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Dante Hellsing the cybernetic hunter

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1 Dante Hellsing the cybernetic hunter on Thu Jul 27, 2017 7:03 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Dante Hellsing
Age: 10 years
Birthday: December 24
Gender: Male
Race: Android
Height:2 meters
Face Claim:Concept robots.

Aura 50|250 HP

Likes: the stars, help others, Tinkering small objects
Dislikes: Grimm, See the men kill each other, Have to kill humans to save others
Fears: Losing his personality, Be hated, Atlas
WeaknessSocial Interaction/Speech/Charisma
Overall Personality: Dante is a compassionate robot to people in need or in danger even if he does not know if it is his personality or his protocol of protection of civilians, because his control module often conflicts with his Personality which might resemble schizophrenia. He often builds small useful objects that he gives to small village people who would be in need, he even builds toys for the children this seems to be generous and the smiles of people make him feel strange but he appreciates it . He does not really know himself because he is only ten years after all.

Aura type:Power
Aura Color: Green
Semblance: Damage: Dante can separate the two plates on his chest to let out a Railgun with devastating firepower, which causes 20 points of damage per shot. Each pull consumes 20 / AP has use.
Item 1: D3L30S is assault rifle. the rifle can use the Dust to have more power.
Item 2: Dante has a small grenade-like object, but when Dante activates the object and plants it in the ground just in front of him, a sphere of energy is formed to help protect from damage the dust might cause. The sphere of energy measures 2 meters by 2 meters.

History and Sample
Dante was never his real first name, but before the accident he had only a serial number to differentiate him from his congeners. It was all alike, without any distinctive sign and could be thrown away or replaced as good seemed for men, at the same time it's not like they were going to rebel against their creators.
But one day that was a day of celebration for some was a day of awareness for others because a simple robot defense was caught in a grimm attack, but nothing surprising because after all it is their work To protect humans, an attack before send Dante off into a wall.

When the attack was over Dante was taken to reparation. This was the day of the birth of Dante Hellsing who, because of a grimm attack, became aware of his existence and his life, fear that he would be deactivated, and that he was forced to flee through the woods.
He continues to learn through travel and encounters, even if he is rarely spoken to. At the end of three years after his departure he really feels the difference between his personalization and the protocols that have been inscribed in him since his creation. He even wonders whether he is defending humans by choice or whether it is these protocols that compel him to do so, but he will continue to do so for as long as he feels the need to do so.
Since there is no more engineers to repair him when he is hurt by grimm or even problems during a trip, Dante ends up learning how to build and repair objects which is quite useful and even allows him to Recovering money for his spare parts which does not bother him even if he does not fully understand the utility of the money.
After ten years of traveling through Remnant and much bodily modification, Dante arrives at Bellmuse which is the only kingdom of which he knows nothing but discovering new things never disturb him.
This is how our conscious robot begins new adventures.
RP Sample:
Dante is in a small village that serves as a port for Bellmuse Island. A woman shouts at the thief and Dante's detectors set off to locate the thug, and seconds later he finds the man running through the crowd. Dante's mechanical jacks and muscles contract and he launches into a race to catch the thief and after five minutes of racing the thief is apprehended. Dante looks at the man before speaking.

"Sir, I advise you to stay on the ground and not try to take your gun, the police will arrive shortly to put you in prison." Says Dante in his robotic voice.

Soon after the police recover the thief and leave as fast as they came. Dante stays in the street and wonders if he could find work because nothing prevents him from having a simple life after all.

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2 Re: Dante Hellsing the cybernetic hunter on Thu Jul 27, 2017 9:02 pm



Tier 1 Dust: (10x Water) (10x Fire) (10x Earth) (10x Air)
Tier 2 Dust: (10x Fire) (10x Water) (10x Earth) (10x Air) (10x Explosion) (10x Ice) (10x Plant) (10x Thunder)
Tier 3 Dust:(6x Fire) (6x Water) (6x Earth) (6x Ice) (6x Lightning) (6x Light) (6x Shadow)
5x poison
Shadow's Bane
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