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The 1 and the 0 (DanteX Flash)

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1 The 1 and the 0 (DanteX Flash) on Wed Aug 16, 2017 4:45 pm

Dante Hellsing
The 1 and the 0

A quiet day begins for Dante who has finally felt really at home even if it is still funny to see the faces of the students who did not meet him, the sun is high in the sky and this causes a positive feeling to the Young robot. The hours passes and Dante continues to walk in the academy where it seems to him without any restriction because thanks to Claw he was accept like a student, it does not really begin to make friends but he hopes when to have Some one even if he can not eat with them or do something like that.

And yet he wants to know what it's like to eat food because he often sees that it causes a beneficial feeling in people, but he decides to put his questions aside for now because a larger and more complex heated Its cognitive circuit.

The world of Remnant has existed for so long it must necessarily have people in the same case as it without counting the probability that other machine has exists but has been boned to better understand this bug their conscience is for humans.

A second question tapped his mind, if the human brain is an extremely complex computer then perhaps transfer his machine awareness into a functional human body?
This was much too complicated for him and in his reflection he hit someone of the same size as him, which was rather surprising for once. Dante decides to speak with an apologetic tone.

"I apologize, I was lost in my thoughts and I'm inadvertently hitting you. "

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2 Re: The 1 and the 0 (DanteX Flash) on Thu Aug 17, 2017 6:37 am

Flash Driver
Flash's head rotated a full one-hundred and eighty degrees, not upon being bumped into but upon hearing the apology he responded with the text on his TV-like face; "Oh, it's quite alright! Do not worry about it fellow metal-one! Be careful though, the fleshy ones wouldn't take it so well. They don't deal well with large metal masses apparently, can be quite frail."

Flash, though he had not seen another droid quite this mechanical since he last looked in a mirror, was rapidly becoming more accustomed to his encounters with fellow androids. From the rather robotic sounding man he'd met just the other week to the Coffee-girl to Sno, there were quite the number of droids just popping up on the island. Still, it would seem he had been the first to show up and he was quite proud to have paved the way! His appearance over time having made it more... acceptable that robots did not look quite as human as they could. Seeing the two meter tall teal android day in day out had slowly, but surely, raised to fewer brow raises and fewer questions. Mostly it was just the newcomers honestly.

"^^ You're a pretty big guy eh? Look about on level with me! That's rare even for a droid. Usually they're more human looking or at least have hair... do you feel weird being bald? I feel weird being bald." At this point Flash turned around his lower body to be in line with his head, still only communicating through text on his screen, "I take it you must be newer here then? I don't think I'd miss another of my stature."

It was evident by the apron Flash had, pink, over his metal front that he had been working in the very cafeteria the two found themselves in. It was relatively empty, being the Summer only those who could not afford to leave typically stayed and even then fewer still would eat at the academy rather than the restaurants of the city bellow. Besides this though he wore nothing and appeared to be unarmed!

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3 Re: The 1 and the 0 (DanteX Flash) on Thu Aug 17, 2017 8:46 am

Dante Hellsing
A multitude of questions and emotions poured into Dante's mind. Another machine like him at least hopes that it is the case but engaging the conversation does not bother him at all, who knows he will learn more because the person before him seemed to have lived longer than him and seems more used to discussing With the humans that Dante himself.

"To tell the truth, I am more of a bug in the eyes of humans because before I became conscious I was a simple robot of protection like any other that you could see at the approach of the cities of Remnant. My name is Dante Hellsing and it is a pleasure to meet you, I am in this academy thanks to Professor Claw Elderwood I arrived a few days ago so it makes sense that we did not meet before but I would be happy To discuss a little more with you if it does not bother you. " Say Dante with the hope of being able to make a friend who would be like him.

But as his habit a question came to his mind after a sentence from the other robot that there would be other machine but that would look like human what was at least shocking for Dante, it would mean that 'He would probably already meet other machines but who would look so much like humans that he would not have made the difference? Would there be such robots in the academy? And if so how could it differentiate them from other human?

