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Samantha Greensmoke Cutterly

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1 Samantha Greensmoke Cutterly on Tue Aug 08, 2017 12:04 am

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Samantha Greensmoke Cutterly
Nickname: The Gentle Giant Butcher (Most students), Officer Butcher (Joke name with Law Enforcement Students)
Age: 22
Birthday: November 23rd
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Build: Mostly slender body, with a bit of muscle on her shoulders and arms
Height: 6'7"
Weight: ~190lbs
Face Claim: Akira Okouchi, From 'Negima! Magister Negi Magi'

Aura 100|200 HP

Major: Combat, Investigative
Likes: Red meat, sharpening her butcher knives, cleaning her rifle, doing target practice with her rifle, helping and serving her customers, misleading law enforcement.
Dislikes: Rowdy and rude customers, sexual predators and murders, using her reading glasses when she has to, being accused of crimes just for being a butcher, wearing armor unless it's bulletproof armor that's needed, has a traditional dislike of robotics for workplaces.
Fears: Losing her business, losing the trust of her friends, and being sent to death row if caught.
Talent: Investigation
Weakness: Cybernetics/Robotics
Overall Personality: Samantha is a calm and kind person. Most teachers can call her a 'role-model student', with the ability to balance her job and school, while avoiding trouble and disbanding fights professionally. She also has the traditional 'Respect me and I'll respect you' personality, though at her job she keeps her personality as a calm and benevolent worker, unless the customer is rude and very rowdy, by which she would politely asks them to leave without their product. In secret, though, she's a calculating criminal following a moral grey line. She sometimes have trauma breakdowns as well from her abusive father. Her common symptoms include hugging herself, biting her thumb gently, mild shaking, and a thousand-yard stare that'll distract her for a bit. Her ability to research and attention to detail is useful in all aspects of her life, making the best cuts as a butcher, leaving no stone unturned in practice investigations, and 'research stalking' on her criminal hunting. After years of doing her secret line of work, she's able to lie and avoid detection seemingly well if the subject ever comes up on 'The Vigilante Butcher'. In summary, she's a kind and smart giant with some trauma and a mental disorder for extreme vigilantism.

Aura type: Healing
Aura Color: Bright Red/Blood Red
Semblance: The Butcher's Finesse (Damage); The experience from working as a butcher helps with cutting up her enemies. After the death of her father, her semblance slowly took shape from her murdering. She learns the ability to use her aura to make any sharp object to cut cleanly through a majority of materials. She rarely uses this ability, now already have the strength and a sharp blade to cut through bone. But when she needs to, it allows her to ignore thick clothing and armor. Does full true damage, 20 AP/DMG per post
Item 1: Black Steel Butcher's Knife (Level 1)
     The blade is 2'6" long, 1' thick, Handle is also 1' long, total length is 3 1/2 feet long. The blade is made out of heavy higher-carbon steel, making it extremely durable but also very heavy weight, requiring high strength to weld and expensive to replace. The handle is made out of well treated birch wood and light rope wrap for grip, oddly stained in a dark color.
Item 2: Dust Resistant Investigative Clothing (Level 1) (Includes a black coat, black fingerless gloves, black thick pants with twin vertical white stripes on each side, and steel-toed dark brown shoes)
     She wears extra clothing to help with her inability to defend against dust attacks. The lining of her clothing and leather of her shoes are coated with dust resistant materials. Her coat covers her body, arms and torso; her gloves covers her whole hand except the tips of her fingers; the pants cover fully over her usual pants, covering from under the coat at the hips and waist to the top of her feet, though not hindering her walking and running when needed; and finally the shoes cover all around the feet but not the ankles.

History and Sample
Samantha Greensmoke Cutterly was born in Vale, in the lower class districts. Her middle name is from the unique condition in her eyes; though black brown, the irises have a unique shine to an extreme pale green color from reflection in darkness or at certain angles. A happy-go-lucky girl in her early life, her life became a sudden drop to the abyss, from age 5 to 14. At the age of 5, Samantha's mother dies from a mugging, stabbed and bled out next to Samantha. Samantha's father, who was a 'controllable' alcoholic, became deeply depressed and fallen to full time alcoholic. He became a stalker to her daughter, watching her every move, and even seemingly to love his daughter a bit too much. At the age of 12, it became worse as Samantha's father starts sexually abusing his daughter. At the age of 13, about a year and a half later, Samantha got a hold of a pistol from her father's closet. Out of a fit, she shot her father, who bled out from multiple major artery and vein damages. Police found Samantha standing in shock, staring at her now dead father.

