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Kiragaya Getsuga(Finished and ready for approval)

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Kiragaya Getsuga
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Kiragaya Getsuga
Age: 28
Birthday: January 1
Gender: Male
Race: Faunas(Wolf- sharper, and more prononced canines)
Weight: 330 lbs
Face Claim: Kenpachi Zaraki-Bleach

STR:5(6 due to power aura)
Aura 80|220 HP

Major: Professor- Physical Education-(Reflex training,weight lifting, etc)

Likes: Fighting, A Hearty Meal, Sassy people, People not afraid of his very presence, Bravery, People stronger than him
Dislikes: Lectures, Cowards, People weaker than him, People worrying about his well being, Folks without a backbone, Arrogance
Fears: Dying of old age, Falling in love, Failing to pass on his fighting knowledge
Talent: Wilderness Survival
Weakness Tactics
Overall Personality:Kiragaya is..unstable. He is wild, yet knows how to be calm. He can lose his temper at the drop of a dime, but still knows when to keep his mouth shut. Most importantly of all however, is that he has the heart of a warrior through and through.
He lives for battle, and can't go a single day without having some sort of spar. He views all who frown upon such ways as weak and cowardly and is never afraid to step up to a challenge. Even when there is no plausible way he can win a fight he will still charge full of guile and guts. In fact he revels in the chance of fighting someone stronger than him. When he finds someone he "likes"
and by likes he means can give him some sort of a challenge he will constantly bug them for a battle never relenting until they accept. He thinks love is weakness but also knows that even the strongest mam can fall into its grasp and as a result stays away from that aspect of life without question. He used to have a negative view towards Medics before his ass got handed to him by one, and from that point onwards he has shown a great respect towards them viewing it as "If they didn't exist, who would be there to get us warrior's back up once we're beaten down" Overall he is a very prideful individual, who values the glory of battle above all else.

Aura type: Power
Aura Color: Crimson
Semblance: Kiragaya's semblance leaks out aura from his body in a thin crimson mist. All allies in a 5 foot radius gain a buff to strength by one. If he chooses he may overflood his systems with aura causing his strength to buff by 1 along with the Aoe buff, but doing so causes immense strain on his muscles literally tearing them apart.

Item 1: While he dislikes to use it his weapon of choice is a massive Cleaver like blade that is approximately 5 feet in length and 4 feet in width.
Item 2: Kiragaya's armor is of the strange sort. It is a haori of sorts but the cloth is extremely strong woven with tiny and barley visible chain links, along with this it  has two large shoulder pauldrons (so his blade doesn't sink into his shoulder). He has the kanji for battle displayed along the back.(Physical Armor)

History and Sample
Kiragaya was not always Kiragaya, as a matter of fact at first he had no name at all. An abandoned child on the outskirts of Vacuo left in a hut to be eaten by the Grimm. It seemed his fate was to be decided whithin a dayof coming into the world. However just as all hope faded away he was saved by a an old retired hunter. That hunters name, was Kiragaya. Kiragaya raised the nameless child, always muttering something about great things to come.  At the age of five was when the namless child picked up a sword for the first time. He trained relentlessly every day, pushing his body to the brink even when it seemed like he was to be too tired to even stand, he would exceed himself even if it meant tearing his muscles in the process. This went on for a total of 7 years, much to Kiragaya's protest. Pain became a fleeting memory to the namless child, and as a result his semblance gained a slight defect causing his muscles immense pain whenever he used it too much. One day when he got back home from training he found his foster father dead, overwhelmed by a horde of grimm attracted by his own negative fighting energy. He relentlessly tore the grimm apart with his bare hands and gained a scar over his left eye. It was at this point he took the name Kiragaya.

He travelled aimlessly for weeks before stumbling into a small town, starved and with no money things looked grimm for him il he saw it- a small fighting tournament. He took the first chance he could and entered easily winning with his overwhelming strengh and berserker style of fighting. From that point he loved fighting even more than he already had. He would move from kingdom to kingdom entering every tournament he could and winning soon gaining the moniker Getsuga. This lasted for a full year. One day in a Mistrial regional championship he found something new defeat, by a female medic no less. He was outraged and demanded a rematch, the result was the same he was utterly defeated. The woman berated him on his reckless style, and soon took him under her wing Teaching him how to not only fight with his brawn but with his mind. With a newfound respect for medics and women he soon left, promising to visit her from time to time. After that, he continued his tournament lifestlye and as a result became extremely wealthy although he still to this day has no idea what to do with any of it and has it stored away. He is actually a famous celebrity known through most of Remnant.  Now he has settled down getting tired of the famous life, heading to the remote island of bellmuse to find an apprentice to pass his skills onto. Of course after receiving a job offer he quickly found that it was a perfect opportunity to not only find an apprentice or two but also experience something completely new from his normal lifestlye. He hopes to open a dojo in the future.
RP Sample:
A hulking Seven foot figure was was walking dowm the streets his large Cleaver Sword slung over his shoulder rather casually as he strolled around the town. He was bored and that was definitely not a good thing. His lone eye would scan over a small crowd looking for the toughest opponent he could find. His eyes soon landed on a large burly man only a few inches shorter than himself. He licked his lips in anticipation, maybe this man would provide a good challenge. Quickly walking up to the man he would move forward placing an arm on the mans shoulder. "You, me, arm wrestle right now!"

Soon he would find himself seated at a nearby table hand locked with his opponent. A grin on his face, and a nervous sweating look on his opponents. Three seconds passed and the bout began..sadly it only lasted for a second as he soon slammed his opponents arm into the table shattering it to pieces and leaving his opponent sprawled onto the ground. "Aww, that was no fun!"
He would continue to rampage asking every everyone he could, and still leaving unsated at the end of the day.

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Richard Lionheart
Just a couple minor things bud ^^ First is that if you are doing an AoE buff and take it on yourself you still only get +1 rather than +2. Unless you only buff yourself. You've not put the units in for your weight, kilos or lbs. And finally, this is just to clarify, when you mean emphasis on physical do you mean actual combat teaching or more like physical honing (weights and running, etc) with cross over into combat like a martial art? XD Also faunus only have one trait as outlined in the show Bump when done.

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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Kiragaya Getsuga
Bump- should be all fixed up now

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Richard Lionheart
Oh I forgot sorry, your fears of dying of old age and not dying in battle overlap ^^ please add another fear.

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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Kiragaya Getsuga
There we go- bump

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Richard Lionheart

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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