He lets himself carry his thoughts while keeping his attention on the person in front of him.

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4 Re: The 1 and the 0 (DanteX Flash) on Thu Aug 17, 2017 10:52 am

Flash Driver
"Ahh don't be so hard on yourself. The fleshy-ones, Human and Faunus alike, are just a little intimidated as they always are to start ^^ You've just got to show them that the coldness of our external bodies does not match what is internal. It may be tough to act out but I'm sure you'll get the hang of it, I certainly did! I was made to be mass produced for combat myself, a primary model that failed in testing! My name is Flash Driver, it is nice to meet you Mister Hellsing!" Flash extended a hand out to shake, a gesture he did with most every person he met upon their first encounter. He hadn't asked Flash's baldness question, leading him to assume this droid didn't worry about lacking hair as he did... it seemed he was the only droid to care about being bald, how strange?

"Yes yes! We can most certainly talk if you wish to! Is this your first encounter with a non-organic life form? I've heard they can be... uncomfortable for some. But I'm sure we'll get passed that in no time at all, yes yes :D " It would appear that Flash Driver did indeed have no method of communication outside his screen, just as he had no ears, nose nor even eyes... the latter begging the question of where he saw through and how he saw in itself. "Please, let's take a seat... oh, well I'm used to fleshy companionship; can the chairs hold you neither? I suppose we should just kneel."

And with that Flash, taking two great strides closer to the nearest table seemed to lower slightly before totally sinking to his knees. Resting his arms on the table before him.

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5 Re: The 1 and the 0 (DanteX Flash) on Thu Aug 24, 2017 7:43 am

Dante Hellsing
Dante kneels before the table where he and Flash decide to 'sit', it is true that to meet him another form of non-organic life that is conscious is quite strange but contrary to what Flash had told him , He and Dante are physically closer to simple robot than true human. Although he enjoys Flash's company, Dante is curious about the encounter of an android that would look like a human, would think it like him on are appearance or maybe as he was programming so he does not even surrender He is a machine and not a human. But already that Dante is having trouble answering kind of questions when it comes to him even then he dare not even imagine for his kind of machine has so human appearance.

Dante decides to ask a question to Flash because his questions really bother him.

"Tell me if I'm wrong, but there would be robots that would have a human appearance in the academy. Have you ever met? How do they think? "Dante's curiosity was burning through his circuits, so he wanted to know. He wants to discover the world and learn, find other robots in the same situation as he and Flash and make sure everyone on Remnant treat them as real people and not lifeless beings. They possess their feelings and dreams. Dante is ready to do what is necessary for him and the other machines in the same case, until risked the total deactivation.

But Atlas continued to frighten him, this living nation of technology and throwing the machines no longer serving them, Atlas is part of the reason for the coming of Dante on the island of Bellmuse.
For now Dante is calm and continues to enjoy the company of Flash.

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6 Re: The 1 and the 0 (DanteX Flash) on Fri Aug 25, 2017 8:15 am

Flash Driver
"Oh, yeah of course! They're a lot more common around here than our type, I think people want to make a fancier shell to put logical and more human sentience within. Probably so they cna blend in and live more normally or something. Blend into society easier, even if I have found my place in it despite that ^^" Flash responded, "My... umm >///< close friend Sno is a droid of that sort! Lots of white hair, gets to wear clothes to. You'd think she was a human upon first sight." Flash concluded.

"I just met a new one the other day even, arrived off an airship. He looked a little more robotic than most but he still had an air of human about him, nothing that I'd call a faunus trait... in fact I've never seen an android that copies a faunus trait rather than just looking human. That's strange o.o" Flash thought alou- er... in his text. It was weird not having a mouth it would seem, even for a droid like himself, but he was enjoying the quirk it gave him. Seeing another droid, similar to him in scale, talk made him realise quite how much he enjoyed being the odd one out. The one who lacked that commonality... this however did not extend to his thoughts on hair and he was now deep in contemplation about adding a tail or ears like a faunus to his body. Perhaps even wings.

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