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A Very "Grimm" Subject [Class, Open To 5]

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1 A Very "Grimm" Subject [Class, Open To 5] on Mon Sep 04, 2017 1:30 am

Silica Risezrou
Silica did not mind how the last class of hers went. It wasn't an amazing start if she was honest, but hey, she was still working here. That was good enough.

Her lips released a rather defeated sounding huff of air as she laid an arm on the armrest of her chair, propping her face up by pressing her hand into her cheek. Her eyes fell half closed in a bored unamused demeanor as she crossed her legs in that chair of hers, focusing this displeased stare she had going on on the the back wall of her classroom. It was nearing the time that students might show up to their Grimm Studies class, but considering this was a summer class the odds were...


Not so good...

Another expulsion of breath. Tick, tock, tick, tock. Only a few minutes left... Would she be surprised if nobody came? No. Would she be disappointed? Mildly. Would she try again in... Say... A day? Absolutely.

The triangular, fluffy ears on her head twitched in the gentle breeze, her tail hanging out the gap between her armrest and chair. Once again her desk was lined with many statues of Grimm, this time with the known variants behind them, including one of those all-black Beowulfs. Very interesting, how they just seemed to disappear and be replaced with new ones. Maybe it was evolution of some sort... Her Grimm knowledge was rusty.

As was her new norm, Razorback lay curled up next to her chair, obstructed from view by her desk and her person. A little whistle and he would push himself up to his feet, taking a position sitting like a dog. He was really just a big, snuggly puppy... With large, terrifying teeth.

Dogs had teeth too, though, so it was okay.

She reached over and laid a hand on his head, fingers sinking into the soft, white fur, and for a brief moment she believed he was real. A euphoric shiver at this touch, once again coming to the realization that this thing belonged to her, and her alone. He was her pet, her pal, her companion. Forever. A gentle scratch before she snapped her fingers and he dissipated.

"Soon you can come back... But it's almost class time. Ooooh, I hope people come!"

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2 Re: A Very "Grimm" Subject [Class, Open To 5] on Mon Sep 04, 2017 1:48 am

Valerie Fenix
Of course, of course it would be Valerie first entering the classroom before any others. Her record for punctuality was superb, and she fully intended to keep it that way. The best of the best were selected for academy training, and she came from a group that represented quality just the same. So, when she entered the door, the clock had only just struck the hour, and she was in. She made her way before the front desk and placed her hands behind her back, standing at attention out of sheer habit from her past trainings in far more stringent environments which measured not only her respectfulness, but her poise and composure. With her feet mildly spread and her hands behind her back, she spoke up.

"Fenix, Valerie. Medical major. I look forward to taking this class with you ma'am, and hope for a straightforward, productive span." She spoke confidently, and even allowed her wings to stretch out a bit before gently folding back against her. When she finally concluded her introduction, she closed her eyes and nodded toward Silica with a smirk. She reopened her eyes and made her way toward a desk in the front, taking out a notebook and several pens, organizing them in a solid and manageable manner, before unstrapping her Atma gauntlet and placing it among the collection assorted on her desk. She briefly lifted a hand up to adjust the bow in her ponytail and let her wings beat gently as she folded them neatly, and watched the front of the room in a uniform manner.

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3 Re: A Very "Grimm" Subject [Class, Open To 5] on Mon Sep 04, 2017 1:55 am

Maestus walked down the hallways of the school, trying her best to not be late to her first class of the year, her claws clicking and clacking against the floor with each step and humming to herself as she went.  As soon as she found what she figured was the right door, she quickly strode in, excited to see what her first lessons would be.  This excitement was halted however, replaced with curiosity.

One of the people in the room was this ridiculously short girl with cat ears.  Maestus was used to being much taller than the average person, seeing how she was a 6'8" android, but this person seemed shorter than almost anyone she'd ever seen.  Another thing was the ears.  The only person that she's ever really observed is her father, she used to think that other people were hardly worth looking at.  That being said, she wasn't used to seeing people with animal ears.  The other person wasn't as easy to underestimate, as she actually had something that looked like it could be a weapon.  The wings kind of confused her, though.

