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Axel Snow Mikuo, The Snow Reaper of Remnant

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1 Axel Snow Mikuo, The Snow Reaper of Remnant on Mon Aug 21, 2017 11:51 pm

Altair Dragonthorn
Enrollment Form


Basic Info
Name: Axel Snow Mikuo
Age: 23
Birthday: Nov, 21
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6'6
Weight: 154 LBS
Face Claim:

STR: 5
DEF: 3
RES: 2
SPT: 2
Aura 150|150 HP

Major: Citizen
Likes: Snow, His brothers, and killing people he hates
Dislikes: The oldest snow sister,Spicy food, and cowered's
Fears: His Father, His own strength, and carnivorous plants
Talent: Tracking
Weakness: Armor Smith
Overall Personality: Axel seems distend when it comes to most people though he is very close with his bothers and mother. He is very distend from his father and his younger sister, this is due to his father being very hard on him and his sister cause something to happen to him and his brothers. Other then that has a serious but joyful view on life. Many of his men look up to him like a big brother or father, though he is single and not yet looking for any one to date/marry yet. Most of all he take joy in killing anything cause he feel like it sharpens his own mind. He is patient and leveled headed when it comes to both combat and his brothers.

Aura type: Strength
Aura Color: Ice water blue
Semblance: Ice Storm: Able to use ice base magic without the uses of Ice Dust.
It is able to use multiple kinds of attack and can encase the user in a ice armor or cocoon which can heal the user or place a wall up. It can also increase the users strength or defense of the user, it also can debuff a enemies speed, defense, or damage, this is due to his field of work.(strength, defense, buff, debuff, and healing)
Damage: The user can fire Shards of ice at enemies or have a large ice spike slam into them from below
Defense: The user can put up barriers of thick ice to block incoming attacks.
Buff: The user can put ice around their weapon to get added damage onto it (only 10 more damage for 20 AP) and can put thick ice armor on the user themselves for added defense (same as attack but defense wise)
De-buff: The user can lower the speed of a enemy by freezing parts of their bodies, this also can decrease the defense or attack of a enemy because of the cold ice on them which makes them shiver drawing more energy to keep warm then attack and defending.
Healing: The user can form a cocoon around them can heal the user or ally by letting the aura of the user increase temporarily for a better recovery and heal wounds faster.
Item 1: Yuki-onna and Oni: Two single edge blades, Yuki-onna looking like it is made of ice and Oni looks like a demon had wielded at one point. They were giving to Axel as a gift from his old boss.
Item 2: Tōketsu shi Boss outfit: (physical armor) The current boss to the Tōketsu shi group, it looks like normal cloths but it's fibers are made from a material that acts like cloth but is strong like titanium.

History and Sample

Axel was born first of three sons, he was wiser and more patient then his brothers but was the most cocky out of the three. He was taught to fight at a young age, but his father was more strict when his youngest sister was borned, he and his brothers were worked to hard. Then one day their younger sister did something that was not good for the brothers, due to this Axel and his brothers were kicked out of their homes, for a while they were on the streets but soon were picked up by a local gang. They called them selves the Tōketsu shi, they took them in and treated them like they would with their own family. Though the other brothers did not join, they went to do other things while Axel staid and learn the gangs way. He saw that the gang only attacked criminals and worked with the local police force, Axel saw them as hero's in the shadow, many years later, the boss of the gang told him he would become the new leader once he is ready to give it up, he also gave him his two weapons. Axel used them like he had them with him is entire life, mastering them like he knew already, he soon got the name Snow Reaper because of his semblance and his 'no one escape' combat style. More years had pasted and the old leader gave up his chair and gave it to Axel the title, he also kept his old title to. He grew it further then small town called Armstrong. He did meet up with his brother later on in his life but they both still were the same as they did the last time he had saw them. He was happy they didn't become brain washed zombies to Atlas or was killed by the white fang. When they meet up with him though, they seem like he became someone to fear but they knew he was the same no matter what happen to him. He then set off with his brother to track down their sisters and Axel planned to maybe kill his younger sister, but that's a big maybe.

RP Sample:
Axel was on the stern of the ship making little shows of his semblance and then scatter it once one of his brothers showed up, "Are we there yet, to Bellmuse. I know i want to see her so badly, she was so young last time we saw her but she must of grew up looking beautiful like mom." Axel then walked into the sleeping area and took a nap. By the time he woke up some pirates were attacking the ship. Axel took his swords and only used one of them, he froze most of them but the captain had a girl with him, Axel put sheath his sword but used his semblance to sneak a attack on him and froze his arms so he wont be able to do anything. By the time they reached Bellmuse they left before the police showed up to arrest the pirates and get the credit for it.

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Yuri Rastenov
Identification accepted. Welcome to Bellmuse, citizen.

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