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Hunting for a Friend (closed)

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1 Hunting for a Friend (closed) on Tue Jul 18, 2017 8:07 pm

Ruben walked through the forest and looked around. He was on another hunt for money. He had to talk to a guy who wanted him to kill some grimm. Even though Ruben doesn't like killing grimm for someone else, he had to do it. "Where are those pesky grimm?" Ruben asked to himself. He walked around and decided to climb a tree for a better vantage point. He climbed up and found a small clearing and decided to head there. He went east to the clearing and on the way found some beautiful flowers. He picked them up and decided to keep them. They would be nice to have at his place. As he walked he was constantly shouting "Come out you cowardly grimm!" He looked around as he reached the clearing and saw lots of tall grass. Ruben decided to alert the grimm by making noise and feeling negative emotions. Ruben pretended to feel angry and fired a couple shots from his pistol. He heard some noise coming from the tall grass and prepared to fight. He loaded his pistol and took aim at the source of the rustling.

OOC: Rolled:easy 1,5,6,2

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2 Re: Hunting for a Friend (closed) on Tue Jul 25, 2017 5:58 pm

Hatred... hunger... rage... This is what constituted the mind of the pair of beowolves that wandered about the forest, homing in on any and all that feared them and ripping them to pieces... From the smallest squirrel to the largest reptile, each one was cut down and slain by the pair as instinctual and wild as the legends claimed they were... They left the bodies of those they'd slain behind them, untouched, not needing to eat for their bodies craved only the negativity any semi-intelligent being could produce.... and it wasn't long until they sensed an abundance. The wolves raised their heads, sniffing the air as if they could smell the raw emotion of rage emanating nearby, their ears perking up enthusiastically as two loud shots blasted through the sky... The grimm growled and snorted, running off in the direction of a clearing where they sensed the emotions, their dark forms obscured among the brush, silent for once as they observed with utter hatred the hunter that stood there among the tall grass, waiting for some kind of response. The bigger of the two wolves glared at the other, sharing a silent message, the smaller wolf slinking around the brush as quietly as a master predator such as it might until the hunter's back was to it... The large of the beasts then moved in on the hunter's right, quietly slipping through the grass on all fours, its pitch-black form so low to the ground that if one looked across the clearing, they would see nothing. The creature only ever rustled the grass when it's claws momentarily got caught in a patch of wet weed, seemingly alerting the hunter to the presence of the older and bigger Beowulf.

With a roar of rage, the massive beast sprang up from it's position only a few meters from the hunter, bringing it's claws down across the man's face, attempting to gouge out his eyes. meanwhile, the smaller Beowulf slinked into the grass too as the bigger one had a while before, sinking itself down among the grass as the bigger one had, slinking towards the hunter as the larger one engaged it, slashing at the man's stomach now in an effort to rip out his guts.

(So, One Beowulf attacks once. Attempting to deliver 55 damage)

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3 Re: Hunting for a Friend (closed) on Tue Jul 25, 2017 7:01 pm

Ruben was surprised from the ambush from the large Beowulf. The grimm slashed at his eyes and hit him in the eye. It was no problem for him though. Nothing a repair can't fix. He dodged the second attack just barely and managed to get away from it. He raised his pistol and aimed at the grimm's eye. He fired a shot at the eye of the grimm and ducked into the grasses. He crawled around in the grass and saw a black tail in the grass. He grabbed the tail and pulled it once and didn't see the reaction. He looked around and saw the Beowulf. He put the gun to the back of the grimm and fired a shot at it. Ruben quickly crawled away as fast as he could. He hid in another patch of grass and peeked through the grass to see if the grimm noticed him. He couldn't see well because of the tall grass but he swore he saw more rustling.
Combat Stats:
Beowulf's first attack=55-20(defense)=35 damage
Each shot=10+10(strength)-5=15 damage for each Beowulf

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4 Re: Hunting for a Friend (closed) on Tue Jul 25, 2017 7:51 pm

The larger grimm squealed in pain as the grimm shot it right in the face, sending it flying back a foot or two, clutching at it's eye. While the bullet HARDLY did any real damage to the creature, the bullet's impact into the very sensitive area that was it's eye did catch it by surprise. The hunter then quickly ducked into the grass as it was quickly met with the second grimm which he quickly shot in the back. The monster let out a similar noise of agony while the hunter quickly slipped away, leaving both the grimm thrashing about, making noise among the dry grass until all went silent... The only noise the hunter heard came from the trees itself, the two grimm fading back into the environment like the creatures of the hunt they were...

