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[Private] A New Day (Amber & Samatha)

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1 [Private] A New Day (Amber & Samatha) on Wed Aug 09, 2017 5:29 am

Epilogue: Inside of Syne

As the gentle breeze kicked up, making the warm Summer air, making small patches of the warm heat dissipate, which also caused the branches on many of the tree's surrounding the area dance about, happy to wave as people of many passed them by. But the subtle clopping sounds of a figures feet overpowering the other footwear of many others about them, as the streaks of white shimmered through the small crowd of citizens, a flash of amber locks greeted by a gleam of bright lens with green orbs observing behind them. Only to be met by a pale complexion, a freckled coated nose and cheeks, her stern look only matched by her lab coat, short thigh high navy-blue skirt, thigh high tan toned stockings, a sky blue buttoned up dress shirt, a duffle bag at their side, many looked upon the mysterious figure which was met by a clear gaze of glee. As the figure was a young female, her short, clean cut strands bounced about with every shift of her head before her eyes met with the doors of a large building of education, it was Syne Academy, the place she was looking for, the metal bracers upon her arms clanking as she shifted her hands.

"Finally... I'm here." Her tone was definitely mature, more so than her general appearance would hold, and with her slender fingers curling about the handle, she took in a deep breath, pushing in the doors before walking inward and taking a look about, her curious gaze was met by a kind figure. The lone individual spoke briefly to them, telling them her reason for being there and with some luck she was escorted to a small room to fill out some paperwork, once done she was assigned a Scroll, a small telecommunication device, and a dorm number. She didn't take long to find her way about the school to her dorm, once there she unpacked her things, once done she changed clothes, not wanting to be in her lab coat much longer, putting on another blue top, a clean one and this time met with a purple knitted shirt upon it. She changed into some blue jeans and put on some black combat leather boots and walked out of her dorm, keeping her Scroll and wallet on her, she didn't care for a purse as it got in the way, her dark black wallet with a lavender skull upon it.

Chapter 1: Outside of Syne Dormitory

And with that she trotted along the hallways of Syne, she pondered quietly to herself, making sure she took in the sights of the glorious place what would become her new residence, knowing well enough she would learn from the best here, and attempt to achieve a great place as a Hunter. The rather loud clomping of her punk style boots filled the halls, which slowly changed to the courtyard common, the large gardens that surrounded the institute, the large cement fountain that spewed fresh crystal liquid for all the marvel upon, the cobblestone ground. It was all well constructed, and as she approached the fountain, her jeans shifted as she took a seat upon one of the many benches that littered the area of the commons, only her voice ringing out. "This is quite nice... rather stupendous I might implement my comment on." The soft, gentle tone that filled the air about her, it certainly gave her a docile caring nature, her shimmering emerald eyes only able to be seen shortly from the sheen of her oval glasses whenever the sunlight shot off them.

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It all seems quiet for the moment. The Courtyard was at a calm period of the day, not many students are present, or only passing by at the Courtyard Commons. But a few moments later, one part of the commons was being set up. It looked like some students, who are volunteers, were busy setting up a scene. The yellow and black tape was used around one of the trees to a few posts to create an area of about 100 feet (~30 meters) by 150 feet (~45 meters). Then they started to expertly decorate a few spots in the area of what seems to be useless props. However, if one takes a closer look, they might see that the volunteers have set up: some dark red coloring on the tree ground and a student volunteer; a couple of bags nearby but away from where the volunteer will lay down; and some miscellaneous props set up to look like evidence. If one can put all this together, the volunteers are creating a mock-up crime scene, and a well-made one for that. Some of the volunteers asks students to stay outside of the scene and even some volunteers got some cameras out to look like paparazzi or news media. If one would ask one of the volunteers, they might tell about what is going on.

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For the time being the serene area could make a monk sigh with delight, the peaceful nature of the courtyard was grandiose and the dark haired female let out a soft sigh of happiness, but it was shortly interrupted by the sounds of metal clanking about her hands. This distraction also caused her to look about, gather her surroundings slightly more, she stayed in her location for a few more moments before standing up, stretching her legs and arms. And like that, her emerald eyes focused before her, with a slight pep in her step she began strolling ahead, her boots making the once still air become filled with rather loud rubber upon cobblestone, her jeans hugging snuggly upon her lower half. With her arms swaying side to side as she trotted about, looking all around before turning her head about, noticing a similar sight or rather, somewhat of a similar sight, the black and yellow tape, met by the red objects, clearly this was a scene of some sorts. "Intriguing."

