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Sea Dragon Grimm HP:??? Level 8
Beach HP:1170/1250

The sun beat down on Bellmuse as though it were mere meters above the city, intense heats such as this were nothing new to the island nation however. Every summer the citizens and hunters alike, now on their summer leave from school, would descend on the beaches in an attempt to escape the heat. The woods, despite the shade they provided, were just much too humid; the hot air would get trapped beneath the cover and never be able to ascend. With ice and water dust yes, one could evade the heat indoors, but the additional expense made it unappealing. So to the beach it was! They'd make a day of it! Being an island resulted in a vast area of coast, the beach encircled the whole island and was easy to access. Plenty of space for all of the city's occupants... but this had lead to a particular problem. What if those across the beach were sent into panic and uproar?

The west beach, home to the most popular tavern on the island, was overrun. Men, women, children, human, faunus and android alike had begun to mingle on the sand. Games to be had, drinks to be shared and shade to be fought over. Some had decided to migrate out to the sea... against better judgment. The tide had begun to rapidly recede, the result of which was waves drawing the smaller dinghies and inflatable ships further and further out to sea. The resulting panic from their owners, sending out shortwave radio communication from the larger wooden and metal boats to the lifeguards for aid, had lead to an evil presence brewing at sea. It was with the crying of a baby on one of the rubber dinghies that the brew was concentrated, taking form and rising from the water. The resulting ripples rocked even the largest of boats. Like some phantom black hair which had escaped the raiser's slice it loomed tall and obvious on the empty sea.

Those on the coast, the common civilians and shoreside visitors, grew into a petrified panic upon slowly catching site of the creature. The beast was a killometer away and yet it's size was still apparent even to them, it was longer than even the hunting academy on the mountain tops, the ripples it's wings sent out against the receding tide almost seemed to negate the sea's retracting action and force water back onto the shore. A siren broke the terrified silence, screams and panic were made from thought to action. The public ran from the shoreline, dropping their possessions as they attempted to escape the mounting threat on the horizon. Wings were drawn wide, heavy flaps sent the sea rippling back toward the beach and forced the ships to rock further and the waves further inland... it was as if the beast was delighted by the response. Curled whiskers began to spark, jaws widened and revealed an orb of pulsing yellow light within; nearing the harshness and intensity of the sun that shone above above. The shockwave, set to be unleashed upon the boats, was at the last moment redirected by the beast's glee. The boats surrounding it were mere waves of fear when compared to the monsoon of panic on the beach! Lashing it's head forward the beam shot forth long and true; cutting along the water and turning it to steam, eventually reaching the sand! Intense plasma heat turned the grains the ray made contact with to glass, civilians throwing themselves into the air to escape the blast!

But with that it's wings folded back inward, assimilating back into the thin beast's body, before it dove down into the depths once more. It seemed to almost move in a wide zig zagging pattern, rounding left to right nearly five times in order to make just one of those distances forward. The beast was taunting those on the beach, waiting for their fear to build to it's highest point. Those in the mechanical boats had begun attempting to rescue those in lighter craft and were heading further out to sea in an attempt to escape the monster while it's attention was drawn elsewhere. The only way off the west beach, at least in close distance to those on it, was a set of concrete steps. While they were usually thought of of quite wide, in this panic it was all too clear they weren't wide enough. Their ridged design meant people would stumble. Some attempted to scale the hillside instead.

But for those trapped on the beach, be them trampled or still petrified... the hunters that hung among would be their only hope of safety. But would they have their weapons on this hot resting day? Did they see reason to bring them? Probably not, reliance on semblance and tactics was much more likely! But what tactics could one use? The beast was still out of range of aura and conventional weaponry! All they could hope to do is form a beach head, defend the civilians until they were out of the beast's range!

Special Hunt, Defensive Hunt!:
In this encounter you are unable to damage the grimm greatly, due to it's significant distance from the beach! You must hold out for a unknown number of the grimm's posts, taking it's fire with your own bodies or using weapons/semblances/dust to help in lessening the damage! You could even try drawing the Grimm's fire, but must think back to your classes on how you may be able to do such! The beach hp is representative of the HP of the Civilians on the beach, attempting to escape! The higher the hp the more you save! Currently one blast has struck the beach and thrown civilians, thus lowering it's hp even before you have started. This thread will use the Class/Plot posting structure of "People can post after two people in topics greater than five members,"

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Tch. Why had working with kids like he had softened him up. This, plus his parents insistence that they knew about him activities, GAH! All of that was just a massive pain in Ishi's arse. He had decided to go to the beach, sword in tow as he was a paranoid prick. He was laying on the beach, in a pair of jeans and sandals, without his armor, for the first time in forever.  He couldn't have picked a worse day, though. Not only was it hot outside, it was loud. He was originally planning on buggering off and leaving the beach. That was going to be the plan, but things were never so easy.

