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Module 01: R&R and social interactions [Private - Amber / Invite only]

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"Maybe." Amber said as she kept her comments to herself for now, seeing how Math was reacting to them, it was true that what Math said would shun her, but it wouldn't help if she kept getting negative attention from others. "If only a cute guy saw me like this... and accepted me." "Bah, who am I kidding?" She said with a slight sigh and walked out with Math, taking a step outside into the sunlight lite world, the cool summer air brushing against her body and causing her feathery like hair to dance about while her long tail curled around her feet while waiting for Math. "Well slow-poke, you coming?" She inquired with a rather playful chuckle, her large teeth flashing in her smile, the ivory white skin glimmering in the sunlight as faint pulsating lines ran all along her body, mimicking her heartbeat which was steady and calm. As Amber waited for her tall friend to step out, a few students walked past Amber, quickening their pace but not saying anything as they were whispering about her appearance, one of the two who had scales on her faces stated her tail was super long. It made Amber slightly happy that she got some form of positive response from someone talking about her figure, she smiled lightly as he hands went into the pockets of her shorts, resting there while the shorts hugged closely to her milk-white skin.

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