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Equality in spirit [Charlotte - Private / Invite]

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It seemed Bellmuse was temperate, warm. And more than often had clear, sunny days. Then again, taking roughly three days to realize the weather was a tad short, point taken. She slowly sat down on a bench. Well, sit down, technically, her construct allowed her to 'sit' without putting weight on a chair, as long as he feet touched the ground. Muscles locked and internal stability pulled forwards ever so slightly. It was a social routine made to fit in. Act as a human would. And be a human in any and all forms.

She laced her fingers together over her lap. The massive scythe on the ground and leaning against her seated form, left arm hooked around the rather redundantly large piece of weaponry. And so she 'sat' on the bench. Enjoying the view the park gave her. The soft rustling of deep green and healthy leaves by a soft, warm wind that soothed the skin. The sun shining merrily with a gentle, golden glow. Birds chattering and chirping in yet another bustling and thriving day of their lives. This was nice, once in a while. Lovely, even. Just have a 'seat', take a deep breath and let nature overtake you. She exhumed such peace and serenity that slowly, a bird fluttered down and perched on her shoulder, letting out a chipper little tweet at her. And she smiled gently, making sure not to move an inch in order to scare the little critter off.

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The park was particularly green on this day, being well out of spring and into summer the park was full of life; both that of the locals and that of the animals. Birds on Bellmuse were weird, it wasn't so much that they weren't the typical species on the mainland so much as they were... slightly adapted species from that on the mainland? Beaks would be different, wingspan to potentially, the differences weren't as great as that on some islands but they were certainly noticeable. Wider beaks for cracking nuts and crossbills for scooping seeds seeds mostly, due to Bellmuse bountiful forrest beings a prime food-source. Course, the trees were home to various insects as well, and so sharp beaks were to be expected. Worms and maggots and grubs burrowing through the elder trees.

Charlotte herself preferred those rounder and twisted beaks though, she found them more interesting than the simple pointed ones. Walking the path, taking up a good three fourths of it, she was beginning to feel the pangs of hunger once-more. She was approaching her destination, in the park there was a certain bench; behind which was a prime, flat, location on the grass to set up her picnic. Atop her thorax was a rather large wicker basket, a neatly folded red and white checkered blanket covering the top. She was dressed in her usual garb, what would be best described as a hand stitched and crafted blue and white dress... but due to the size of her lower half rather than coming down over legs it simply ruffled around the connected tissue between her more human-esq half and her spider half. Her hair was done up in a bun with a similarly stitched, white, head piece wrapped around it almost like a mundane tiara. Pinned to the white fabric before her chest was a rather plain, jet black with a dirty golden pin, broach; nearly three inches long and just over one wide.

Reaching the bench she planned to sit behind, perhaps even lean against to rest better, she found herself faced with a peculiar sight. Now, Bellmuse fashion trends weren't exactly... to Charlotte's taste. In particular woman's fashion. Charlotte showed her lower half not so much by choice but my necessity, there was a flood of flesh and skin throughout Bellmuse that was for certain. She supposed it was to be expected on an island with beaches but... that didn't mean she had to like it. Seeing exposed leg so often... having legs others feared, it wasn't great. But while this woman wasn't exactly conservatively dressed Charlotte had certainly experienced much much worse. She wore a bizarre, and in Charlotte's humble opinion slightly clashing, mixture of white, red and an abundance of black. A white coat with a broad, red lined, neckpiece, black stalkings with a curious design on their edges and perhaps most bizarre of all was the dress. Around her neck it seemed to cast up a multitude of straps in an almost collar like fashion.

Her clothes weren't Charlotte's main draw however, that would be the particularly large weapon laying next to her. A tell-tale sign that this was another one either intent on heading to the academy during the next semester or one she had simply missed in her journeys up there... perhaps even a lecturer as young as she looked? Charlotte was after all quite the bizarre student, liable to miss out on social confrontations with her fellow students, taking more private one on one lessons due to her size and difficulty fitting in classrooms... not to mention her non-violence vows as part of her path toward a true doctorate excluding her from most but the most basic training combat classes. Finding this dangerously dressed, armed, student enamoured with a bird on her shoulder however Charlotte thought it wise to maintain a safe distance so as not to spook her. Kind as she was being to the bird... well her appearance would be quite the shock and her weapon was in arm's reach.

Just over two meters away Charlotte let out a light cough to alert the woman to her presence before lightly grasping the ruffled ends of her dress and deeply curtseyed. Closing her eyes as she sank and opening as she rose she introduced herself in her gentle, lightly posh sounding, voice; "Good Afternoon. My name is Charlotte Monochrome, a medical student at Syne, I take it by that tool there you are a visitor to the Academy? Or perhaps a new student or lecturer? I believe we have had quite the increase over this Summer, would you care to take tea with me?" Charlotte paused, turning and twisting her body around to reach and pull the large basket from her back. She seemed to struggle to hold it up, due likely to the weight of it's contents, but she fought the strain. "I hope that isn't too sudden, it's simply nice to not eat alone! Not to mention I have food in abundance, would be a waste not to share it."

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And even then, the scythe had the perk of it's massive reach. It was almost comically big, though, the absurdity was hard to point out, the sharpened edge gleaming in the sunlight. Notches and chinks in the blade hinted that the scythe had seen it's fair share of battles and parried blows. And yet here sat the wielder, only intentional and ritual scars decorating her skin. Which could only hint at the fact she had emerged victorious more than once in said fights.

The soft cough managed to coax the rather intimidating scythe user to jolt up slightly, causing the bird distress. Hopping up and flying away swiftly with a panicked chattering. Disappointing, but it wasn't entirely unexpected. Her head tilted and craned around, grey eyes settled on the spider faunus and a stroke of deep navy hair was pushed away with a soft puff of breath and a gloved hand. She stared at Charlotte, correct. But it didn't seem like she was shocked or distraught by the more than obvious faunus heritage.

But rather, examining. Looking the woman from head to.. The bottom of all eight of the arachnid appandages. "Good afternoon," Mathilde retorted. Leather creaking softly as she folded one leg over the other. Her hands moving slightly to adjust the scythe. Turning the haunting blade pointed away from Charlotte. A friendly gesture? Maybe a call for trust? Or perhaps something far more darker to the weapon? It sure looked like it could hand out supernatural curses.

"Mathilde Harmaa," she answered. "Student. And a pleasure," she added. The cold expression and the cool, analytical face Charlotte was first met with warmed up and relaxed into a gentle smile. She sat up as the invitation was granted, pulling up the scythe with her and resting the end in the palm of her hand, letting the massive weapon rest against her shoulder. And closed the distance that was reserved easily. She held up her other hand and reached for the basket. "I'd love to have tea, allow me," she offered, pressing her free palm against the bottom. Her height a few dozen centimeters shy from the faunus' full height. And as she did so, the strain on her arms would decrease, since, well. She was just way stronger. A warrior, rather than a healer and medical student.

If she was given the basket, she'd lower her hand again, holding it up on roughly chest height, turning to the grassy expense that laid behind the bench she was sat on. "I presume you have a favourite spot here, Miss Monochrome?"

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