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A quiet stroll,for now(open)

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1 A quiet stroll,for now(open) on Fri Aug 11, 2017 10:33 pm

Ruben walked along a path through the forest. He was just taking a stroll through the forest. He was bored at the time and decided to actually get up and do something. Ruben was walking through the forest with his hands in his pocket and a scarf around his neck for some weird reason. Ruben was a little bit worried about this though. He heard of multiple sightings of grimm in the forest. He didn't want another encounter with any more grimm. He still has the scratches and bites from last time. Ruben pulled his hand out of his pocket and looked at his wrist. He hid the marks from everyone in the academy but he still has the feeling that somebody knows about the mark. Ruben looked up from the mark to see a tree right in front of his face. Good thing he stopped or he would've ran right into it. He stepped back onto the path and started walking again. He really has no idea where he is even going anymore. He just wanted to clear his head. Ruben took out his pistol. He just heard some rustling from the bushes. Ruben turned towards the source of the noise, his finger millimeters away from pulling the trigger. Ruben's hand shook slightly as he prepared for an attack. He was about to fire when a small squirrel came out from the bushes. Ruben put his pistol away and just walked away while shaking his head. Why was he so paranoid. After one simple attack from a grimm,he has turned him into a crazy person. He really needs to clear his head.

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