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Amber-Vera Picard Genesis "Finished"

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1 Amber-Vera Picard Genesis "Finished" on Mon Aug 07, 2017 10:37 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name:  Amber-Vera Picard Genesis
Age: 23
Birthday: July, 4th
Gender: Female
Race: Gecko Faunus [Trait: Septulae; climbing surfaces]
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Face Claim: Dot: Hushabye Valley

STR: 5
DEF: 3
RES: 3
SPT: 1
Aura 150|150 HP

Major: Tech

  1. Organic Augmentation: Amber is a person who loves to experiment with Augmentations, this means she loves to develop new Augments and distribute them to individuals who need them the most, which is usually individuals who suffer from life hampering disabilities.
  2. Science: Amber is a person who enjoys Science in general, to her Science is a means to let her imagination roam free, allow her to make whatever she wants, theories about anything, make anything she puts her mind to into a reality, and with her expertise in Augmentation Development, she can help many.
  3. Stealth: Despite her helpful and caring nature, Amber tends to be one to avoid others, stay hidden and out of sight, to her stealth is her main weapon that can turn the tides into her favor, which she likes to have high as she is able to get the most out of anything.
  4. Music: Amber is a person who often will have a pair of earbuds in her ears, this allows her to wind down and relax, her music selections differs depending on her mood, she often will listen to classical, blues, jazz, swing, lounge or even heavy metal.


  1. The White Fang: Amber is a person who dislikes the White Fang with a passion, the whole reason why she went towards becoming a scientist at Syne Academy was to help people who where harmed by the White Fang, she wanted to provide Augments to people to protect themselves from evil, like the White Fang.
  2. Grimm: Another good reason why Amber went to Syne was to learn more about the Grimm, understand what they are and how to develop Augments to combat them, Augments that would protect the public from these beast, people who couldn't always hope Hunters would show to slay the monsters.
  3. Her Father: Amber is your typical woman who has daddy issues, her father never cared for her passion to create Augmentations, he always said messing with the natural order of Faunus or Humans was unnatural, and this was what made her become dishonored by him, forcing her to survive on her own.
  4. Dirty Glasses: One thing that Amber despises the most is her glasses getting dirty, this means anything that can compromise her sight while wearing them, this also means she hates people removing her glasses unless she asks them to or allows such an act to occur.


  1. Nyctophobia: Despite this being a rather childish fear, Amber is one person who can't stand the dark, to her it is uneasy and unnerving, it causes her to be on edge, constantly jittering and whimpering, to keep this at bay she always has a small armband that glows brightly when total darkness surrounds her.
  2. Astrapophobia: Amber is a person who is deathly afraid of Thunder, to her it is something that is unpredictable and is unable to be completely analyzed as in knowing where it will be, where it will strike, when it will strike, along with various other things included, Amber just doesn't like it, along with that the noise hurts her ears.
  3. Phonophobia: Much like her fear of Thunder, this one coordinates with it, Amber is someone who can't stand sudden loud noised like yelling, explosions or even worst, Thunder striking close to her, the only way she can be at ease when hearing it is if the sound is very far away.

Talent: Cybernetics/Robotics
Weakness Cooking
Overall Personality:

Out of Combat

Most noted by Amber from many is that she is a somber individual, Amber tends to be a quite individual who often observes before acting as she is a thinker, she isn't one to make hasty decisions that would have drastic repercussions. Amber often thinks out loud, she usually mumbles to herself whenever she ponders on something immensely, due to her observative nature, she often plans things ahead of time; form strategic plans or schedule things in advance. This however is when she is focused on a task or on a project, outside of this she is a kind person, able to conversate with others quite well and get along with anyone she comes into contact with, Amber is also quite the flirt, she likes to tease others in anyway she can. However, this is only if someone catches her fancy, Amber tends to however be a rather cool headed person, rarely showing emotion unless it is from laughing due to a joke or something that amuses her, overall Amber is a relaxed individual on a regular basis. She is a kind person, she cares about others and often will do whatever it takes to give aid to those in need, she is a selfless person who puts others benefits and security above profit. However, Amber also isn't a person to take her kindness for granted, Amber has some fight in her, if she feels like her generosity is being taken advantaged of, she will be rather stern, feisty and direct about her feeling.

