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Summer Shows? A Battle Royal? Long as it pays! (Class thread, Open to Two, Student or Not)

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Madam Haze
The concept of on stage combat was flung far and wide throughout Remnant's history. From the Vytal Festival, the most recent of which had been perhaps the most damaging in history, to underground fight-pits to simple town spectacles of skill shown worldwide. From semblance-troupes, forming traveling circuses to showcase their inherent abilities, to simple beggars to worldwide performers who made use of their inherent abilities. All of them could be directly sourced back to those age old fights, in a den or on a stage, and in this modern era the fights had grown more extravagant than they had ever been. Through the use of technology arenas could be set up at a moment's notice, one need not even wait overnight for some designs. Weapons were stronger now, capable of transformation and the use of dust! Dusts in itself, the common knowledge of it's inherent value and practical nature had grown huge since the times of hurling rocks and clashing with sticks! Combat sport had evolved, it was not the beast it was yesteryear. No one appreciated these advancements more than the Goddess, Eminence P. Haze.

Setting a large duffel-bag down in the open centre of Bellmuse-Square, where markets stalls had gathered and sellers attempted to pawn their goods, she unzipped it before pressing a simple button within. Turning from the bag and walking away, the bag itself convulsing and folding outward, she drew a long cigar from her handbag and lightly rubbed a fire dust crystal to it's end. With a heaved breath she blew forth a cloud of grey smoke, turning on her heel only to find the arena had fully formed... and was garnering half the attention she should have been with her mere presence. Though she supposed, as this was a product she owned, this was acceptable.

The arena wasn't quite the vast and augmentable scene the Amity Colosseum was, but it would do for this island spectacle. The citizens had likely never seen anything of it's nature in their life! For transforming weapons were hard to create, yes, but applying such technology to other items was expensive in itself. The smaller the object you wanted to expand, the more complex and thus expensive it would be. This stage had once been a tennis court Haze's mother had often taken with her on holiday, specifically to train while away. After her unfortunate death it had fallen into Haze's possession and simply gathered dust, that was until she got her job at the academy. Over that time period, pooling a small sum of her wage, she had opted to get the court reconfigured. The net had been removed, false grass torn out.

Looking at it now, it didn't appear advanced... she supposed the tech may have been old when her mother had bought it, though it would suffice for the sake of spectacle. Walking back towards the arena, she found herself able to study it in detail. It was a simple, rectangular, arena with five meter high reinforced-metal mesh barriers on each side. Entering through one of the doors, positioned at the centre of the opposing long sides. Taking her first step on the court she found it... acceptable. The ground was similar in texture to that around a children's play-park, spongey enough to aid in the reduction of damage should someone fall yet not so spongey that her heel would sink in and pierce the material. The markings were a relic of the area's prior use, simple white boxes painted onto the ground. The stadium measured 20 meters long, ten wide. Striking a slight pose in the centre of the arena, holding her lit cigar in her right and resting her golden sceptre of a mace in the crook of her left shoulder, she could feel the public's eye upon her. She was dressed in her usual, form fitting, dress with it's slit down the left leg. Naturally coupled with her golden tiara, high reaching black gloves gloves and stalkings.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Faunus and Humans alike! Your Goddess, Madam Haze, has descended from the mountains above to give a sponsored show to you all! With the aid of the academy's Summer-Fund I am here to show off the skills of both the teaching staff and students alike~ Of course, as I'm sure you are all already expecting, I will naturally be the main star of this show! Displaying world renowned technique after world renowned technique in this public setting!" She beamed out to the audience, in the same loud voice she used throughout her lectures. Quite quickly she had gathered a crowd, some had even left their stalls in order to watch the events in the cage unfold! "Now, and I am sure a few are out there among you, I require just two competitors. Together, these strangers shall face me in open combat! Gaining a lesson from the almighty Goddess herself! I would have a preference for those already attending the school, or who intend to join during the upcoming semester, but if you are indeed battle hardened and aura engaged I will not prevent you from engaging me! FuFuFuFuu~ Feel free to enter, state your name and title!"

Haze's Current Dress/Appearance:
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