The two grimm set themselves up for yet another pincer strategy, slipping through the grass gracefully (for a monster that it is) until it was crouched behind the hunter, ready to pounce. The other simply advanced on the hunter from the front, it's teeth bared, its eyes glowing a sinister red... With large walls of grass between the beowulves and the hunter, it would be difficult indeed for him to notice an rustling from the Beo's position, especially with how thick the walls were. any rustle would sound like the wind or any wind sound like the grimm and that made Ruben's job of pinpointing the grimm's exact location all the more difficult....

Of course, the beasts knew exactly where he was, his movement being entirely irrelevant... They could smell his anxiety after that last (and quite effective) attack, how little it may be. The grimm's mouths practically watered in anticipation for the kill, Ruben so close now... So very, very close...

The smaller grimm attacked first from behind, closing the small distance between it and Ruben with a triumphic roar, grabbing both of the hunter's arms and forcing him to the ground with the wolf on top by it's sheer body-weight. The creature would then lunge down with it's ferocious jaws, biting at the hunter's shoulder, the one holding the pistol.

The big wolf charged out an instant later itself, taking position up by the down hunter's head (assuming that the small wolf managed to drag the hunter down), slashing its claws across the top of the man's skull in an effort to brain him before reaching down with it's jaws to deliver a fatal bite to his throat.

(Damage: Small Beowulf: 2 attacks made = 110 damage in total
Large Beowulf: made 2 attacks = 110 damage in total)

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5 Re: Hunting for a Friend (closed) on Tue Jul 25, 2017 8:49 pm

Ruben turned around as soon as he heard the roar and rolled out of the way of the small Beowulf's reach before it can hit him. He looked around and saw the large Beowulf lunge out of the grass. Ruben stood up deciding that hiding was pointless by now and aimed his pistol at the smaller Beowulf's head and fired a shot at it and to make sure the thing takes some real damage, he amplified the shot by using some of his fire dust. He aimed at the large Beowulf's head and did the same and amplified  the shot with fire dust. Ruben then ran to the edge of the clearing and started to climb a tree to escape the two grimm's wrath. Ruben looked down at the clearing, thinking of a plan to stop the two creatures of darkness. He took out his vial of dust and looked at it. He estimated that it only had one or two uses left in it. He looked down at the grimm again and thought of a plan that might be a little risky. Ruben might regret this, but he might have to sacrifice his only vial of dust to stop these tough Beowulf's.
Battle Stats:
Ruben's shots=10(strength)+10(weapon)+10(fire dust)-5(Beowulf's Resistance)=25 damage

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6 Re: Hunting for a Friend (closed) on Tue Jul 25, 2017 10:07 pm

Ruben managed to land a shot on the smaller, younger grimm, it's inexperience being it's downfall but the larger grimm knew what a gun was... had been shot several times before and ducked below the barrel right before then gun went off, the bullet wizzing past it's head but only just, the flame attribute upon the ammo catching a bit of the larger grimm on fire. The smaller Beowulf was much worse off, writhing on the ground in pain, clutching at it's head and batting at the flames as they arched across it's fur.

It wasn't smart of Ruben to use fire in a clearing of dry grass because, in a moment, the whole clearing lit up in a blaze, forming a ring of fire around the two grimm and the hunter, making it impossible, at least for the moment, for any of them to escape. The arena was now much smaller as flames danced and licked in a circle around them, leaving only something of 30 meters in any direction for any of them to move. The grass in their space had since withered and died in the heat, leaving their ground merely parched earth, making stealth in this small environment an impossibility for the grimm. The bigger Beowulf growled in anger, but also in disgust at the smaller one's lack of agility before it turned it's attention back to the hunter. It eyed the man's gun suspiciously, it's mouth curling into an enraged snarl. The smaller one let out a hybrid noise of a whine and a growl, crawling to it's feet wearily to reveal a bloody seared patch right below it's eye where the bullet had struck it, fresh red still leaking from the wound. Two of them circled Rubin in sync, one on either side so that the hunter was forced to check both directions and divide his attention.

