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Pagos (Finished)

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1 Pagos (Finished) on Sun Sep 10, 2017 3:12 am

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Pagos
Age: 25
Birthday: March 17
Gender: Male
Race: Android
Height: 6'11"
Weight: 430 lbs
Face Claim: Frost Prime (Warframe)

STR: 5
DEF: 2
RES: 2
SPT: 3
Aura 100|200 HP

Major: Combat
Likes: Winter, looking down on people only in the literal sense, people that can actually fight.
Dislikes: Over confidence, dissapointment, people that can't fight for the life of them.
Fears: War, extreme amounts of stress, butchers.
Talent: Fighting.
Weakness Stealth.
Overall Personality: At first glance, Pagos doesn't look like one of the friendly types.  He is quite literally cold and usually doesn't go out of his way to make new friends unless he's feeling especially lonely.  Once someone knows him, it's easy to figure out why his nickname back in his homeland was "Santa Claus."  Once you prove to him that you're worth speaking to, he treats you like he would an equal, even if he knows he fights better than you.  His closest friends usually describe him as being 'jolly.'  He often avoids new people because he either doesn't know their worth yet or doesn't want to make them uncomfortable.  Not only is he pretty tall and distracting, but the area around him gets noticably colder the closer you are to him, making most people shiver when within 5 feet of him. This is one of the worst things that Pagos hates when it comes to his abilities. How cold it makes him. He can't swim because ice gets stuck in his armor and keeps him from moving, he can't cook because everything he puts on a pan never stops cooking, it's just a huge pain.  Since he can't control this, he often gets lonely and seeks out someone to talk to after a day or so.  Even when it seems like he doesn't care about anyone, he does his best to do what seems to be right, be it stopping a fight or calming someone down.  He's really pretty... "chill."

Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: A really light blue.
Semblance: Pagos has control over ice and most cold things, he can use this power in various ways.
Blizzard (Utility): Depending on the type of blizzard it is, Pagos can make a snow storm in the area around him that will either hinder someone's vision or impair their movements.  This doesn't do damage, but it makes everybody really uncomfortable and not just the enemy, so he doesn't really like to use this.
Snow Globe (Defense): Makes a hollow sphere of ice around him that blocks incoming damage.  The only drawback is, although he can't move it himself, anyone outside is able to slide him around while he's in his snowglobe.  This is fun to watch, so he usually lets it happen.
Frostbite (Damage): Whenever anyone is within 10 feet of him, he can send out a wave of incredibly cold air to his target.  Although it just looks like the air that comes out of a freezer when you open it, it really hurts.  It's just a bad time.
Item 1: Pagos' body is made out of some weird flexible yet durable metal that doesn't hinder movement but can take a lot of punishment. (Physical Armor)
Item 2: A pair of tonfas that have been modified to be longer and have blades on them.

History and Sample
The beginning is usually the best part of someone's life.  They don't have to worry about anything yet, they just have to focus on being a kid or something for a while.  Pagos wasn't that lucky.  Androids don't have childhoods, they just start working immediately.  The worst part was that Pagos wasn't exactly thrilled about his job, even if he was built to do his job perfectly.  Pagos was put together by some technician that didn't let him see his face or hear his name, and was given to a gang of arms dealers as a sort of bribe to get them to leave his family alone.  All this android ever knew for the first 20 years of his life was violence.  In this gang, Pagos was the enforcer.  When people refused to do as they were told, he would show up in their house to freeze their fingers or even entire limbs until they agreed to pay up.  There was one family that finally made him think about his life for once.  A family of five.  A mother and father, two kids, and another woman who he assumed was just a relative.  They would've all been dead if the parents didn't shield their kids from Pagos' frostbite.  This show of self-sacrifice was what broke him.  Has anybody ever done this for him?  What did the gang do for him when he did their dirty work?  Why was he helping people that hurt others? Why did he hurt others?  That gang is gone, and the only reminders of what was there are frozen statues of what he used to call his comrades.  After leaving his whole past behind him, it seemed like the only way he could balance things out in the universe would be to help people who actually deserved it, instead of hurting them.  Maybe joing those huntsmen and huntresses in fighting Grimm.
RP Sample:
This might have been one of the worst decisions someone like Pagos could've ever made.  Not only was nobody getting close enough to talk to him, sense the air around him was practically freezing, but he wasn't even sure what he was planning to do once he got off the transport to the school, which seemed like it was going to be in about five seconds.  Stepping onto school grounds for the first time, he caught glimpses of people looking at him curiously. "That guy's way too tall."  "Why does the air around him look like that?"  "Looks like another freak."  Oh boy, this was gonna be fun.  Ignoring them for now, he headed off to find out where he was going to be staying, and also where his classes were going to be. "Excuse me! You there with the shirt!" He shouted at nobody in particular, in an attempt to confuse people.  It was important to have fun whenever you could.

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2 Re: Pagos (Finished) on Sun Sep 10, 2017 7:50 am

This is a good app but there are two things ^^ First you have no aura type listed. Second you are meant to only have one talent, one weakness, this being for the jobs system however if you want to keep listing more as you have simply embolden one of each to be the main two you take! Bump when done

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3 Re: Pagos (Finished) on Sun Sep 10, 2017 1:57 pm


"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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