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The Giant has a Giant Problem(Private/Zrea)

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1 The Giant has a Giant Problem(Private/Zrea) on Mon Aug 28, 2017 4:01 pm

Sebastian Black
Now, admittedly, he was in the wrong in this case. He shouldn't have just up and left for this academy. He really shouldn't have, but he had to.He, honest to god, had to. Why? Shh. He doesn't know why but he felt it deep in his bones. Very deep inside of the giant was a want to do things. A want to hunt grimm and save people. His wife didn't agree with him being a mobster, and sure as heck didn't want him to go out there and risk getting hurt for people he didn't know.

Beyond the fact that he liked pain, he was simply odd. Most people wouldn't be hesitating in the afternoon to knock on the counselors door. However, he had to do it. He had to knock on this door and talk to someone about it. If he didn't, he'd probably go mad. He'd knock on the door of the counselor.

"Boss? You in there?"

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Zrea Airgetlám
Zrea watched out the window of his office at the students and staff who walked by. He had been here a very short period of time before a family emergency had made him put in his resignation. But they had been lenient thankfully, as it had not been long before the school year ended when he had to go to Mistral and post bail for his mother and sister. The green haired counselor recalled how he had snapped at his sibling for trying to follow his path, but poorly. She had tried to rob a dust shipment en route during a time when those were guarded much heavier. It was not the attempt that Zrea had been angry about, but the poor execution of it.

This is what he pondered about as he looked out among the students. How so many of them relied upon their skills at arms to make do, when subterfuge and slight of hand would work better and cause less issues.

But enough of that, someone was knocking on his door. He thought that was a strange title, and did not really like the sound of it. "Come in." He spoke loudly, shifting his feet and walking to stand by the entrance. "And do not call me boss, I am not going to make you do anything here." He pointed at the loveseat with a flamboyant wave. "What's the problem?"

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Sebastian Black
Geir would decide to enter the Green-haired bossmans room. There was the loveseat for him to sit in, therefore that's where he went to sit.

"I know this might sound stupid. I'm having marriage problems, bo- I mean, Counselor."

Geir figured he best explain his whole thing before he got too far.

"Right. From the start so you have all the knowledge. My name is Geir Gear. I'm a gang leader, and husband. My wife, Elise, isn't happy with me right now and I'm not sure what to do about it. I know you're not a marriage counselor, but you are still one of them. I figured you were my best bet."

The massive giant shifted in his seat, as he continued.

"I came here, not quite unannounced, but she didn't particularly agree or disagree. I suppose she was in the middle of her choice? I guess that's the best way to explain it. But I had to come now, so that I could get settled in for classes."

He took the time to look into Zrea's eyes.

"Have I buggered things up to the point of no recovery?"

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Zrea Airgetlám
Zrea could not believe that the first student to appear before him seemed to have such an off the wall issue. Marriage problems were not what he had signed up for, and if he was going to be expected to play mediator between the couple then he would be out that window as fast as his arm could throw. Still, for noe he could deal with it, even if he was not an expert on that problem. First off though, who would willingly admit to be a gang leader? This younger man seemed to have no reservations, which would make this easier at least.

As he listened to the giant of a young man speak, he started to understand why he might be having these missgivings. "Not immediately no." Zrea started to speak, feeling he could understand the wife if she was in fact upset about it. He assumed she probably was. "Have you tried speaking to her since you arrived at the school? If you don't even know how upset she is this is kind of hard to help you with Gear. What made you drop that life all of a sudden? I can try to help you come up with a way to explain things to her." The counselor waited for a response as it would give him time to examine the younger man.

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Sebastian Black
"Right. So. Uh."

Geir knew why, but he had to start back.

"Let's start back because my reasoning starts way back. You see, she has a brother. Mean chap, didn't want me to date her. Did, in fact, punch me in the chin. Antonio has not liked me since the start. It's been a bother, sure, but it was more like we just tussled a little bit."

He dug into his coat to take out a newspaper clipping. He gave it to Zrea. It showed a small town newspaper with Geir and Antonio who fought. It made the news and it was neat.

"So, lately, me and him have been arguing. A lot. It's sad, honestly. I don't like it and I don't thin khe likes it. He was always against me marrying his sister. I understand that. That was fine. I'm a nice guy, honestly. Hell, the only reason I'm a gang leader is because I inherited it from dad."

He shook his head, he was rambling again.

"Basically, he told me to leave and I decided that I'd listen to her brother for once. Albeit, I don't know who she's angry at. She's sent me messages, and they're angry sounding, and I don't even know how to talk to her. She's lovely, but can be fierce."

The face Geir made, would equate that to one would make looking at an angel. He was thinking of Elise.

"I feel like I ran away. No, I did run away. Should I visit her and try to figure this out? I'm confused and conflicted because I'm scared I really messed up."

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