"Am... Am I in the right class? This is the right room, I made sure of it..."

Maestus was simply dissapointed. This person seemed far to small to actually fight Grimm, and this class was for Grimm studies.  What could this person teach her about fighting Grimm that she didn't already know?  After pausing to think for a moment, she just sort of put her hands behind her back and tapped the floor with the tips of the claws on her feet, stopping when she noticed she was actually scratching up the floor.

"I'm going to assume I'm in the right class.  I'm Maestus."  After a short yet effective introduction, she sat down at one of the desks in the front of the class.

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4 Re: A Very "Grimm" Subject [Class, Open To 5] on Mon Sep 04, 2017 10:04 am

Julia Grace
Julia ran through the hallways,making her way to the class."Left here,and a right here,"Julia said to herself as she sprinted through the lecture halls until she finally found the right room. She walked through the doors and walked down to the first row of seats and set down her stuff. She turned over to the teacher and said,"I am Julia,a tech major and tactician. I hope this class goes well," said with her most polite voice she can make without seeming desperate. She sat down on the front row and pulled out all of her materials for the class. Pens,paper,pencils,the usual.She looked over the entire classroom and found one girl with wings n her back and an android with claws. She wanted to hold out her hand for the android but will probably get cut in the process. She faced towards the teacher and watched intently,waiting for the class to start.

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5 Re: A Very "Grimm" Subject [Class, Open To 5] on Mon Sep 04, 2017 5:59 pm

It was try number two. He was going to get it right. Well, he hadn't gotten it wrong first. He was running a bit later compared to the first time that he had arrived. It was a shame. He wasn't to be the first one to arrive this time therefore chances of schmoozing up to the teacher were low. He still wore his fancy garb, with all the extra cloth on it. It made his semblance so much easier to use in the long run rather then depending on the base clothing to have enough cloth to support what he needed to do. That was what always worried him.

Not that he minded as much as he could've considering everything. He would just act as though he were still royalty, even though he himself was nothing more than a rich thief. So, one could say he was royalty if one went off a general term. Most royalty, in Reign's mind, got rich off of theft anyway.

Either way he arrived, to see two women, the teacher, and some sort of armored being. Either a bot, or a really well prepared person. Either way.

"Hello, all. I am Reign, and I hope to become friends with all in this room."

He spoke in a soft tone as he bowed to those in the room.

His weapon was on his hip, saddled properly so it didn't drag on the ground.

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6 Re: A Very "Grimm" Subject [Class, Open To 5] on Tue Sep 05, 2017 1:46 am

Roy Fox
Grimm Studies, yet another class that had caught his attention. Sadly he wasn't able to attend the last lecture, as being a part time mercenary and a student tended to be time consuming. However today he was free, not chained by the tool known as scheduling. He would learn the art of slaughtering the beasts of darkness! If he didn't fall asleep during class that is.

As usual he had his signature bedhead style going on, making his already spiky hair even messier. Once he arrived at the door he was relatively surprised to see a man walk in right before him. Roy not one to fall behind quickly walked in after him only to sweatdrop at the fancily dressed mans dramatic bow and greeting.  Roy tossed a lazy wave towards the teacher, whom he hadn't been able to get a look at yet all the while giving a greeting of his own.
"Yo, names Roy, nice to meet'cha or whatever."

He quickly strolled over and seeing how everyone was sitting in the front row decided to do the same, sitting up straight and looking at each of his fellow classmates. He recognised the winged one from that weapons class, but forgot her name. He had no idea about the other three and only gave them passive glances, soon focusing his eyes upon the teacher.

He had to bite the inside of his cheek to stop himself from laughing.

She was just so...tiny, like an adorable little fox doll. Of course Roy had no doubts about her skill as a huntress, as judging a book by its cover tends to get you killed. However she was by far the most interesting teacher he had met and that was saying something as he had Haze's class..twice. Roy let out a rather loud yawn, he hoped class would begin soon.

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