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Mind of steel (open)

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1 Mind of steel (open) on Fri Jul 28, 2017 9:18 am

Dante Hellsing
For Dante, everyone seems to be tiny and fragile, when the news of an intelligent robot wandering the streets of Bellmuse reached Syne Academy, a message was sent to him asking him to go to Syne Academy as soon as possible. And it came, so in the corridors one can see a metallic mass more than two meters high move randomly because Dante had to confess, he is lost, everything is so big and there is no Site map.

Dante seeks for several hours throughout the academy but still does not know where he is, so he takes his courage with both hands and decides to go and ask for directions to someone.

"Forgive me for disturbing you but I am completely lost and I am supposed to find someone in what you call the canteen, if you could help me I would appreciate it greatly. "Say Dante with all that he has learned in the books on the knowledge of life. But he suspects that having a robot ask this kind of question really must be strange, Dante has never really been strong in discussions with people and most of the time he only greets quickly or ask for clarification on An objective of missions that could be given to him.

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2 Re: Mind of steel (open) on Fri Jul 28, 2017 12:53 pm

Claw Elderwood
Claw was at work building and crafting new weapons for students that either broke or no longer needed their old weapons, Claw kept the weapons that no one no longer wanted. He then heard a very loud crowd forming out side, he didn't know what for but he didn't want it to be a fight, that would me more paper work the forge work for him if it was. Anyway, Claw looked outside and saw it was a combat unit droid, he couldn't see what the model was since all the students were crowding it. He watch it for a while, it seemed it was lost which for Claw seemed strange cause Claw had seen battle units in action, they always seem to know where and when to go, but this one was strange. So Claw walked up to it and ask if he could help with something, the unit spoke to him asking where the canteen was, this dumbfounded Claw because he had never meet any battle unit droid ever speak let alone ask for something. Claw saw that the unit was not any default unit,it somehow became unique. Claw then said,"You know what let me show you around the academy, i'll show you where everything is and in return you come with me and become my helper, you seem to be unique, normally when battle droids are out and about they normally kill everyone within range of their sites, but you seem like the type that want to break those's shackles and be your own person. Though that's my guess at less, i'm not going to force you to anything this is all up to you my hulking metal friend."

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3 Re: Mind of steel (open) on Fri Jul 28, 2017 2:40 pm

Dante Hellsing
Dante still looked at the man in front of him and wondered if he wants help or apart to understand his personality that humans consider to be an anomaly and a way they are right, but he will not be Modified or changed, Dante appreciates the life he has for the moment.
 Dante nods and follows the man in the corridors of the academy, but suddenly a cry of pain is heard in the corridor and pupils cluster around a person, Dante uses his scanners to understand What happens. His scans reveal two students, a faunus having his cat's ear pulled by another student who is human.
Dante begs forgiveness of the man who accompanies him and walks the two pupils before speaking.

"Young man I do not know what you have against your comrade but I would ask you to let go of his ear because the faunus attributes are really sensitive," demanded Dante in a calm but commanding voice but the student does not hear it Not of this ear.

"Get out of here the robot, you got nothing to do here" answers the student

"Launch the protocol of deterrence," said Dante before grasping the young man's forearm and pressing hard enough for the child to let go on the faunus ear, Dante let go of the student's arm before speaking again.

"I would ask you not to start again because otherwise I would be obliged to break your forearm in order to punish you for your actions, on this I leave you. Have a good day. "And so Dante returned to the side of man.

"Excuse my actions but my protocol forbids me to let humans or faunus fight or be intimidated." Say Dante, but it's not entirely true because he should have asked the student to stop and not scare him to stop but with his years of experience he knows that fear is a good way To prevent some disaster or certain beginning of combat.
Dante turns to the man and waits for the direction to follow.

