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The Yellow Duck!

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1 The Yellow Duck! on Mon Aug 14, 2017 5:23 pm

Richard Lionheart

Gender: Female

Age: Young

Cost: 4900 Lien

Hp: 60

Aura: 60

Damage: 10

Defense: 20

Semblance: "Cannonball" As it's name suggests, this semblance allows the duck to create a cannonball. While unimpressive in size, big things come in small packages. This duck simply forms the cannonball, it has no capability of launching it. The ball appears directly in front of the duck, specifically beneath her bill. She has been known to fly into it before it can drop though, so perhaps it's best you have her form it in a hand and throw it yourself! Don't drop it though. Upon contact it will detonate, 20 aura for 20 damage.

Carue, One Piece. Average Mallard Size Rather Than Ridable

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