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Dr. Harvey Equinox [Complete]

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1 Dr. Harvey Equinox [Complete] on Wed Aug 30, 2017 4:49 pm

Dr. Harvey Equinox
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Harvey Equinox, PhD
Age: 20
Birthday: November 15
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 190 lbs
Face Claim: Gintoki Sakata- Gintama

STR: 4
DEF: 4
RES: 2
SPT: 2
Aura 100|200 HP

Major: Teacher- Criminal Investigations & Interrogations
Likes: Mental Challenges, Women, Engaged students, people that treat him normally, cats
Dislikes: Liars, The color magenta, People that prefer brawn over brain, When people use the wrong suffix for him (Mr. vs Dr.)
Fears: People won't take him seriously on account of his youth, Becoming too intelligent to be stimulated, Being outsmarted by a perpetrator
Talent: Investigation
Weakness Organization
Overall Personality: Equinox is a very intelligent man with his own issues and problems, strengths and weaknesses. He was considered to be a child prodigy and has sped through his education aw well as being a savant for reading peoples faces and their speech patterns, actually make that patterns in general. Correlations and causation have become something of an obsession for him since he could ever remember, so it's only natural that he would become a detective right? That is right, but he chooses not to lend his expertise to just one department and is actually known worldwide for his capability in any of the most daring cases that need solving or the toughest perpetrators that need to be cracked. With this fact in mind, it is worth noting that he is an intense busybody and likes to keep doing things. His quick ascension to adulthood due to his incredible intellect has left him with a craving for social interaction, particularly with women and is not above flirting with his appropriately aged students and colleagues, despite whatever problems that this tends to cause within the school, albeit he gets some leeway given his notably unorthodox nature. He is also a smoker, and often has to be reminded not to smoke in the midst of class.

Aura type: Speed
Aura Color: White
Semblance: Defense/Attack: Cell Block- Harvey has the ability to conjure up walls made of hardlight, adorned by several hexagon patterns. These walls are see-through but impassible by solid objects until broken.  They can be placed within 10 meters of Harvey, or can fill the 10 meter radius, these walls remain even if Harvey moves 10 meters away from them, but he can no longer do anything with them past that point. They can also be manually moved by Harvey when he is within 10 meters of the object. Harvey likes to use these walls as hindrances to people and grimm alike, slowing them down as well as using his ability to move them to use them as weapons to batter his opponents. When he hits the opponent with the wall, the wall breaks and becomes no longer functional.
Def- 20 SP/20 Damage
Attack- 20 SP/20 Damage
Item 1: Baton: A simple security baton that is collapsible and incapacitates opponents quickly or can be more lethal if Harvey so chooses
Item 2: Magic Armor: Professor's Blazer- Harvey's Blazer has been outfitted to be more resistant to elemental damage that may be caused by dust or simply the natural wear and tear of nature itself.
History and Sample
Whether you come from a rich family, or you come from a poor one, education is intensely important in the creation of a stable future. In a middle class family, it matters too, that is unless you're Harvey. Some people are just born unto this world lucky as a leprechaun, smart and talented, destined to do great things one day. Even in public school, being intelligent matters, and Harvey had a knack for recognizing patterns, boasting a nearly eidetic memory and graduated high school at 13 beginning when he was 11. He was ostracized for his advancement, but he focused on his education. His recognition of patterns and intense interest in the social structure of human behavior gave him a large interest in Criminal Justice as well as Psychology, these ending up both being his majors in college. He spent 5 years in an Ivy league university in Mantle and ended with a PhD in both Majors. He knew that he could do so much more that this and hoped for a challenge in the only way he could imagine, he transferred immediately into Atlas academy and finished in only 2 years time. At this point he was running out of options for things to do with his life, but then he realized that all of these credentials could be used to gain a career, but he wanted to keep challenging himself intellectually. How could he do that? It dawned on him then, he could become a full time scholar, but his degrees would have to be put into effect at some point, so his credentials were sent to all of the foremost investigative agencies across Remnant, not as a job application or anything, but with the memo "In case you need me". His actual job application was sent to a huntsman academy in Bellmuse to be a specialized professor in Criminal Investigations & Interrogations, which he patiently awaits the response to, until now.
RP Sample:
Harvey sat in his chair with his legs kicked up as he flicked through his rubik's cube with superhuman speed and ferocity. Across from him the phone continued to drone on, it was the Watch Commander of Atlas Intelligence who seemed, at least in Harvey's perspective, to be repeating the same questions that he had just answered for exactly 17 times, but currently was on number 18 assuming nothing interrupted the Commander. "I AM ASKING YOU HOW YOU GOT THE PRIVATE EMAIL TO THE MOST SECURE EMAIL IN ALL OF ATLAS!?!?"

 Harvey just sighs, "For the eighteenth time. I simply found a record of every public statement you've ever made, taken all of the keywords for so called cold-cases, went onto the public site for your agency, and backlogged emails for the past 5 years until I found the common variable in the URLs." He gently placed examined the rubik's cube to make sure no blocks were out of place before placing it among the other 288 rubik's cubes perfectly organized to form a rubik's cube 4 times the size of an ordinary rubik's cube. The Commander was shouting again, but an email popped up. He read the sender on his scroll before seeing that it was from Syne Academy, he wordlessly hung up on the Commander as he stared at his scroll and braced to open the email and see the result of his application.

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I feel like I should put more than that.

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