That was all she could remark about the sight, it clearly was either for a play or movie scene, or, a class project for possibly Forensic Analyzes, either way, it was clearly a sight to witness as a few students gawked at her, and a few others kept her and others away from the location. It was cute how they acted, pretending to be law enforcement, making sure no one "disturbed" the crime scene or the setting up of it, which made her smile, chuckle gently which incited the gaze of a few male student, whom to them she just winked at them. Making a few blush and smile at how she was teasing them, but alas she allowed them to work in peace, knowing that she would be just a distraction for them, making their jobs harder, with that, and a twirl on her heel she turned about. But not before noticing another student as she came within range of her, range enough that the amber locked beauty bumped her shoulder against the other student, making her remark gently to them. "Oh, pardon me." "Excuse if you would?"

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As the amber beauty was trying to make a distraction on the other students, a couple of the volunteers, acting as higher ranking officers, gently reminded them on their work and made sure everything is staying in line. The amber beauty then accidentally ran into a another student. The student in question is a tall one, standing at 6'7" (~200 cm), looked down to the shorter amber student. She has extremely dark brown eyes, dark brown hair made into a ponytail with bangs on each side, and a gentle smile. "Sorry about that, please excuse me," She said giving a gentle bow before walking on. She is currently wearing black thick pants from waist and hips to the top of her feet; a black coat covering her arms and overlapping her pants a bit, but open to show a pale green t-shirt, tucked into the black pants; and dark brown leather shoes made for outdoor and office use. She also has black finger-less gloves on her back pocket, just in case, and a couple of large duffle bags for all the investigative and forensic analysis. Maybe some of the students might know who she is?

The giant student followed by the book and did not answer questions with the media as the 'officers' moved the media back, the student going under the tape and setting the bags down, kneeling down onto her left knee, looking at the 'body' carefully before opening one of the duffle bags and puts on the white surgical gloves, then carefully takes out an expensive camera with a flash attachment on it and starts by taking pictures of the 'body'.

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As the extremely tall figure before the short haired female bowed in respect, stating she was sorry, the green eyed beauty could only smile and chuckle slightly before speaking out, her soft toned voice rang out in the air. "No, no, forgive me I should have watched where I was going." This was all she could remark back to the figure before they walked back towards the crime scene behind them, this caught the attention of the emerald eyed female, while turning around to watch the tall individual go towards the scene. The violet topped female with the metal covered arms crossed hers, the slight clanking sound rhythmed out into the air, her attention was sparked once again, but her location would only arise attention once more. Quickly she turned towards a tree not too far from her location and rushed towards it, jumping up and running up the trunk, quickly grabbing the branches she could reach and found herself sitting upon the branches overlooking the crime scene. "This should be interesting, quite so if I might say."

As she retorted about the situation, her interest was peaked for once in a while, and while sitting upon her large branch, her legs slightly swaying back and forth, one of her hands holding onto the branch while the other went up to her hair, slowly pulling her strands behind her hair for she enjoyed playing with it at times. "I have to say, this recreation of a crime scene is magnificent, I'm impressed, even if it isn't completely reconstructed." She remarked about the craftsmanship of the scene, it made her giggle lightly which was loud enough to make a few paparazzi shift their heads towards her location, which only caused her to wave lightly to them as her slender fingers shifted to her closing them into her hand, forming a fist which laid upon her lap. And this reaction was followed by her hand sliding into her pocket, pulling out a pair of earbuds which she placed into her ears, connecting it to a small device and begin playing some music while watching the figures before her.

She could only hum a happy tune to the music she was listening to, and before long she was softly singing her song, her tone was quite different than before, her once soft tone was replaced with a dynamic change which was an amazing bass and pitch combination, which only a trained singer held. I don't wanna be the girl who laughs the loudest, or the girl who never wants to be alone." "I don't wanna be there calling 4 o'clock in the morning, cause I'm the only one you know in the world that won't be home." "Ah, the sun is blinding as I stayed up again oh, I am finding that that's not the way I want my story to end." "I'm safe." "Up high." "Nothing can touch me, but why do I feel this party's over?" "No pain, inside." "You're my protection, but how do I feel this good sober?" "I don't wanna be the girl that has to fill the silence, the quiet scares me 'cause it screams the truth." "Please don't tell me that we had that conversation, cause I won't remember, save your breath, 'cause what's the use?"