However, that decidedly changed when things started moving and large beasty came out the water at a reasonably reasonable speed. The shirtless Ishi Omo was unhappy, as this was supposed to be a relaxing day at the beach. Not quite.

"I'm a teacher at the academy! I will protect you, but you have to stay calm! I will do everything in my power to stop this beast from hurting us anymore." Ishi yelled, as he got up and pulled his blade from under his towel. He saw the blast himself, but made his panic less obvious. He had to become Isane, just one more time. For the good of the people.

He'd start this attempted saving by running to those injured by the blast and start healing them. He'd use his semblance to get those who couldn't walk due to leg injuries to get a move on towards the steps.

"Someone manage the steps!"

OOC: Aura= 180/200 for healing the beach...I guess?

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Salzem was among the crew of citizens enjoying the summer beach at this time of day with his room-mate Aiko, for once not bringing his cloak or gun with him. He decided he earned a day of cooling off, especially from this heat and, ironically, this was where the greatest danger Sal had ever faced had rose from. As he was making his way towards the waves, he looked out across the ocean and the largest creature he'd ever seen... this massive water-dragon-serpent thing let off a massive blast of energy across the beach, sending people flying into the air and glassing the ground where it struck. Luckily, Salzem was a reasonable distance away from the blast and only suffered the bare-edge of the shockwave, pushing him back a bit in the sand.

He stared in shock and awe at the utter devastation this creature had brought seemingly casually, before the creature dove back down into the water, it's presence only obvious by the swirling of it's movements. By now, the whole beach had reached utter pandemonium, panic spreading across the dunes as a virus would through the body, rapidly and ignorantly. People ran, trampled over each other as Salzem watched, still in shock, others attempting to crawl to safety with their wounds dragging them down.

It was when a voice shot above the panic did the young hunter snap out of his shock, the voice of a teacher telling someone to manage the stairs. He looked back and saw the utter coagulated madness that was the entrance to the beach, most pushing and shoving to get to the top, others attempting to scale the hills in some futile attempt to flee. Salzem shivered.... afraid for his life.... and he ran... right for the stairs. Not a second later, his shadow manifested behind him, it's arms outstretched. Within a moment or two he managed to get to the steps, helping up those who had fallen or were too wounded to stand on their own. Children were among those breaking for the exit, little kids who had no way to survive the onslaught of this beast, let alone the panicked scramble up the steps. Several were already mixed in with the adults running, but more were pushed to the back.... apparently a collective low-priority.

Cringing with effort to maintain his semblance (what with the noon sun beating down upon his darkness), Salzem's shadow's arms extended, grabbing up a kid in each hand and placing then at the top of the steps then moving onto the next pair. Between the strain of the sun and how TANGLED everyone was up here, it was INSANELY difficult to make any substantial headway at the stairs and so... Salzem abandoned them, focusing more on the people heading his way. He helped up a woman who's leg was burned by the blast several meters away from the steps, draping her arm over his neck and placing her hand on her side as his shadow picked up her kids, slowly making his way back to the exit. It was the best he could do right now, though he knew it wasn't much. He did his best to forget the HUGE monster circling the ocean right now, trying to focus on his work... but he could almost feel it's teeth raking across his back.

Aura: 175

-25 from summoning summon

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Aikomi was the one casually laying on a beach towel, her legs crossed, happily drawing the landscape. She was used to drawing people, so she's decided she would draw the beach this time. On one of her brief look-ups, she saw Salzem, her room-mate.
'Oh hey, that's Sal! Not wearing his cloak for once, I see...'
She got up, hitching Pen and Paper to her sides and beginning to run to him, soon slowing down to stand and stare in.. shock... At the massive thing in the water.  She simply lifted a finger and pointed at it, saying every curse under the blazing hot sun before raising her voice, only loud enough for her to hear it.
"What in the bloody hell is that frickin' thing!?"

