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Maddison Aster, Bellmuse's Kraken (Application done)

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Madis Aster
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Maddison Aster
Age: 24 years old.
Birthday: May 4th
Gender: Female
Race: Calamari Faunus, believes to be related to some being from beyond. Lower half of body can turn into tentacles, happens generally when underwater or when using her Semblance.
Height: 6'2"
Weight: None of your business! (but is 129 lbs in her tentacle-less form. >///<)
Face Claim: Kraken Monster Girl.

STR: 2
DEF: 3
RES: 3
SPT: 4
Aura 60|240 HP

Major: Civilian
Likes: Building miniature ships, the sound of waves crashing against the shore, the sound of violin.
Dislikes: Salt in great quantity, lightning, doing chores, people messing with her collection.
Fears: Random things falling, learning about her past, mutiny or treason.
Talent: Chemistry and Drug Making
Weakness Cybernetics and Robotics.
Overall Personality: With a background like hers, it's no surprise that Madis is someone filled with a lot of ambition for her future. Nothing is too much, everything is permitted in order to achieve her goals. She will be remembered, her accomplishments will be recorded in history and everyone will know her name. While ambitious describes her very well, she is in no way reckless and will carefully plan her actions to avoid any unnecessary risk or danger.

While she could be seen like a loner type, Madis actually enjoys the company of others as long as they share her goals. Those who work for her all have a special place in her heart and would actually cancel an important operation if it was to safe one of her henchmen. With how caring and friendly Madis is, even with her plans in the back of her mind, no wonder people generally don't suspect her when bad things happen.

Aura type: Speed.
Aura Color: Ink Black.
Semblance: Summon;
Summon Description: Creates a pool of ink from which emerges a giant tentacle, attacking anything that appears to be a threat at a single motion from Madis' finger.

Summon height: 8'
Summon HP Points: 1
Summon Damage Points: 5

Item 1 and 2: Armors, both Physical and Magical; High tech sub-dermal implants that increases her resistance against external blows of all kind.

History and Sample
It all began years ago, when a little purple squid girl was sitting on the lap of a tall manly figure as they were sailing on the vast ocean. The man, grizzled by the time and the many adventures he had in the past, was jovial as he retold stories of the good old days, stories that the little girl had heard million of times already yet she kept on asking for them over and over again. She saw those adventures as inspirations for her own future, wanting to equal or even surpass the tales of the impressive man she looked up to. While this all sound like an inspiring story of a child wanting to make her father proud of her, may fate have mercy for what would come decades later as the girl had a darkness to herself just like her parent. Raised only by her father who is none other than the infamous pirate DreadHook himself, Maddison Aster was always thought that if she desired something, to get it herself with her own two hands. Any way was the right way as long as you achieved your goal and the veteran sea wolf sure thought his daughter well. Lying, stealing, threatening and betraying were her usual ways and using her womanly wiles made it all the more easy depending on the target. Not bound to her rather rare faunus trait like others are, it made it easier for her to not attract too much attention whenever misdeed would be done around her, or by her.
Long did she spent her life on the sea alongside her father but sooner or later would come a time where Madis would need to sail on her own. There was no way for her to achieve the level of infamy her DreadHook reached by constantly staying with him. So one day, the one that was once a little squid became a tall and beautiful woman who hungered for power and turned to the world at large to gain newfound strength that she would use to conquer those who'd be foolish enough to oppose her. Using some guy that she had met in Mistral, she began to learn all about that manifestation of the soul, what they call "Aura" and it didn't took long before she was able to use it like any qualified Huntsman. Of course she didn't the poor fool that she had convinced to help her, but he somehow decided to stick by her, to follow her goal at her side even though she lied to him. Madis' determination to surpass everyone was what impressed him and even to this day he's still fighting for her. It was the girl's first and most important ally, but wouldn't be the last by far.
The next year would be followed with searches all across Remnant's many kingdoms in on the lookout of allies who would be loyal to her and her cause. Madis would assemble a large number of followers by the time she had finally come up with her plans, right before her father would announce to her that the pirate known as DreadHook was now retiring. "The world isn't what it used to be lass, it outgrown me in more ways than I can think and I'm too old to adapt. But you're still young, you got all your life. Grow in strength and make me proud, I want to be able to look up to you one day." While her father was already proud of her and knew she would do great things, he was certain when she answered to him fire fire in her eyes: "And I'll be looking down on you someday~" Those words made the man laugh from the bottom of his heart, nothing would have made him happier on that day.
Not wanting to attract too much attention upon herself so soon in her grand quest, Madis chose to establish her head quarter on the small island of Bellmuse which would also be the perfect stage for the first step in her great plan. But before all the evil she had in mind could be unleashed upon the world, she would need to make herself a name for the deception to be even better when the right time would finally come. With her army of henchmen already lurking in the shadows of the town of Bellmuse waiting for their instructions, the time had come for the world to know the name Madisson Aster as it would one day enter history like her father before her. "Here come the rising tide, may the sea engulfs all and beyond~"
RP Sample:
With grey clouds covering the entirety of the sky and a light fog hovering above the waters surrounding the island, it was the perfect time for Madis' minions to make their first move. With some of them standing watch around the beach dressed up as member of the forces of law to prevent any curious soul to wander the sand of the beach, the others were digging into the rocky walls of a massive cliff where the kraken's lair would be. The pink pigmented silhouette of the young leader was overseeing the whole operation as she stood on a rock further along the shoreline where she had a good view even amidst the fog.
A tall figure soon joined her, the bulky frame nearly overshadowing the girl if it wasn't of her natural height which was impressive in itself without the need for high heels. The man crossed his arms and shared the sight of the cove with her, both smiling with brilliant eyes. Clicking his claw-shaped right arm every now and then, joining the sound of the small waves crashing into the rock they were both standing on, it was clear that the crustacean faunus was at least a little anxious but for all the good reasons he thought. "We're finally here." did he mutter, breaking the silence the two shared for a while now. "I was wondering when things would start, I was nearly becoming impatient, not that it's your fault in any way milady." Looking at him with her smile turning into a smirk, Madis faced him and brought her finger under his chin to turn his head toward her. "Oh but things have started years ago my dear Tyler, way back when you we're even part of it." The tempting woman's gaze then softly return to the sight of her lair in construction, her finger tracing slowly away from her companion's face which left him bewitched like any time she would do it. "I'll admit though, we did finally reached an important milestone. Be sure that our men knows it too, have a team organize some celebration for when the construction will be over, it should make everyone happy and motivated them to work even harder." "At once milady." With that, the man jumped into the water to join the other henchmen while Madis kept her eyes on her soon-to-be base of operation. "First: Bellmuse, next: the world!~"

"Here comes the rising tides, may the sea engulfs all and beyond~"
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