Samantha was only given a year of intensive care, before being put into an orphanage. This is where her crime spree begins. She studied and learned the different criminals, mostly targeting those abusing loved ones and kids in any kind of assault, sexual offenders, and murderers. She's learned to hide her evidence, even only showing her face privately. In her daytime activities, she's studying to become an investigative bounty huntress. In her nighttime activities, she spies, stalks, and studies her targets, waiting for the right time to kidnap or kill them. Her style soon was apparent to law enforcement, dubbed by the public as 'The Vigilante Butcher', by the clean cuts, even through bone. Samantha soon acquired a job at the age of 17, choosing to work at a butcher shop. She really loved working at such a place, and showed her talent in meat cutting, even having an excellence in customer service. She soon was able to take the BEACON Academy, going through with high grades, but at the same time on a tightrope to avoid police detection. But it also became an addiction for her to leave certain clues, the thrill of almost getting caught, only to mislead them.

As soon as she is done, and graduated as a huntress at the age of 21, moving herself to Syne Academy afterwards. Her goal is still to be an investigative bounty huntress, but also having a permanant second job of her own butcher shop. She opened up her own butcher shop after a couple of months living at Syne, serving fresh lunch meat and fine cuts to the students and residents of the kingdom.

Currently, she's in her second year in Investigation and Law Enforcement, using her downtime to run her butcher shop, and still finds time to do her hunting, 'The Vigilante Butcher' now on the loose again. No one knows who it is, but very little guessed it is a female student who likes to cut meat.
RP Sample:
Saturday, a long sunny day at Bellmuse, the afternoon has pasted by at the Gentle Giant's Butchery. A girl working there is busy reading the newspaper, seeming to have trouble a bit. She sighs, before putting her reading glasses on, sitting down in a chair near the cashier machine. The news is showing as well, the usual weather and world events were showing.

As she reads through, a customer comes in, sounded by the bell hanging at the door. The girl looks up before puttign her glasses away, now standing at her full height of 6'7". The customer, an average sized male, was a little  off by the girls' height, but went about looking through the meat selection. "Good afternoon, sir," said the gentle yet polite voice of the girl, her eyes looking at the customer carefully. "How can I serve you today?" She asks. Her eyes watches carefully, scanning what the man has. A dark sweatshirt, no bulges on pockets; cargo shorts, only the back pocket, but it is the usual shape of a wallet, most likely full of cards of all types and some cash; sandels with socks, odd choice, but something to protect your feet; his behavior seems to be that he had come for the first time by his first reaction, taking his time on seeing what selection is available. A new customer, not a real threat, based on first impressions.

The customer looks at the selection before at the girl, "Yes, I am looking for some sliced roast beef for sandwiches. Do you have any?" He asks. A raised eyebrow, that would mean he might go away right away if she does not have any. "Actually, I do have some packaged in the back. I'll be right back" She said wtih a smile, going to the back. After a moment, she came back with a fresh package of sliced roast beef, six large slices, cleanly cut. "That'll be 1150 Lien, please" She said as she came to the cash machine. It was then that the news came up on a recent murder. "In other news, Bellmuse has found their 13th victim of the Vigilant Butcher, this time 26 year old sex offender Jorge Eyes. Jorge was out on parole after serving 6 years in Bellmuse Prison. Police said Jorge was last seen at a children's playground before his disappearance three days ago. Jorge was found..." The reporter continued, the customer saying "A person like him deserves it. But this Vigilante Butcher, I don't like the way he's using violence for violence" He said as Samantha gave him his meat. "Well, he must be a very disturbed person." Samantha said with a smile "Anything else for you today?" "No, thank you very much," the customer smiles, a sign that he might come back again, or just satisfied to find some good food.

After the customer left, Samantha looks at the news again. Jorge Eyes, sex offender, raped 8 women and girls. She smiles, as she got her coffee. Eight parts of a sex offender was a fitting ending for him, she thought, taking a drink of her coffee before putting. Samantha recalls the Eight Parts: Head, Left Arm, Right Arm, Torso, Hips, Left Leg, Right Leg, and finally Gentials.

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2 Re: Samantha Greensmoke Cutterly on Tue Aug 08, 2017 3:21 am



Tier 1 Dust: (10x Water) (10x Fire) (10x Earth) (10x Air)
Tier 2 Dust: (10x Fire) (10x Water) (10x Earth) (10x Air) (10x Explosion) (10x Ice) (10x Plant) (10x Thunder)
Tier 3 Dust:(6x Fire) (6x Water) (6x Earth) (6x Ice) (6x Lightning) (6x Light) (6x Shadow)
5x poison
Shadow's Bane
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3 Re: Samantha Greensmoke Cutterly on Tue Aug 08, 2017 4:50 am

Sorry, need to unapproved this for a couple minor things ^^ First is that only civilians can just take one item, you do need a second. And second, more simply to fix ^^ you've described what the semblance relates to, but not quite what it does? Can you coat your weapon to sharpen the edge and help cutting or is it some sort of cutting ranged projectile you shoot out? You just need a little more detail on your semblance! Bump when done

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4 Re: Samantha Greensmoke Cutterly on Tue Aug 08, 2017 5:59 am

Re-approved ^^

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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