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Orion [Ready for eval]

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1 Orion [Ready for eval] on Thu Jul 27, 2017 2:39 am

Orion Dawn
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Orion Dawn
Age: 21
Birthday: June 9
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 250 lbs
Face Claim: Shadowrun Stock Pic

STR: 2
DEF: 2
RES: 3
SPT: 5
Aura 100| 200 HP

Major: Citizen
Likes: Money, Freedom, Chaos, Karma, Manipulation of others, power
Dislikes: Restriction, Huntsmen, Cops, Government
Fears: Prison, Karma, Memories of the Fortune 5
Talent: Demolitions
Weakness Computers
Overall Personality: Orion is a walking, talking force of destruction and chaos. His time spent in the Fortune 5 has given him a great deal of fighting experience as well as an idealistic view of going with the flow of life and letting everything sort itself out afterward, but this doesn't stop him from pushing his "destiny" toward more favorable terms. Orion is a hardened criminal, and although he prefers not to harm the innocent, he is not above it if they are throwing a wrench in his clandestine machinations. He's an aggressive sociopath with heavy emotional reactions to otherwise normal situations, and heavy outburst style mood swings.

Aura type: Healing
Aura Color: Silver
Semblance: Anarchy: (Debuff) When active, every opponent engaging Orion within a 10 meter radius of Orion will suffer a -1 Res debuff. Orion's aura simply emanates a chaotic feeling and makes people around him feel more "uneasy" The debuff is a direct result of the chaotic feeling in the air, and the uneasiness is simply a potential bi-product. [-10 SP per Orion post]
Item 1: Fortune 5 armset: (Weapon) Both of Orion's arms are cybernetics. They are both combat branded, and include both hydraulics for stronger strikes, and revolving dust cylinders for dust use. Orion can also remove these arms for cleaning, updating, maintenance, etc.
Item 2: 2x Wind dust Vials: (5 uses each)

History and Sample
Orion was never blessed with a conventional youth as most were. He grew up in the slums of Bellmuse to parents that he was never really sure whether or not he was a welcome addition to their life. His home was inconsistent, with his parents often fighting, or one of them being gone for a large period of time for no explained reason. Orion wasn't afforded public schooling either and was self-taught with surprising aptitude and luck. By use of thrown out textbooks, and some coaching from strangers, Orion was able to garner himself enough of an education to function semi-appropriately in the public eye.

Orion's teenage years were filled with petty theft and very basic means of getting whatever money he could scrounge together to get a little bit ahead. He never passed up much, from pickpocket, to lockpick, to drug mule, to general muscle, Orion was a young criminal only scratching the surface of what one could get from the crooked end of life. Although not every job was successful, and some went bad, but Orion was so used to running that it was always somebody else holding the bag when the cops came around.

Orion finally stopped running when he robbed the wrong man. Deacon, the head of the Fortune 5 street gang, a gang with no notoriety whatsoever because they were never caught in the act. Deacon took an interest in the boy, and took him on as a prospect in the group. The Fortune 5 had a strict code of ethics and rules that they lived by.

1. Never cheat another Fortune

2. Never harm a Fortune that never violated the codes

3. The Fortune 5 comes first

4. The world works itself out, and you are a tool of that

5. Remember to pay forward all that you take

The Fortune 5 were a gang that understood that they were a gang and not much more. They were out for money more often than not, but usually had a side project of screwing over society as they did so. Orion was taught how to fight in the most harsh way possible, he was beaten repeatedly while he was taught sever forms of martial arts and combatives from ex-military members of the Fortune. Orion worked hard and learned to fight, he went on jobs that included Grand theft, Robbery, Arson, etc. Orion was a career criminal, and he was good at it. He fully embraced everything that the Fortune 5 offered him. He had reached a high position in the gang quickly and the final test was upon him. he was to prove his commitment to the gang by having his arms removed and replaced by some "enhancements" that were fairly high-tech considering circumstance. All the past of his old family was gone, and he considered his gang to be his true family.

Orion had spent so many years in the Fortune and here he was now. He was going to pull off the biggest bank robbery in Vale as his first job as a crew chief in the gang and he was ready. Others were far less ready unfortunately, and things went sound when the panic button was hit without one of the crew noticing. Police were on the scene before Orion knew what had happened, and the ensuing gunfight left many of the Fortune in custody, while Orion was forced to run again. He thought he would be able to get back to the Fortune and fix this problem as they had so often before, but one of the crew sold out the gang. The Fortune 5 presence in Vale was wiped out, with every member either dead or arrested, and Orion was the last man standing. So he ran, and ran from all the major kingdoms taking boat after boat to make a new place to continue his work, far away from the memories of the past. Orion ran, he ran all the way here to Bellmuse.
RP Sample:
Orion stood in the center of the alley and held his combat stance. "3 of you, and one of me? Karma is gonna have to even this out."

The cylinders in his cybernetics shifted as he spoke. Orion was still cracking his neck when one of the thugs swung at him and was promptly redirected into a pile of garbage nearby. These guy had no professional training in how to fight, that much was very apparent to him now. Before he even turned back around there was one on his back trying to hold him still. He grunted with annoyance as he jetted his elbow back into the offending thug using some of the wind dust in his arm.  The thug held strong, so Orion just slammed his back into the wall to get the pest off of him. The last thug actually lands a punch though, but Orion's aura left him not really feeling much pain, but his retort surely would. Orion grabbed the thug by his shirt collar, and with a small measure of help from his dust, one punch to the stomach sent the thug flying back out into the street.

"Karma always wins boys...." he dusted his jacket off and rolled his shoulders once. "And the Fortune 5 is karma."

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