slowly stood up, rearing her arm back, and making a diagonal cut through the shadow, spinning the polearm over her head before swinging it down full force, stopping just before she sliced his left shoulder. The blade would stay by his cheek, eerily close to his neck. She didn't speak, much preferring to let him figure out for himself.

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3 Re: Unexpected Confrontation (P) on Sun Jul 16, 2017 10:16 am

Sal suddenly found himself accosted by someone, His shadow slashed into oblivion and a bladed instrument up to his neck. It seemed a peaceful moment wasn't to be... He didn't recognize the strange polearm, they had in their employ, but he did recognize the wielder. Turning his head ever-so lightly and looking over his shoulder, he saw that Aiko was there... either in her underwear of a frilly swimsuit... he couldn't tell. He might've blushed if she didn't have a huge pole-knife up to his cheek, barely not resting on his shoulder.

Rolling his eyes, the boy would suddenly crouch low to put distance between him and the blade as his shadow sprung up from just in front and beneath the girl, their shadows merged at this distance. A massive shadowy fist would manifest from the sands below her, striking her in an uppercut as the shadow came into being. The punch would likely send the girl stumbling back from the surprise and force should it hit, Salzem taking a large leap back and putting several meters between them. The shadow chose to link with its master this time instead of going on the offensive, following his retreat. If she was capable of sneaking up on him... he'd need the shadow's defense more than it's offense.

Sal quickly drew his flaregun and handed it to the shadow, it's hand morphing and shrinking to resemble that of a human's. The twisted monster pointed the barrel of the gun right at the girl, a confused, scared and almost angry expression on his face.

"You...? Why did you attack me, Aiko...? What did I do?"

175/200 Aura -25 summoning summon

(One Attack: 15 damage via shadow)

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