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4 Re: Mind of steel (open) on Fri Jul 28, 2017 3:27 pm

Claw Elderwood
As Claw was giving the the droid the show around the academy he lost track of his new metal friend, then he had heard two students running at him saying that the robot had attacked them. Claw then launch one of them through a wall saying "You know if you're going to lie, you should lie to someone that knows when people are lying, also i know you two pick on the faunus students when no one is looking. I should have you two kicked out of this, but im not, so what truly happened?" They explain the whole story trustfully, Claw gave them the worst kind of punishment, they had to clean the whole school for a week. Claw then tracked down his metal friend, it seemed he was disappointed in himself for some reason, Claw put one hand on its shoulder and said,"Hey I heard what you did, it is ok, sometimes action speak louder and goes deeper then words. This proves that you want to protect people instead of hurting them. Well if you follow me i will teach you how to do that without killing anything. Just remember this 'Do not cause harm unless it is the only way' Now then lets get back with that show around ok." He then got back up and started to show the droid around again, after all that he finally shows the droid his work space. The forge was hot and ready for work with all kinds of materials like stone,metals,rubber, and even thread. Claw then asked "May i see your weapon please, i want to see what kind of bullets it takes so i can change your normal ammo for some non-lethal ammo ya, you can still switch out from non-lethal to lethal when ever you please."

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5 Re: Mind of steel (open) on Fri Jul 28, 2017 3:55 pm

Dante Hellsing
After a moment following the man, Dante finds himself in a forge with the man asking him his weapon to change his ammunition for not having hurt people without really wanting it.
Dante is a bit reluctant gave his weapon as she served him for so long but he ends up giving his rifle before talking.

"I had name you know, my name is Dante Hellsing and it's a pleasure to meet you." Dante wants to be called by his name, for him proof that it is different from the other machines. It will be known by its name and not by a serial number filled with figures and letters lifeless and sad.

Dante will show the world that a machine can be much more than a mere piece of scrap that does what it was programmed for and deserves as much respect as any other people, There is one thing that Dante was able to learn during his journey, that mankind always rejects what is different.
Dante looks at the man hoping that he is an exception compared to other humans, just as Dante is the exception for robots.

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6 Re: Mind of steel (open) on Fri Jul 28, 2017 4:17 pm

Claw Elderwood
Claw finally knew that he was more human then a pile of scrap that was told what to do, he looked at the Dante and said "Ok Dante, if you want me to treat you as a equal then i will, you might looks like a droid but you are human in here(puts hand on Dante's chest where a heart is suppose to be). Now then I can help you become that but you need to make your own path, i will guide you to the right area but you must think for your self not what people tell you what you can or can not be, heck I'll even teach you blacksmithing if you like. But you want to be your own being so it is your choice not mine to make, all i just ask is that you work with me as equals like Batman and Nightwing." He then started to work on some armor that would fit a combat unit droid if needed. Claw then said "If you need a place to live, Dante, I'll welcome you with open arms but your going to have to clean up your mess and work with me in the forge, I will ask you to deliver some items so you can meet some of the amazing people Bellmuse has to offer. Or I can use a helping hand a the academy, I double as a combat teacher as well and I need a sparing buddy." He then started to fire the plated armor, after that he went back to hammering in the armor.

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7 Re: Mind of steel (open) on Fri Jul 28, 2017 4:52 pm

Dante Hellsing
Dante stared at the man in front of him and asked himself a great deal of question because for him, he only exists to help people and that was always what he did and all of a sudden he was told That he can be anything he wants, do whatever he wants and where he wants ...
But what does he really want? The questions continue flowing in his mind because he is given the choice to do what he wants, and what does Dante do in this kind of situation? He begins to build objects ranging from the child toy to the energy shield.

Created it always allowed him to reflect on questions that his creators would never have imagined see Dante arise.

After a few minutes and a dozen objects make Dante finished giving his answer.

"All right, I'm willing to help you, but I do not want anyone to come and search my body or Atlas know about me. I think these are acceptable requests, do we have an agreement? "Dante both his robotic hand to the man and waits for his answer.

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8 Re: Mind of steel (open) on Sat Jul 29, 2017 1:41 pm

Claw Elderwood
Claw saw the fire that burned in Dante like a soul, Claw said "I will agree with those's terms, i don't like Atles my self cause they use robots to fight their battles instead of fighting beside them, also they stole weapon blue prints for some very strong shields, and then weaponized it like the snow jerks they are. Everyone up there doesn't care about us down here, all they care about this themselves and money." Claw had worked for them to build some better armor and weapons, but was tricked and had all his stuff stolen and weaponized. Ever since that day he had hated them for a long time and planned one day to go over there and destroy all the weapons and armor he had made for them and all the modified stuff. Anyway, Claw gave Dante a blue print and a forge hammer and told him "ok first project, im going to give you the blueprint of a great shield (heavy and big shield) and i want you to make it," he then hands him a "How to Black Smith for beginners" then said "Read this and get started on that shield when you are ready. If you can't do this I will give you a different job."