Repeating a certain swear as a beam of lightning carved its way through people, glassing the sand, and actually striking a bit of fear in the young huntress. She pulled out Paper- Pen would do no good here, and extended it out into the large shield. She supposed she would have to play shield for now, unless a beefier person walked up to this challenge.
It was at least a kilometre out, so Andromeda wasn't doing anything. All she could do right now was try to save the civilians. A real test of their skills, at last.

Perhaps an easier test would'e been better a first...

Aikomi, for once, blocked out her emotions for the greater good, raising her voice above the screaming to make a calm announcement.
"ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT! You know the drill, people! Keep CALM and it'll probably go away!"
Of course, very, very few people listened to her, most choosing to run and scream and all that jazz, so Aikomi instead dashed over to an empty portion of the beach where nobody else stood, and started giggling like a madman, thinking about how fun it would be to kill that Dragon. Whether or not she could, and whether or not she acted like a beacon of emotion she didn't know, or care. She just wanted to be a slight distraction, since she didn't imagine many others could conjure up emotions as... "Potent" as her own.

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Walking his way toward the east beach a Fox Faunus named Ray, seen wearing an ice blue trailblazer with matching pants. It was one of the strangest things anybody could see one wearing on the hot, humid, sunny day. Upon his, back a massive blade wrapped in leather, which he had to carry in an angle as due to it being taller than he is. His only reasoning for carrying the sword was to get used to its size and weight upon arriving at the beach. He took the blade off his back and laid it on the sand as he made his way to the water as he began to undo his trailblazer. He looked in the distance. And noticed a serpent like Dragon

“What the hell is that?” he said just before a beam of energy hit the sand, he watched as civilians were thrown about from the shockwave. He covered his eyes with his arm as the cloud of sand came his way. The sand cloud passed, seeing the aftermath a streak of sand had crystallized into glass. his thoughts began to run wild about to run like everyone else, forgetting that he too was training to deal with a situation as such this, a couple of calm shouts from several people snapped in back to reality “Damm it! I am a coward. I almost ran for the hills.” He shouted to himself in his thoughts before swiftly running back to his blade lifting it. He swiftly flicks his thumb on the buckle, allowing the giant leather canvas to fall to the ground.

Noticing several others helping the injured that been trampled or hit by the blast, Ray followed their lead and began to run to the nearest civilian. He noticed that their leg had turned in the completely wrong direction from the knee down helping the person to sit up. He stabbed his sword Bellringer into the sand with the side of the blade facing the ocean, acting as a shield, Ray instantly noticed it was dislocated without and with out consulting. He swiftly snapped it back into the socket the man let out a yell of pain and again without consulting he draped the man over his shoulder as he dragged his sword toward the exit. He set the man down, Ray then noticed several people unconscious at the stairs

“Okay, this is out of control.” He thought holding Bellringer at his left hip. He swung it skyward using his semblance to increase its speed to the speed of sound creating a loud Crack and Boom, hoping that that had gathered some of the civilian’s attention. “Everyone Calm Down Walk Up The Stairs, Stop Running When You Hit the Top Run Inland Beach Side Building Are Still Dangerous.” He yelled before breaking off to help a small family that was near the energy blast, all of whom seem to be unconscious unable to carry the entire family Ray stood in place guarding them with Bellringer, acting as a temporary shield.

Attacks Commenced: N/A
Damage Calculated: N/A

STR: 5: (+1 Power aura type) (40 with weapon) Physical Damage
DEF: 1: 5 Physical Damage
RES: 1: 5 Dust Defense
SPT: 5: 25 Dust Damage
Speed: 8: 4 attacks

HP 150/150
Aura 130/150 -20 Semblance used

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A Tavern! Certainly wasn't no bullet train ride or fancy rest-aur-ant-e, but those types of places didn't exactly offer their services to him, let alone let him make a reservation or buy a ticket. Bil was among the drinkers there at the bar when everything had begun to ‘hit the proverbial fan’ as it were. With the loud pounding and screaming going on outside the tavern he couldn't exactly relax... Especially with the shouting 'it’s a Grimm! it's a Grimm!'.

