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Luca Scarlet

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1 Luca Scarlet on Mon Jul 24, 2017 11:28 am


Basic Info

Name: Luca Scarlet
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 160 lbs
Face Claim: Natsu (as a Faunus)




Major: Combat

Likes: Video games, Kick Boxing, walking in the wood
Dislikes: Humans (Disliked very weakly though)
Being bored

Bieng forgotten
Being betrayed

Talent: Scavenging
Weakness: Dust mining

Overall personality:
Very bubbly and active when interested in something. May have schizophrenia. Is lazy but when something is started it must be finished. Is very protective of people are close to him. Gets distracted VERY easily. He has a very bad connection with people he first meets because of his up bringing but once you get past the wall he's put up he is happy and fun to be around. Despite his personality he came from the worst area you could imagine. Police brutality being the norm. Mass murders happening every night. You showed no emotion and kept your head down. Or you were next. But he went against this mentality. Stood up to the main gang leader that dominated the area. And came out swinging. taking out half of the entire gang before the police showed up. he barely survived this. Having both his fore arms chopped off so he had to get robotic ones. And he's spent the rest of his life in prison. He had a surprisingly short prison sentence and got out on payroll a couple days from his birthday. And from that day on he VOWED on his brother and farthers grave that he would take out the gang that killed his farther... And rid the world of grimm so people wouldn't have to go through what he went through with his brother.


Aura type: Power
Aura Colour: Dark Purple
Sembelance Atamokenisis (power to control the weather) he can damage people by drowning them or by striking them by lightning, or swoop them up in a tornado
item 1 weapon: A pare of hidden blades (Death By midnight) attached to the wrists that can be extended to full size, sided sythe. the outline is a midnight puple. colour . Can be used to scale buildings (like ice picks ). Made by himself at the age of ten. He made it whith scrap parts from the are he lived, His farther saw what he was doing and decided to give him the parts to make a proper one. His farther died at midnight, hence the name.

Item 2: Metal Plated Hoodie. This was made by his older brother adam. His brother died while making it and on the center of the back it has a blood red hand print. And underneath it in white hand writing. it says
'You tell me to go to hell, I've already been and this time I'm dragging you down with me'. It had ports in the sleeves so he can slip off Death by Midnight and be held by the hoodie

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2 Re: Luca Scarlet on Mon Jul 24, 2017 12:48 pm

Hello and welcome to the site ^^ This app is pretty good but there are a couple of problems. The first is that you haven't properly copied the character template, leading to some things missing from the application. This includes the hp/aura split, history and RP sample. All of which are required. Second of all is that the age for enrolment is 17-18 as syne is based more like a university rather than a highschool ^^

Next, when it comes to semblance there are aspects of the weather you could take but to take them all would come under the multi element ban. What i would recommend is either taking clouds that can rain and using dust to get the other weather aspects you want (though dust is required to be taken as an item and ranked up like a weapon to achieve electricity, thus the likes of lightning) or alternatively wind manipulation and doing the same.

You also only get one starting weapon form, I can't tell whether your weapon is two sickle/scythe shaped hidden blades or actual scythes that transform from hidden blades so the wording does need cleaned up, and you do need to specify armour type on the hoodie. Bump when done ^^

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