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Yuri Rastenov [Ready for Eval]

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1 Yuri Rastenov [Ready for Eval] on Tue Jul 18, 2017 3:05 am

Yuri Rastenov
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Yuri Rastenov
Age: 18
Birthday: October 7
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6' 0"
Weight:190 lbs
Face Claim: Shuichi Akai- Detective Conan

Aura 150|150 HP

Major: Undecided
Likes: Infiltration, Art, Atlas, Technology, Challenges, Guns, Teammates, Old White Fang (Non-Violent)
Dislikes: Grimm, Neo-White Fang, Criminals, Violence, Anything anti-Atlas
Fears: Failure, Fire, Injury/death of a teammate
Talent: Stealth
Weakness Medic/Doctor
Overall Personality: Yuri is his own person, if that makes any sort of sense. He's quiet and calculative, usually speaking in something akin to a whisper, but still audible enough to be made out. His days in Atlesian combat school have bred him to be formal to anyone with any form of combat experience greater than his own. This can lead to him referring to most elders as sir or ma'am, and occasionally saluting as a reflex. He is quite choosy in conversation, and can be seen as antisocial by virtue of how rarely he speaks, but this is because he likes to collect his thoughts well. To paraphrase an old carpentry term, he thinks twice and speaks once. He has a special love for sneaking and tricking hostiles in the field, and almost never takes an engagement head on, if he takes the engagement at all. When his is performing overwatch for a mission, he thinks of all his companions as if they were his own family and his primary goal is that they all get out safely. He is meticulous about his effectiveness, and goes as far as to wrap cloth and fabric around his boots so his steps generate less noise.

Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: Burgundy
Semblance: Shadow Step (Utility): Yuri is capable of going invisible when he feels the need to. When he does this, he is capable of creating an afterimage of purple smoke that continues to move in the direction he was moving at the time of use. The smoke is disturbed by solid masses that are not Yuri, and dissipates after about 2 seconds. This smoke can obscure vision, but otherwise has no real effects. (10 SP drain per post in use or activated in.)
Item 1: M14 EBR: (Weapon) This battle rifle is completely black, barring a white bit of text on the scope reading "From Atlas with love" and 2 cloth wrappings on the stock and hand guard. The barrel is a suppressed model of the normal barrel. There is also an angled iron sight on the foregrip to allow for more close range engagements/.
Item 2: Custom Atlesian Uniform: (Armor) A black bomber jacket with fur lining and rubber elbow-guards, draped over top his white and blue pinstriped combat vest. The vest itself is slightly reminiscent of a formal dress vest, despite it being made of kevlar, and having a few slots for his magazines. When Yuri needs to look less conspicuous, he simply zips the jacket and completely conceals the vest. He wears a pair of black cargo pants with similar rubber knee pads, and grey combat boots wrapped in tan fabric.
History and Sample
When people think about the villages and hamlets dotted about the countryside outside the major kingdoms and holdings, they all know the same exact thing. First the bandits arrive, then the grimm. Although that isn't the case for every small town, Viktor and Iliah Rastenov were hesitant to take that kind of a chance when they had a child. So from a small village on the continent of Solitas, they made their way to Atlas with Yuri in tow. They left behind most things that they had ever known, but knowledge comes in handy.

Atlas is a city filled with high-life denizens, dust experts, and powerful military heritage, combine that with the furious cold of Solitas, and Viktor's background as a butcher comes in handy. Rather than finding themselves banished to the slums as Yuri's parents had greatly feared, they were able to make a fairly average life with Viktor purchasing his own business, being able to get a loan for a house, and Iliah staying home to care for the young Yuri and give him schooling.

Most would have been perfectly content to see a new group of faces in the kingdom of Atlas, but some low-born, native Atlesians were quite displeased to see a family of foreigners capable of living seemingly without a single care in the world. None more than one jealous and damaged man who only knew himself as Creek. Yuri's family didn't even know who Creek was until the night of Yuri's tenth birthday. Creek set fire to their family home in a drunken pit of rage, despair, and self-pity at his own misfortune. The fire had been going for some time before Viktor or Iliah had woken up. They woke Yuri, and attempted to leave only to find that the entire first floor had already been engulfed in flames. On the second floor of their home, they had no windows that they could get through. Despite the situation that they had been given Iliah implored Viktor to find some way to save Yuri. The home had a dumbwaiter that went down into the basement of the home, although it was uncertain of how Yuri was meant to escape from the basement as the only way out went to the first floor. Yuri was small enough to fit through, but he was scared and he did not want to leave his parents. Viktor forced Yuri into the dumbwaiter and his parents told him to stay brave, and that Yuri would find his way. Yuri was lowered down to the basement where there was no fire yet, but the smell of smoke emanated through the wooden ceiling.