Inside of Combat

Whenever Amber enters combat her entire persona changes, either in her humanoid form or her Semblance form her view of the world is quite different, she views it as a dangerous environment, instead of her calm nature, Amber is on guard at all times, letting her enhanced Faunus senses be her guide. She often will scout ahead of her, sticking to the shadows to stay out of sight, and if she spots a target will strike it fast, and hard, makings sure to analyze the target and assume control over the fight by assaulting the targets weak point, joints, eyes or ears. Using her natural speed and size to her advantage, fighting by causing countless wounds to her opponents limbs to slow them down until she is able to land a final blow if her first attack was unsuccessful.

Aura type: Power
Aura Color: Violet
Semblance: Unstable Genetic Mutation [Buff & Utility]: A unique idea of a Semblance, one that grants benefits while providing drawbacks at the same time, while It grants buffs to her major stats of Strength, Defense, Resistance, Spirit or Speed, it grants two points in any she wants at a single intervolve, but at a cost to her physical appearance. Amber, while beautiful as her humanoid form holds a rather disturbing secret, upon activating her Semblance she is able to unleash a revolting and jaw-dropping form, she loses her one human appearance and taking on the form of a reptilian-avian like being with milk white skin with red pulsating veins, her once green eyes become a pale red and her body has some feathers on it with no scales visible but present, her feathers are located about her eyes to form eyelashes, at the base of her neck and in her hair.

Her tongue takes a traditional fork like nature, it also becomes elongated, due to this she has a small pouch below her jaw where she tucks it in when inside her maws, which are lines with a series of large teeth used for both crushing nuts, crustaceans, fruit or plant life and to sheer, cut, shred or rip meat; due to her reptilian like nature, her jaw is able to become unhinged which allows her to have a wider bite, she has two large oval dots above her eyebrows, she gains retractable claws in her hands and Anthropomorphic legs, where she has four padded toes with one rear toe.

She gains a long snake-like tail which is roughly 4 meter's long, this tail is used for not only balance when walking on all four limbs, but two as well, and acts like a fifth limb which means it is a prehensile tail but along with that it is strong enough to where she can use it as a rest if she so wanted to, along with this her entire body not just her hands and feet are covered in a tiny hairlike structures, called setae, which she naturally has due to her Faunus race, these microscopic bristles can split into hundreds of nano-sized tips called septulae, Amber is also able to cling to wet and dry surfaces and stay there even while sleeping, this form however also occurs at random, which is a unknown side affect caused by the Utility portion of her Semblance.


Item 1: M1910: The M1910 or "Mad Bear G", is a lightweight, cold-climate based weapon to represent the primal nature of Ambers Semblance form, M1910 was designed shortly after the discovery of her ghastly form, afterwards she developed her own fighting style while incorporating several martial arts into her combat style. Using thrusts, swipes, claws and various other primal-like attacks with precise strike that can cause fatal injuries, her weapon is a pair of Made of a carbon-fiber alloy combat gauntlets that fit over her arms. Ending at the shoulder and latch on with using synthetic adhesives that react to her augmented skin, the M1910 is lightweight and durable and the fingertips have been sharpened and hardened with the use of diamonds, it is said to be one of the best types in cold-climate environment.


Item 2: Ballistic Epidermis Augmentation: By incorporating Nanobot's over a period of time, Amber was able to Augment her skin by using Carbon Fibers, these Carbon Fibers were infused into the skin using microscopic highly intelligent autonomies robots known as Nano-bots, these Nano-bots often called Nanites, weaved hexagonal particles of Carbon Fibers in between her skin cells. Allowing her to have Monomolecular plates that reinforce the skin's epithelial membrane, reducing the damage she is able to receive from projectiles and bladed, she however is still able to suffer from damage if the damage is greater than the strength of her "Armor" is able to sustain, while this is a factor, her skin is still able to heal, and thus is able to repair her armor as it is still organic in nature, even if comprised of bio-organic material.