The larger Beowulf snarled and lunged forward, barreling at the hunter on all fours, it's claws digging into the dirt deeply.... Yes... this beast was far more intelligent than the average Beowulf. One might even call it a pack leader of sorts... It knew what tactics worked and what didn't while hunting prey....

Right before it got in range, the Beowulf ducked it's head low and raised it's arm in what seemed to be a swipe but suddenly, the hunter would find dry, rocky dirt thrown right at his eyes, mouth and nose, threatening to compromise those senses. Acting fast, the smaller grimm leapt at the hunter's back, digging it's claws into his shoulder, attempting to use it's weight to bring him down, no roar to signify it's presence this time. It would then begin slashing at the man's back in an effort to bleed him of every drop of blood he has. The leader wasn't just doing nothing during the time either. While the hunter either turned to deal with the grimm behind him or coping with it on his back, the larger Beowulf closed the remaining distance and bit at the hunter's gun-wrist, sinking it's teeth into the monster's hand in an effort to have him drop the gun. Once that was accomplished, it would then rake it's claws against the hunter's chest just prior to having him be brought down by the smaller grim.

(Smaller Beowulf Health: 120/160
2 strikes: Attempted 110 damage

Large Beowulf Health: 185/200
2 Strikes, 110 attempted damage)

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7 Re: Hunting for a Friend (closed) on Tue Jul 25, 2017 11:38 pm

Ruben looked around the burning field and saw the destruction he caused. He looked at the larger Beowulf only to find dirt and rock thrown in his eyes and nose. He rubbed the dirt out of his eyes and nose only for the smaller Beowulf to lunge onto his back, trying to bring him down. Ruben barely managed to shake it off. Before Ruben could even recover, the larger Beowulf bit down on his wrist. Ruben looked down at the Beowulf and decided to break out his semblance. He grabbed the Beowulf's head and used his semblance to shock it off. He managed to rip the Beowulf off his wrist and threw it into the fire. Ruben looked back at the smaller Beowulf and fired another bolt at it. Ruben picked up his pistol and aimed it at the smaller Beowulf. It hurts to use it but it was bearable. Ruben looked at the smaller Beowulf before throwing the vial of dust he had at the Beowulf, causing it to shatter and make fire appear at the location of the shatter. Ruben looked around at the clearing in the forest. He manage to destroy an entire clearing of a forest on his first successful hunt for a grimm. He is going to get in trouble for this.
Battle Stats:
1st Beowulf's 1st attack:55-20=35 damage
1st Beowulf's 2nd attack:55-20=35 damage
2nd Beowulf's attack:55-20=35 damage
2nd Beowulf's second attack:55-20=35 damage
Mal-sparks(semblance):10(strength)+20(semblance)=30 damage for each Beowulf
Beowulf thrown into the fire:10(strength)+10(tier one dust)-5(resistance)=15 damage
Fire dust vial:25(spirit)+10(tier one dust)-5(resistance)=30 damage

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8 Re: Hunting for a Friend (closed) on Wed Jul 26, 2017 10:01 am

The combined efforts of the wulves managed to bring the hunter down before he could use his semblance or throw them into the fire, the man collapsing in a small pool of his own blood as the fire began to die around them. The pair could smell his fear and pain slip away with the light in his eyes... They could hear the slowing but steady heart-beat in his chest, the smaller one craving to RIP the organ out of his chest for the pain he had caused it.... The larger one, though... this one barked at the smaller one halting it's attack, the two raising their noses to the sky... sniffing... Through all the smoke, they could smell a much greater fear... they could hear sobbing off in the distance... high pitched... pitiful... belonging to a little child it seemed. The fire caused by the hunter's careless use of dust still crawled desperately towards the forest brush in the distance, barely clinging to life as the hunter was now. The smaller grimm glanced back at the man's helpless form, seemingly contemplating whether or not to disobey it's alpha before the two of them began a mad dash in the direction of the crying, fresh blood-lust driving their rage.


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