Yuri was blessed by luck that from the basement stair well there was a path through to the front door. As he made his way to the door, one of the beams came down and blocked the doorway and almost crushed him. He frantically searched but found no other means of escape as flames continued to descend upon him. Yuri was left with no choice and he grabbed the beam as it still burned. He lifted as much as he could, somehow getting the beam up to his head with intense determination to survive. He rolled under the beam as another collapsed on top of it. The doorway was completely blocked, but Yuri was alive and safe.

He sprinted down the street after that, without any moments rest. He screamed and shouted for help and was abruptly stopped by a Knight-130. He shouted about the house fire to the robot and it transmitted its signal to the authorities. By the time Yuri was taken to the police station, the second floor was engulfed, and by the time anyone had arrived to put out the fire the house had collapsed. Yuri was alone.

Yuri's hands were treated, but the scars would always show. The night of the fire the District Commissioner Samus had taken the orphan Yuri in while everything got sorted. The Commissioner was quite interested in learning how the young boy escaped and how his hands were burnt. Yuri was quiet, but he cooperated. It was a few days later that Yuri was offered the choice of how he would continue. He could have gone to a foster home and continued a normal life, or he was extended an invitation to go to an all boys prestigious combat school, designed to train future military personnel and huntsmen. The Commissioner told Yuri that if he chose the combat school that he would have the opportunity to work to find whoever set the fire. He was uninterested in that, but remembered the last thing his parents had ever said to him. "Find your way" He accepted the invitation and went straight to Apollo Academy.

Yuri was different. He wasn't the highborn son of some official, nor was he some noble-kin out to make a name for himself. His scars put some of his classmates off, but after a few years he began to prove himself and the military life took something of a shine to Yuri. Yuri was out to do right by his parents and anyone he worked with, and it showed. His perfectionist attitude and unwillingness to fail gave him all of the makings of an excellent sniper. By his last two years at Apollo, Yuri had began to take advanced infiltration classes and became well versed, especially with the advantage that his semblance gave him. He learned hand to hand combat focused around escaping his enemy to find a weapon or make an attack from an advantageous point. Yuri finished his schooling, but was unable to continue at Atlas academy.

Yuri was one of the few barred entry from Atlas. Upon application, Yuri was denied with the point made in his psych profile deeming him "a wildcard with great risk in the school of public defense". Yuri knew that this would similarly be on record for any other military or police positions in Atlas, but was not willing to let this stop him. Using every infiltration technique he knew, he broke into Apollo and falsified his transcripts to remove any blemishes from his psychiatric profile. This would not get him a chance in Atlas, but he contrarily sent the application to a less major academy in Bellmuse, in the hopes that they would have no profile on him. Luck was once again with him, and his application was accepted.
RP Sample:
Apollo was quiet at this time. The school season was ended and the primary personnel still around were the AK-130s that patrolled the halls while any other staff were asleep or away. Of course, the AKs were also the same bots that Yuri had trained with so he knew exactly how "attentive" they could be. They had a tendency to rely on sight over sound. This meant that Yuri was more than capable of literally walking right past them. Every once in a while the rogue janitor or late night worker would patrol past him, but the stony tile flooring of such a prestigious school made silence almost too easy, but this wasn't a game or any sort of challenge to be beaten back, this was a mission as far as Yuri was concerned and it was one he intended to complete. The headmaster's office was right ahead, but there was a rumor that it was guarded by laser wires. Yuri put that to the test by popping back into existence for a brief moment while walking toward the door and using his semblance again to show the lasers using the smoke, and indeed it was trip-wired, but that didn't matter to Yuri. He simply walked through the wire as the lines passed through him. He made his way to the computer and with a small amount of admin access he was able to erase the psych profile and replace it with a more attractive one. He was done here, and quite positive that it would be as easy out as it had been getting in.

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