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First Day at Syne (Open)

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1 First Day at Syne (Open) on Mon Jul 17, 2017 10:58 pm

Gary walked through the courtyard of the academy. It has only three minutes since he got there and he already got lost. He looked around and saw a bunch of students and probably a couple teachers. He tried walking over to a door that probably led inside, but when he opened it he saw that it was packed. He just closed the door and went to ask someone for directions. Everyone he asked either didn't know,wasn't paying attention,or didn't reply. He was getting really annoyed because he was going to be late to class if he didn't find out. He walked around trying to find where his next class is but no one knew. He desperately needed to find his next class. He was starting to get tired of just walking around. "Does anybody know where the lecture halls are?" Gary shouted. He looked around and found that nobody responded he started to get annoyed. "Why is nobody helpful around here," Gary asked to himself. He was starting to lose his mind.

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2 Re: First Day at Syne (Open) on Mon Jul 17, 2017 11:08 pm

Kin Hikari
Kin Hikari walked past part of the crowd, getting a few weird stares at her costume as she went. She smiled to herself, being different was something she liked being. That's when she saw a man who seemed lost. She wasn't going to be much help direction wise, but perhaps she could cheer him up or at least brighten his day a bit. She walked up to him, handed him her mask, and said, "Good morning sir, how about a show to pass the time?" She pulled out her ribbons, but didn't infuse them with any dust. This time, they were just for performing. She went to work right away, doing flips and twirls and leaps through the air. She sprung around adeptly and seemed to be lighter than air. She ended up gathering a small crowd as she performed, and that's when she had an idea. "Hello, good morning all of you wonderful people! I have an important question, would anyone happen to be able to tell me where the lecture halls are at? My friend and I are a bit lost you see." She said with perfect composure, before getting a few cheers, claps, and finally some directions. As the crowd dispersed, she made her way over to the fellow she gave her mask to, and relayed the directions to the lecture halls she'd gotten from one of the audience members. "First days are a bit rough aren't they? Well it's my first day too, so you don't have to be alone in this boat." Kin said smiling.

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3 Re: First Day at Syne (Open) on Tue Jul 18, 2017 11:03 am

Gary watched as the girl did her amazing performance. He saw how gracefully she moved, like she was lighter than air. She told him the way to the lecture halls. "Thanks for the performance and thanks for helping me find the lecture halls,"Gary said. "Do you need this back?" Gary said while holding her mask in his hand. He glanced down at his watch and saw what time it was on his watch and realized he needed to get to the lecture halls. "Sorry, I would talk but I need to leave before I get late on my first day," Gary said before he handed the girl her mask and ran through the building to arrive at the lecture halls. He looked at the doors of the lecture halls and knew that as soon as he walked through the doors, his first day would officially begin. He walked closer to the doors and opened them. His first day has begun.


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