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So I Guess A Fight Happens [Private]

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1 So I Guess A Fight Happens [Private] on Tue Aug 29, 2017 11:19 pm

Gabe never really expected to be fighting some sort of weird creature when he went out for his daily pizza run.  Everything worked out the way it was supposed to up until this point, and usually when something bad happens to him, he sees it coming.  All he did was he went down town, ordered a pizza, picked up the pizza and started heading back home.  He didn't even take a short-cut or some sort of less traveled path.  This whole mess just sort of happened.  He set down the pizza box, slid it over to the side, and dialed his weapon locker.  

"Time to see if these things work like they say they do, I guess."

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2 Re: So I Guess A Fight Happens [Private] on Wed Aug 30, 2017 7:32 pm

The creep had found itself a way into the city through the sewer systems, and it found itself detected even as it had just tried to make its way out of the alley the sewer led to. The creature had only been wandering about until the sounds of humankind could be heard even through the tunnels. Thus it made it's way here, into the city to kill anything that it could possibly wrap its claws around. The Creep crawled out of the alley, just barely far enough to let it's bone plate feel sunlight. It locked eyes onto the man in the black coat and let out a guttural scream as it lurched itself forward. It released it's pair of legs from the earth and flew at Gabe, trying to slam into him with every bit of weight in its body. It levels its claws forward with full intent to maim or kill.

HP: 75/75

Body Slam: 5 Dam if hit

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3 Re: So I Guess A Fight Happens [Private] on Wed Aug 30, 2017 8:34 pm

"Ow. Okay.  That's not as fun as I imagined."

After taking that hit, Gabe's weapon locker finally slams down next to him.  Sadly, this was not where the random gross looking creature was standing, but accidentally crushing an opponent seemed like it'd be a boring way to end a fight anyways.  Quickly pulling out his beloved machete and turned to face the creature again, now that he is able to fight back.  Cringing a little bit, Gabe allows his semblance to take shape, a dark tendril appearing where his left arm used to be. "Never gonna get over how gross this looks."  The tendril wraps around the creature's left leg, pulling it up into the air and keeping it there while it's user took two stabs at the thing's body.  Being able to pull things around and stab them at the same time seems to make up for the unsettling sight of Gabe's arm disfiguring itself into some sort of alien looking limb.

SP: 145/150
HP: 145/150

Two stabs: 40 damage if hit.

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4 Re: So I Guess A Fight Happens [Private] on Wed Aug 30, 2017 9:37 pm

Nowhere to run, nowhere to run. The creep growls and screeches as the blade stabs it, it can't move so the huntsman is able to stab at will and the Creep simply squirms until it finally throws itself up and bites the tendril at the point that its leg is held. It grinds and gnaws with its teeth attempting to take a portion of the tendril, but the pesky aura prevents any real progress from being made. The Grimm simply growls and screeches as it squirms and flounders causing several civilians to gasp at the small creature of evil. It flails its small frame as it tries to claw the body connected to the tendril occasionally getting close enough to hit but never quite reaching. It eventually stops squirming altogether and just growls as it continues to bite the tendril, it's growls and screams never seem to get quieter or dim. The rage is apparent in the creature, and never seems to weaken.


HP: 35/75

Attacks: Bite- 5 Dam

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5 Re: So I Guess A Fight Happens [Private] on Wed Aug 30, 2017 9:54 pm

Annoyed at the fact that this little monster has yet to either bleed to death or even fall unconscious. "I know your some sort of really weird and spooky monster, but my pizza is getting cold, and I want to be able to enjoy it. So if you could just..." He stabs the thing under it's jaw. "Please." The tendril slams the thing onto the ground. "Just." He walks over the the creature on the ground, stabbing it one more time. "Shut up." Finally, the thing was dead and Gabe could enjoy his pizza which was... ruined. When he slammed the monster on the ground, he actually slammed it directly on the pizza. His hopes of an actually decent night were ruined. Looking around once, he noticed that people were watching him absolutely butcher this creature that was so cruel to his beloved food.

"I uh... Um... I'm not cleaning that up. That's your problem now.

And with that, he went home. But not before asking around if someone wanted to pay for his pizza in thanks for his combat prowess. Everyone said no. "Why must the universe punish the good?!"

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6 Re: So I Guess A Fight Happens [Private] on Thu Aug 31, 2017 4:18 pm

The creature was still alive and biting despite the violent battery it was facing at the hands of the student. It wasn't until the creature was stabbed once more that the world went white and it's body went completely limp. It flopped to the ground in ceremoniously and in the wake of these events, posthumous degradation set in the way that most Grimm did. The corpse slowly was overcome by black smoke of some kind until the only evidence left of the creatures existence was a smashed pizza which lay on the ground nearby. The Grimm was gone, and how unlucky the poor thing was that the only person it had met on this long journey through the sewer system happened to be an individual trained to fight and kill creatures such as itself.

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