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9 Re: Mind of steel (open) on Sat Jul 29, 2017 3:37 pm

Dante Hellsing
Dante looks at the man and is relieved that he will do whatever it takes to make Dante undetected.
Dante holds the book in his hands and begins to read, lines and forge techniques are recorded in his database then he takes the plan of the shield that the man asked him to build.

The minutes passed and finally Dante gets to work, he takes advantage of the time to think about what he will do later because he has absolutely nothing planned of particular. When he came to the academy, Dante thought that people would want to hurt him, put him in prison or even totally destroy him.

Even if the man seems friendly, he prefers to remain on his guard because nothing means that the others reside would be of the same kind so for him prudence seems to be a good strategy.

At the end of his reflection, Dante finished making the shield, he looks and scans his creation from all angles and finally gives it to the man whose name he still does not know.

"Here is the shield, according to my scanners it seems to be of good quality. "Say Dante.

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10 Re: Mind of steel (open) on Sat Jul 29, 2017 5:19 pm

Claw Elderwood
Claw saw that Dante had finish the shield, he looked at him and said,"Looks like a good shield, (knocks on it) sounds good, BUT, is it durable." Claw then put it up on a stand and grabbed his weapon, he started to charge up a swing. He then swinged at the shield, cutting it clear in half like a hot knife though soft butter. It was to easy even for Claw to destroy it, the two pieces dropped to the ground making a large clunking noise. Claw then looked at Dante and said,"You forgot to test it, a good blacksmith never give a customer untested armor,weapons, or shields. If you want to be treated like a person start thinking out of the box, think like a person not a mindless bot. By the way i haven't told you my name yet, my name is Claw Elderwood, you can either call me boss,Claw,or Mr. Elderwood either way i don't care." He then gave Dante his version of the "How to BlackSmith for beginners", it has some strange methods in crafting weapons and armors but were a great way to make powerful armors and/or weapons.

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11 Re: Mind of steel (open) on Sat Jul 29, 2017 5:40 pm

Dante Hellsing
Dante takes the book and thanks the man known now as Claw and instead of just recording what is written, he reads and decides to understand every word and every way to work, after several minutes Dante begins to forged a shield , Then when the shield is finished he places it on the table. Dante's arm strikes the shield violently several times but after three shots the shield falls apart.

Dante looks at Claw and decides to continue for a very long time.

After hours and several shields were made and all fell apart one by one Dante turned to Claw before speaking.

"I'm sorry but I think I'm not good enough for this job ... sorry." Say Dante with a sadness extremely present. Dante sits on a chair that squeaks under the weight of the gigantic robot and waits.

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12 Re: Mind of steel (open) on Sat Jul 29, 2017 5:56 pm

Claw Elderwood
He saw that Dante was trying his best but gave up, Claw then spoke to him like his student "Dante, you are good at this, you had learned how to make stuff faster then anyone i had taught before, your not bad at it you just need practice at it. If you can master it in one day that means you are becoming more human then you think. You make mistakes and fail, robot wouldn't make mistakes and fail, they would keep working and not test their items. Look it didn't take me one day to get where im at now, it took time and effort to even make a dagger or heck even a chain. but if you feel like this is to hard for you i could always uses a delivery boy to deliver items to my customer." He then gave Dante a pat on the back and then said. "Im heading home if you want to join me."

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13 Re: Mind of steel (open) on Sat Jul 29, 2017 6:15 pm

Dante Hellsing
Claw's words give hope to the young robot because it is rare that someone believes in him, Dante gets up from the chair and takes his assault rifle to put him in his back before leaving the room with Claw behind him .
The two people walk in the corridors of the academy while being watched by the many students who whispers at Dante's passage but he does not really care because he has other things in mind at the moment so he keeps going.

The students talk about him and his do not surprise Dante because seeing a gigantic robot that does not resemble any known pattern can be disconcerting especially if he walks with a teacher.
All Dante hopes is that he will not cause any problems so he follows Claw without getting away.

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