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Paladin Patrol

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1 Paladin Patrol on Sat Jul 15, 2017 9:47 am


Sargent Paveslee

Occupation: Paladin Pilot

Location: Belmuse Central

About The Paladin Pilot: Sargent Paveslee has been dispatched to Belmuse in attempt to show solidarity and kindness from the heart of Atlas, brining with him a single paladin mech to show off what their advanced technology is capable of. The mech itself is loaded with blanks rather than live ammunition of course, being in the centre of a highly populated area it would be unwise to be otherwise and risk further damage to Atlas reputation.

The Sargent himself isn't exactly a model soldier. While he is proficient and good at his job... he is rather restrictive. It has been often commented that he's overly cautious when it comes to safety, always insisting his orders are followed completely and having impeccable gun safety. This has lead to him rubbing elbows with some of his soldiers however it is also what has propelled him so far up the ranks so quickly, at twenty six having received the permissions not only to pilot a paladin but also to teach others to.

He's also a rather... bashful little man. He doesn't take compliments amazingly, being reduced to a stuttering mess regardless of who they come from. It has been particularly noticed that around tall people he gets a little bit shyer also, attempting to tend even more directly to protocol and act like a soldier... despite the blush on his face.

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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