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Mathilde Harmaa

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1 Mathilde Harmaa on Tue Aug 08, 2017 11:52 am

Mathilde Harmaa
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: IQ_24MH || Mathilde Harmaa || Iron Queen
Age: 7 years since built, 19 as a cover
Birthday: 21st of august
Gender: Female
Race: Android
Height: 182 centimeters
Weight: ~400 Kg
Face Claim: Dungeon Fighter Online; Mistress second awakening, Redeemer.

DEF: 3
RES: 2
SPT: 3
Aura 90|210 HP

Major: Combat
Likes: Puzzles, the colour grey, nature, humanity
Dislikes: clear display of negligence, cowardice, stupidity and illogical decisions
Fears: Falling to decay, bugs, outliving the people close to her
Talent: Cybernetics/Robotics
Weakness Herbalism
Overall Personality: Mathilde is a warm and compassionate character, her mind designed in such a way. Yet she remains an android and has issues comprehending humanity's logic and their mannerisms. It's more than often that she's blunt and straight to the point, for she lacks comprehension of the feelings of grief or anger she may cause. However, she tends to apologize for this. And it's a daily challenge for her to stay engaged to her human counterparts. A challenge she likes, it forces her to use her mind in new and creative ways and leads to various new perspectives that teach a lot. Her fears of negligence and decay is directly linked to her desire to survive. She doesn't want to fall into oblivion by newer and better models, so she can react quite agressively if someone tosses out a perfectly working scroll to get their hands on a newer and better model. It ticks her off to no extent. One of her biggest fears, however, is the fact that she will survive, longer than her friends. She lives and is untouched by age and decay, her human and faunus counterparts, much less so. And so, she fears ending up alone.

One more character trait that is prominent in Mathilde is pride. She carries herself with it and fights with honor. Refusing the strike at one's back. And refusing to turn her back to an opponent either. This has led to some very intruiging fights, even with Grimm.

Aura type: Power
Aura Color: Deep grey, hints of maroon blue
Semblance: Utility, healing, damage || The sin-burdened || Prana, the forbidden fruit

Upon general activation, be it by utility, healing or damage, Mathilde grows two sets of deep brown wings, one set from her shoulderblades, and one originating in the small of her back. These wings do not allow for flight. This semblance also allows for the cosmetic effect of an apple appearing out of nowhere most commonly in the palm of her hand. And crushed to nothningess after being taken a bite out of. This is the fruit of Prana. This apple feeds directly off of Math's aura within a certain range, so if someone were to take it from her and take it away a meter from her, it'd just rot away.

In it's Utility subpart, Mathilde is able to traverse at a speed that is at best a blur to the human eye. Enveloped in deep blue energy as she does so. However, the range of this rapid movement is quite short, up to 5 meters. Her wings are used both as a means to achieve the speed and control her momentum. She leaves behind a spectral trail of herself constanty whilst doing so.

Healing is a double edged sword. It requires her to power up and eat from the fruit of Prana. She can also feed it to others, though it's not without risk. Haunting imagery and dark thoughts will occur, though these are up to the OOC discretion of their player. Per bite of the apple, there is the normal healing rate and cost of it.

And in it's damage subpart, it takes a shake of Mathilde's wings to spread feathers in a range of ten meters. These feathers are swept up constantly by a cold breeze and decay everything upon touch. Weapon and armour degrading is possible, if it has the victim's express OOC consent. Otherwise, weaponry and armour coated in aura is quite invulnerable to these attacks.

Item 1: Weapon: Grade 1: Harrowed justice - A massive scythe that looks menacing, obviously. There is nothing special to the scythe. It is large, bulky and doesn't fold in itself or anything. And she always has it with her.
Item 2: Magical armour: Grade 1: Shield receptors - A solution to Mathilde's body offering little resistance to dust based attacks, small energy shield actuators have been installed across her body and provide a resistance against these attacks.

History and Sample
IQ_24MH was constructed with but one thing in mind. Self-learning. The android was designed, programmed and taught the basics,
before being thrown into the world without much else. She was given directives to become a huntress and sign up at the academy. But that was about all guidance Mathilde recieved. She named herself, from folklore and fantasia. IQ indicated that she was actuated to learn. But she found herself explaining the abbreviation to herself as Iron Queen.

Her fears, her personality, are all a product of being raised by society. Which was extremely interesting to see develop. They made sure she was capable of generating an aura, but disappointed at the fact it was weak. And that Mathilde herself had decided she would rather focus on the physical. But even her creators didn't know how her semblance would manifest. Which was a tragic occurence. Her fear of decay, the fear to rust and lose control over her body had such a dramatic impact on her soul that it formed to the Semblance. Decay the ill wind.

During the umpteenth check, Mathilde had been forced to utilize her semblance in response to a grimm attack, leading to the facility's destruction and her creator's demise. It changed for the worse and she swore not to use it again. A new facility was built. And new people had been assigned to watch Mathilde's development, they were less than kind. Different from the warm bond she shared with her original creator. Mathilde was devestated. She wished to not lose anyone, but knew that both humans and faunus aged. And without much of a solution, she just went on with her life. Yet she swore one thing. To never use her semblance again.

She'd rather die and fall in darkness than have have her surroundings fall, rot and decay. A fate she wishes upon no one, not even upon her enemies.

RP Sample:
"Measuring aura now," Mathilde glanced around as several rods surrounded, starting to zap and shock on her aura, which naturally responded with sheening across her body. She glanced at her nails as the test went on, inspecting her nails. She had gone through this countless amounts of time now. And it didn't hurt one bit. "Below the average," a slow huff came from her creator, who slowly sat up and moved towards her. The rods moving away again. "We'll need to focus on amplifyi-" A lour, blaring siren interrupted her creator's speech. All lights died out. And the emergency reactors powered up. Lighting the facility in a haunted red light. The android turned on her feet, moving towards the scythe, before flicking it around in her hand. Primary directive. Protect him. He was all that mattered.

"Grimm have infiltrated the facility! I'll open the door! Evecuate to the-!" A splatter of blood on the window of the control room. Visible by both Mathilde and her creator. And the blast door remained shut. And several Beowulf made their way inside the main testing hall. Without even as much as a word, the android stood infront of her creator, holding up the massive scythe. Her pose high and mighty. The scythe slowly descended, butt touching the ground, before she burst into movement.

Though for each slain Beowulf, two more seemed to make their way in. Her aura diminishing rapidly. Something clicked in her mind, slowly, white feathers descended around her. And the grimm, one by one, slowly dissipated. Their essence floating upwards as they disintegrated in the thick, black smoke. Her semblance had been activated. She turned around, only to see the facility slowly rusting, the walls cracking. And her creator, now nothing but a skeleton. Blown away into dust by the wind.

A shiver ran down Mathilde's spine. A feeling, a sensation she had not once felt. Wonder? Sadness? Desperation, even. Anger bordering on self loathing. The tie of her creator slowly crumbled to dust and was swept away from her hands by the cold wind that blew due to her semblance.

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