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First Day at Syne (Open)

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1 First Day at Syne (Open) on Mon Jul 17, 2017 1:56 pm

Gary walked through the courtyard of the academy. It has only three minutes since he got there and he already got lost. He looked around and saw a bunch of students and probably a couple teachers. He tried walking over to a door that probably led inside, but when he opened it he saw that it was packed. He just closed the door and went to ask someone for directions. Everyone he asked either didn't know,wasn't paying attention,or didn't reply. He was getting really annoyed because he was going to be late to class if he didn't find out. He walked around trying to find where his next class is but no one knew. He desperately needed to find his next class. He was starting to get tired of just walking around. "Does anybody know where the lecture halls are?" Gary shouted. He looked around and found that nobody responded he started to get annoyed. "Why is nobody helpful around here," Gary asked to himself. He was starting to lose his mind.

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