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Green Lizard Musician, Reseda's on the stage! [Done}

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Reseda Lizbeth Andricks
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Reseda Lizbeth Andricks
Age: 18
Birthday: March 15th
Gender: Female
Race: Lizard Faunus, trait: 4' scaly tail
Height: 4'10" 1/2
Weight: 109 lbs
Face Claim: Gijinka Tyranitar, Pokemon

STR: 1
DEF: 3
RES: 3
SPT: 5
HP 250|50 SP

Major: Duster
Likes: Music, her guitar, traveling/roaming around
Dislikes: Her brother, people judging her for her height, wannabes in general
Fears: Losing the will to play music, being alone in the dark, the number 248
Talent: Musician
Weakness Stealth
Overall Personality: While she will never look to be the combative type, with her being rather small and not that strong, but so far would you be from the truth. Reseda never backs down from a challenge however unlikely it'd be for her to win. Whatever it would be, she would show that you don't necessarily need to be strong or intelligent, but that you need to have the will to pull through any situation.
Outside any challenges life could throw at her, she's a light hearted girl who enjoys life and spending time with people. It doesn't matter if she knows them or not, a good time is a good time. This carefree attitude is carried even in battle where she will usualy have the most fun, comparable as if she would be on stage performing.

Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: Purple
Semblance: Sonic Sensitivity, Debuff. Creates a flashy purple area of effect around Reseda, anything it touches will react more violently to any dust-base contact. Walls, cars, trees, friends and foes alike, there's no distinction.  If only one person found themselves in the area, the debuff is focused on them. (-1 to RES to multiple people, -2 if only one)
Item 1: Weapon, Grimm Ripper. A modified guitar made by Reseda's father. The neck has both a set of 7 guitar strings and a set of 5 bass strings, making it possible to play both bass and guitar at the same time which she does. Don't ask how, she just can, accept it. The "guitar" has integrated amps which removes the need to carry any and they're also connected to a dust infuser making it possible to create powerful attacks depending on the type of dust used. The body of the instrument has a large blade on the side making it also an ax.
Item 2: 1 vial of Wind Dust and 1 of Fire Dust.

History and Sample
Life is never simple when your father is a successful musician and that your mother is an awesome huntress. Always on the move, going from city to city and never staying long enough to make any kind of meaningful relationships and stuck with the worst brother in history of mankind. Nevertheless, this environment made Reseda into the high achieving little girl that she is today, always aiming for the top in an attempt to surpass both her parents in their respective jobs. She'd become a greater musician than her dad and a better huntress than her mom... and a better person in general than her brother who does nothing in life... that last one wouldn't be too hard. With her brother having no goal at all in life, Reseda took upon herself to have double the goals and aims for double the success. There's also the fact that her brother told her that she wouldn't be able to do either, spouting something like "The cat that chaces two mice catches neither" or something like that. She didn't care and would pursue her dream for greatness. This is why Reseda is now in Bellmuse, with it being a relatively small kingdom and yet having a huntsmen academy on its island, it would make for the best start for her career. Plus when she first talked about it to her parents they figured it was a great idea and just dropped her off on the island before leaving her alone. She would probably do just fine anyway with Bellmuse not being a large place for her name to be known so she was safe from any fans of her parents and would be able to build her reputation from the very bottom. This would be the greatest challenge of all!! Unless school was as terrifying as people said. Maybe this would turn out to be a greater challenge than becoming a huntress or a musician.
RP Sample:
Beautiful day, sun shining all across the horizon of the Skylight Woods with a clear sky, no clouds in the vicinity as well as the sound of the wind being the only thing breaking the lovely silence that had settled in the area. That was until one single person was able to shred the peace and quiet into pieces with the loud distorded sound of her instrument. A girl clad in green was standing in the middle of the field, playing a sick rift on her guitar as she was walking slowly down a small hill overlooking the large open area. The city of Bellmuse could be seen over the trees in front of her and she would be able to make her way to the town within the day. At least, as long as she wouldn't attract the attention of any Grimm with how loud she was at the moment, unless they didn't appreciate her music and would cause them to flee, which could be a possibility? Maybe? Who knows, she'd get her answer if her dancing her fingers on the many strings of her instrument would aggravate anyone, surely it wouldn't take too long for anyone or anything to show up.

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