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The Chameleon

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1 The Chameleon on Mon Aug 14, 2017 5:25 pm

Richard Lionheart
Horned Chameleon

Gender: Male

Age: Fully-Grown

Cost: 4500 Lien

Hp: 30

Aura: 80

Damage: 15

Defense: 25

Semblance: Terror-Dome, This horned chameleon is capable of a rather incredible semblance. Upon activation a ring of aura will shoot out from the lizard's location, spanning out six meters. At this point the once flat ring will expand not only upwards but downwards to create a trapping sphere, or dome as it appears on the surface. This creates a wall which does not defend against external damage but does quite the opposite. Objects can pass into this dome freely however upon attempt to exit one will be faced with what feels like a cluster needles forcing into their bodies wherever they are touching the dome. One can escape the dome with enough tenacity yes, running through is recommended to shorten the pain, but one cannot exit without feeling pain and taking damage; this goes for friend, foe and the lizard itself.

The damage caused by the sphere, which is a camouflage miss-match of dark blue in colour, is due to it being coated in tiny but incredibly sharp spikes. These spikes will rend through a person's defensive aura (Hp) before cutting skin but you will feel it no doubt. Upon the deactivation, either through the defeat of the animal or by it's own will, the land the sphere was carved into will shift slightly due to the sphere having cut into it.

Sneak Army, Kingdom Hearts. Roughly seven inches long. Natural Mediocre/Sub-Par Colour Changing Capabilities are allowed on the chameleon, but only through shades of blue.

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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