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Angel Slayer (solo)

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1 Angel Slayer (solo) on Wed Jul 26, 2017 10:15 pm

Claw Elderwood
Climax 1 That looks nothing like a angel.

One day Claw was walking back to his forge after getting something to eat, when he notice a chunk of  building was going to crush some kids. So Claw ran to them and shattering it before it hit them,he asked them if they were ok, they were. He then took a large piece of shattered building and saw that there was a part of it that looked cut clean through. He didn't know what kind of weapon or even person can do that kind of damage to a building. Claw heard church bells ringing though this area had no church and the bell would ring for another 3 hours. This puzzled him, it remind him of the time he was in a war and heard church bells ringing after a large explosion had happen. He looked around trying to find where it was coming from but could not. He then saw a large man with shades and a tattoo on his face, he was smoking a cigar. Claw asked him what he was doing here the man replied, " It seems they are here to, shouldn't be surprised, no one to stop them." Claw asked him again, the man then replied again,"You have heard those bells right, let me show you what or should i say who is making that noise." The man then open up a portal behind Claw and kicked him in it with such power Claw was launched into it. As Claw entered the portal he saw monsters that look like they are trying to look like angels, Claw stood up and said, "What are these's things." The strange man then said "These's are Angels, and these's jerks are the one's trying to kill people in your world. The name is Rodin, I will sell you stuff if you kill these's jerks and give me their Halo's." Claw was confused but understood what he meant. LET THE BATTLE BEGIN.

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2 Climax 2 Pure Platinum on Wed Jul 26, 2017 11:17 pm

Claw Elderwood
The fight between Claw and the monster looking angels began, the first angle tired to lunge at Claw with some sorta spear thing, but Claw dodge and decapitated it, some strange golden rings fell to the ground. Claw picked them up and they went into a small bag that he had what was always empty for some reason, the second angel tried slamming a flail into Claw's head but Claw upper slashed it in half. More appeared some bigger the others and some looking different. That would not stop Claw, in fact it drove him to fight harder and with a smile on his face. It has been such a long time since he had fought this many enemies at once. One of them look the same as another but with claws of fire and not lightning, that one got lucky and knocked Claw's weapon out of his hands, so Claw used his fists. He punches a hole in the chest of the lucky angel that knocked his weapon out of his hands, the weapon the angel was using was left behind and Claw started using them, but after the first 5 kills they broke. Claw then ripped the head off of a big one using a battle axe, he then picked up his weapon back up and split a flying snake one in half. The battle seemed to be over but then feathers started to fall and Claw looked up and saw a two headed dragon with a human face for a belly. Claw thought to himself,"Boss battle time." The weird face belly dragon was talking in some weird language that he had no idea what he was talking. Claw then said," I don't understand you, speak the language that I'm speaking." It then fired a laser at him.

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3 Climax 3 Boss Fight on Thu Jul 27, 2017 3:44 pm

Claw Elderwood
Before Claw could react, the large angel had fired a large laser at him, Claw blocked it. Lucky for him Claw's armor protected him from any burns, he then activated the thruster packs in the suit and flaw at the massive angel. It had picked up a building and had chucked it at Claw, he slammed into it like a fly being swatted in mid-air. He hit the ground hard and try to get back up but the angel landed on top of him and was crushing him. It spoke again and Claw said once again,"I DON'T UNDERSTAND YOU, SPEAK ENGLISH" it then went for a killing blow but Claw though one of his Hammer of Dawn at it and it got knocked off of him. While it was stunned some really good music started to play and a evil looking portal opened up. Then what seemed to be hair came out of it and stated to form some sort of bird demon, the demon then grabbed onto the angel and started to peck it like crazy, it then went through it, killing the big angel. So many halo's fell from the corpes that it seemed to been almost 100000 of them. but as soon as that started to happen he started to pass out. Before that he saw a figure to appear, it wasn't Rodin, but someone who looked like they were a goddess. After that Claw woke up in a pub, but not any pub he had ever seen before, behind the counter there was weapons and strange items. Was he in the underworld?

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