Bil seemed to struggle, clanking around the doo dads in his coat for his gun, fiddling with the position of the holster on the inside of his coat for a few moments, feeling around for the silver revolver. Staring at the shore as he did so in a manner far too relaxed in spite of the situation. As he did so, the drunken cowboy nearly fell over, squeezing out an audible 'Ohh.' as he tried to regain his balance, switching arms to inspect the left side of his coat. “...Oh. No guns. Guess I can improvise… Nuff’ sand down th-*Hic* there. Lemme’ see now.” He’d slide down the stair railing past the panicked public, almost falling over as he skidded down the metal rail, until he finally hit the soft hot surface of salty beige sand. “Let’s give ‘em some cover. should do some good. You nice folk here find some place to hide.” He belched, speaking aloud to himself.

The drunk hobbled, shuffling his feet and stumbling in the sand towards the shore at a fast pace until he found himself walking across the rough hot glass that had been born from plasma. He kicked up more sand off the ground until the dust seemed to accumulate around him, following him as he marched on forward, twisting and swirling, then, at the snap of a finger all that sand came to life in a howling cacophony of wind.

Howling torrents pushed it around him like a small tornado that grew exponentially the more it created, pushing it around Bil like a miniature tornado had started right up. Then, at the audible crack of his thumb, the storm was pushed outward. Growing and building itself up on the sand on the beach. Like a big, sore, spinning thumb of sand with gaps and fractures in it. With the direction of his hand, the storm stretched far and wide, giving the coast some cover, be it only temporary.

The weather forecast hadn’t called for any Grimm raining fire unto the shore, though it didn’t exactly call for man-made sandstorms either…

Aura Spent: 20 to defend da beech
Current Aura: 130


1. Drunk Billy sees and barely understands whats going on.
2. Drunk Billy looks for his gun and fails to find it in time.
3. Slide down the stairs from the boardwalk onto the beach.
4. Dovahkiin, dovahkiin, dovah needs some sardines, dovah haas, dovah keen blaahbaalbaaalbhaaablaah.
5. Shuffles and stumbles through the sand (He looks like he’s dancing or something)
6. A sandstorm is born. He uses it to protect the beach.

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Sea Dragon Grimm HP:??? Level 8 Spt Based. Def/Res: ???
Beach HP:1190/1250

If the beach weren't a mess a moment ago, it certainly was now. A sandstorm had erupted, a sonic boom had been let out above the beach and, not that the grimm could notice this, a phantom or grimm like creature was grasping at children. Perhaps the wise hunter and teacher shouting, maybe the one who produced the sonic boom followed by further orders, had helped but the sandstorm and the summon were more debatable. Neither of their owners had made an attempt to explain their actions to the other hunters, nor the civilians around them. With the Shadow-Beast yes children were being moved, but taken from the area near their parents and placed next to rushing strangers! As the Shadow-Beast stood on the stairs people had begun to push away from it in a panic; unable to differentiate it from some other form of grimm due to the lack of explanation! No one had time to look at it's actions, they were charging for safety! Lives were on the line! As a result the stairs had become even more cramped as people attempted to edge around it; pushing into each other, though this certainly lessened as the boy and his monster abandoned the task to help those still stuck on the beach.

The sandstorm was a double edged sword, on one hand it had created a barrier; on the other the beast's seeming ability to create a gale and blow back the waves suggested it could be the Grimm's work rather than a hunters! Those in front of the sandstorm were trapped, back to a sandstorm they thought the beast had created and front to the waves! The only ones in range to defend them were the cowboy, potentially moving up closer to the water in order to cover a clearer area or diving before the civilians, and the girl who had chosen to go of to a less populated area of the beach. She could likely dash out and attempt to defend and encourage those with their backs to the storm! None of this was aided by the terrain however, the tide had been out for some time and as a result mobility was being hampered. The speeding faunus would begin to notice this especially, through running and exerting such force one would sink deeper into the sand and ultimately be slowed. This made it wise to make, when intercepting, jumps with snatches rather than running grabs!

But their reactions and actions all depended on one giant factor... what did the beast think of their grand display? Now, to give it some credit; this beast was not lacking in intelligence. Most grimm of it's size had at least some iota of a mental capacity and this beast was no exception; but at this range the beast's understanding and view were certainly... limited. Still nearly a kilometre away, people were mere specs on the beach from that distance. It had stopped twisting through the water upon the sound of the sonic boom, rising once more from the depths and drawing it's wings.