Ballistic Epidermis Augmentation:

History and Sample
Born in Atlas to a General, General Karl Ruprecht Kroenen Genesis, before her birth Karl had his daughters future set for her, he was a man who held a strong hold over his wife, dominance was his means of keeping his authority above others. He had his daughter's future set for her to be a medic or even a Doctor, when she was born her mother was allowed to name her, which when she saw her daughters hair color, she named her Amber, and from there she lived a life that was planned for her. Everyday Amber was cared for, her every need was taken cared of, and when she grew older, she used this to her advantage, not becoming spoiled but resourceful, while she was being taught at a young age to use medical equipment and techniques. She was introduced to Augmentations by accident, when she learned about this type of medical practice to assist those with disabilities, she began to dwell down a road of change. Amber began studying on it in secret after finding out her father despised altering the natural state of organic beings, his motto was quite harsh to anyone who heard it. "If you can't survive with your flaws, then you shouldn't be allowed to be treated with equality." This was the reason Amber kept her studies in secret, she loved the possibilities of helping others who couldn't help themselves, and when she turned sixteen her secret was uncovered, which infuriated her father greatly.

He gave her a choice, which she chose her profession of helping others, which caused him to disown her and strip her of her family title, her funding and her education, but despite this set back, a few people in the Atlas Research Center didn't take Karl's reaction with a kind tone. A female scientist took Amber in and gave her a place to stay, while in her care Amber kept her studying of Augmentations and Cybernetics as the two worked intertwine, she also dwelled into some robotics to assist with her enhancements. This all continued for a few more years, until the age of nineteen, when Amber became this age she left suddenly, taking what resources she could and left Atlas, leaving only a note telling Doctor Liliana she was grateful for the kindness she shared and the teachings. After that rumors of a red haired female doctor began to spread about, all about how kind she was and how she helped people using strange medical practices, which her motto was quite opposite of her father. "Those who can't live with their flaws can always have a helping hand." While she traveled all over Remnant, mostly sticking to towns, cities and villages that suffered great impact on their citizens survivability, such as those attacked by Grimm or the White Fang that didn't agree with certain things.

After fours years of travelling about, Amber made her way to Bellmuse, as one of her contacts told her about some Grim attacks there, but when she got there it was much worst than she thought, she didn't know what was going on and why so many Grimm were attacking people and villages there. But she knew the only way this would stop is if she became someone, something that could assist people without worrying about being restricted by rules of the land, as she never been to Bellmuse before. She went to the Education Board of the area to fill out an application to enter the school, knowing that being a Hunter would grant her benefits others wouldn't have, even if she had to fight Grimm, it was her duty to aid the weak. She wasn't scared anyways, she had done some augmentation to herself, and was trained in a few hand to hand combat to keep herself safe, she has also faced Grimm beforehand, but nothing too big, like a Ursula, usually she keeps out of sight. As she waited a few days of entering her application she finally got a letter telling that she had gotten accepted, and with that she quickly got her things, transporting herself towards the school, for she was already in Bellmuse for a few day.
RP Sample:
She couldn't believe it, she had gotten accepted into Syne Academy, well she didn't have anything to worry about, having been taught in the field of Medicine, Augmentations, Cybernetics and Robotics, her contacts and former colleges helped her greatly by providing good recommendations for her. It was something unusual, she had never thought in a millions years this would occur to her, having the chance to go to a academy, not only that, being able to enter one soo easily, well, she did have the experience to have majors in the fields she studied when she was just a girl. As she trotted along the cobblestones of Bellmuse she looked about, her emerald green eyes shimmering, her freckled cheeks having a slight blush as she winked at a young looking male passing by her, and when she made her way to the path of the school. She could only look up, grin, and begin scampering along her way towards the large building ahead of her, her white coat dancing behind her, a duffle-bag of clothes, resources, she didn't seem to appear to have any armor, but the metal bracers on each arm were a clear indication she was armed, and as she clomped her way, she could only grin with glee, making her way towards Syne.

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Tier 2 Dust: (10x Fire) (10x Water) (10x Earth) (10x Air) (10x Explosion) (10x Ice) (10x Plant) (10x Thunder)
Tier 3 Dust:(6x Fire) (6x Water) (6x Earth) (6x Ice) (6x Lightning) (6x Light) (6x Shadow)
5x poison
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