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The tall girl continues to do her run, taking pictures and setting down number tabs on the amount of evidence spotted. She carefully starts taking pictures of the tree, taking note on the shape and trail of the blood mess. She smiles a bit, though. She can hear the amber beauty singing that familiar song. She then came over to the bags and the couple of syringes a bit away from the body. She took the pictures of the syringes before looking at one, then the body. She did notice one of them was used, one syringe on the left arm. She then went over to the bags. They seemed to have been tossed or dropped down, like the 'dead victim' was making a run for it. She then opens up the bags before slowly taking the evidence out. "White powder in tightly wrapped bags.... this is certainly not flour texture, more sugar-like crystals... it's definitely crystal meth..." She said to herself. She then opened the other bag, finding more 'crystal meth'. She arranged the packaged drugs next to their respective bags, eight from each bag, sixteen in total. She then got up and went back to the 'body' and lifted up the left arm. She notices something different, and noticing some details. There were no pulled hair, which would've indicated that the head injury was from an attacker, but rather that the 'victim' did it himself. It's possible he was on drugs, but there's something else she notices: bruises around the injection site, and bruises around the neck. She nods and makes her decision. At this point, the teacher came over, going under the tape before coming over to the girl. "Samantha, what do you have?" The tall girl, named Samantha got up.

"Alright, Chief. Here's the verdict I got from the evidence before autopsy and further investigation. The victim died most likely to blunt force trauma to the head against the nearby tree. However, the victim was not smashed into the tree. The victim's hair was not matted down nor pulled, which suggests that the victim did it himself. But that does not mean there wasn't an attacker. If first impressions were made, he could have been high on drugs, assuming that it's the crystal meth the victim was carrying. However, by closer inspection of the injection site, it seemed that the syringe used was pushed in too hard, so someone had to inject it into him. The attacker most likely came behind and held the victim by the neck and then inject him with an overdose amount of crystal meth. The victim, who was carrying his supplies of crystal meth, had dropped them down in surprise. It's possible that the victim was hallucinating, and then proceeds to bang his head onto the tree, before bleeding out and falling to the ground."

The teacher looks at Samantha before saying "Very good, Samantha, I'd say you passed the final for the term" He said, as Samantha smiles, taking her gloves off before putting them in a bio-hazard bag. "It's certainly an interesting puzzle, but by the looks of things, it's a way of harming one's business to profit another." She said before they shook hands. "Alright, that's it, thank you very much for volunteering, students!" the teacher said as the 'victim' got back up and the students start cleaning up. The teacher came to one of the tightly wrapped bags, picking it up and giving it to Sam "Here you are, Sam, I think some free sugar would be nice, right?" "It would actually, I'm about to run out back home" Samantha said as she takes the bag. She then packs up the equipment she's using before starting her walk back, about to pass by where the amber beauty is.

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While still stationary inside her comfy tree branch, swaying her legs back and forth while observing the group of students, watching as they kept their little pretend to be investigators, it was still humorous to the amber hued locked female, her glasses slowly sliding off her nose once more. And as quickly as they slid down did she push them back up, she hated when that occurred as her vision was quite horrendous without them, the sudden blurriness would always cause her to naturally push them back up. But when the group began to slowly pack their things up, was the moment her music switched to another song, something she loved to always happen as it gave her chance to sing some new lyrics. And much like her last song did she begin to hum to this song which eventually led to her singing along with the words in her earbuds, and while she sang to her song her gaze went back to the tallest of the figures beneath her, the girl she bumped into.

"Hmmm... interesting, wonder where she is going?" She pondered upon the reaction of this female as she passed under her, with a slight smile upon her lips, shifting her head to look over her shoulder, emerald eyes locked onto her figure which was fading shortly behind the longing gaze. With a quick gesture of leaning back, the violet topped female flipped backwards off her branch before swiftly landing on her feet, adjusting her clothing as they shifted in an uncomfortable manner. Twirling upon her heels and looking at the backside of the tall woman, a quick step forwards and the short hair began bouncing with each stride, while trying to not act like she was following her, the freckled faced wonder did want to explore the campus grounds, and without a moment her soft voice rang out as she was singing. "Be still, my love, I will return to you however far you feel from me for you are not alone, I will always be waiting and I'll always be watching you." Speak to me, speak to me, speak to me for I can't let go as you're every part of me."

"The space between is just a dream, you will never be alone as I will always be waiting, and I'll always be watching for we are one breath apart, my love."
She took a short pause in her song to take in a small strand of breath and to observe about her, making sure she didn't trip over anything, but also to spin around in a gleeful manner for singing was one of her favorite hobbies, and like that her voice rang out once more. "And I'll be holding it in 'till we're together, hear me call your name and just speak, speak to me, speak to me, speak." "I feel you rushing all through me in these walls I still hear your heartbeat and nothing in this world can hold me back from waking through to you." "We are one breath apart, my love, and I'll be holding it in 'till we're together." "Hear me call your name, just believe and speak, speak to me, speak to me, speak to me." "Be still, my love." "I will return to you." And without realizing it she was back at the fountain that she was at once before, and this caught her attention that a few people were clapping at her voice, which made her blush, quickly before anyone else crowded about her she trotted off towards the atrium, knowing not many people would be there to disturb her.

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