With a well placed flap, soaring high above the water with tremendous force, a wave was sent forth! Winds rushed ahead of it, surprising the civilians trapped between the sandstorm and the water into turning seaward. On the horizon before them was a towering wave; five meters tall and four wide! Moving impossibly quickly! It raced toward them behind the winds, though was prime for interception. While no blast would stop the wave entirely the hunters could certainly slow it and weaken it as it approached. Perhaps the choice could be made to intercept with one's own body to set it off course, at the risk of one's own health of course.

The beast was paying surprisingly little attention to the hunters themselves, their confidence seemed to make them almost invisible at this range, but in particular it's attacks seemed to tend away from the isolate girl. Perhaps this was just because she was so alone, thus even if she were to be scared her beacon of fear was much lesser than the flaming crowd of screaming weak citizens... or maybe it was simply that she was thinking too positively about tearing the beast asunder. Whether intentional or not the though and ideas of her tearing apart the beast, rather than it tearing apart her, were acting as a repellent. As it rose from the water the beast's primary target was clear; closer to the faunus male, the doctor and the hunter with the summon were; the stairs! Where the civilians were concentrated! With a deafening roar it's mouth began to glow electric yellow once more, whiskers sparking.

Rather than release a single long beam it shot forth three short blasts; one aimed to the left set of stairs, one to the centre banister area and one to the right. All three of these passed directly through the top of Billy's sandstorm however, a quarter of their power being sapped by the semblance and glass fragments falling to the ground as a result of the scorching. Thus ceasing the storm momentarily at least! It was only when they exited through the storm however that the civilians and hunters on the other side were able to see the shining bolts on the approach! Mere meters from them with little time for reaction! It was fortunate that the doctor was so close also, to aid in this inevitable tragedy.

Perhaps the speeding faunus would notice, perhaps he would not, but the grimm also seemed to have no interest in the unconscious civilians the doctor had been tending to. This was because, while unconscious, no fear or anger or sadness could be felt! They were in a neutral state.

Author's Note:
Author's Note; Of the four attacks made the wave is the only one not to have currently passed through the sandstorm and been reduced, thus it will do the full 80 before stats (or just 80 if it hits civilians) rather than the 60 those which have passed through will. All of the showcased attacks deal in spt vs res based damage as the blasts are closer to dust attacks than physical ones.

Ishi, simply subtract it this next post post, but healing is 30 aura for 20 healing not 20 for 20. I've decided you can just fully do this to the civilians or your allies once per post without reduction or drawback for civilians! Do remember this thread works on the class/plot post structure so you can post after 2 people have, no a full order ^^

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Salzem had managed to get the people he was escorting up and out of the beach by the time the sandstorm hit, an attack that not one of them was prepared for. Salzem squinted his eyes and gritted his teeth trying is best not to be blinded by the blast of sand. What was going on...? Where had this blast come from...? The stairs were still crowded with people fleeing to leave and, although it was better than it was, the storm wasn't exactly helping in that regard. It blinded all by the grimm that fed on fear, an emotion abundant in the immediate population.

Speaking of immediate, the hunter saw a light shine cruelly through the dusty veil, a light that that signified an attack from the monster... Realizing this at the last minute and also realizing he couldn't get out of the way in time (or leave the people to take the brunt of it), Salzem crossed his arms over his face, his shadow slipping in front of him and doing the same as the lightning blast ripped across the sand, glassing it and striking them both.

The shadow did it's best to sustain itself in the face of the monster's immense power but it was simply WAY too much for the creature of dark to handle and the blast then jumped to Sal. He screamed in pain as the lightning shot through him, sending him flying back into the wall beside the stairs, his body twitching with excess electricity, stars and dark-spots clouding his vision. If that blast had come at full power and had he not gotten his shadow in the way in time, Salzem would've been dead or severely wounded and the people...? they would be dead... As for the other two blasts, he could do nothing for those civilians... He turned away and closed his eyes as the blasts fired past, hoping that someone could save them... Those on the stairs would continue to flee, the encouragement of a direct assault on them making them move faster and surprisingly more coordinated. The steps leading up were about half empty from what Salzem could see, no longer crowded and were clearing out much more quickly now....

At least... he did something... Somehow, that didn't provide any satisfaction...

(So... I'm assuming since the shadow has like 20 health, it was able to take 20 more power off the Grimm's blasts. Sal's resistance is 4 with his aura and has aura armor but I can't find where to calculate how much that takes off. If the mod would be so kind and tell me in his next post, I will make calculations in mine X3)

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