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Ashworth, Russet {Done}

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1 Ashworth, Russet {Done} on Fri Sep 15, 2017 2:50 am

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Russet Star Ashworth
Age: 20
Birthday: November 6th
Gender: Female
Race: Fox Faunus, Trait: Fox ears which give her a heightened sense of hearing.
Height: 6'1''
Weight: 150lbs
Face Claim: Heles (Granblue Fantasy)

DEF:3(+1, Aura)
Aura 120|180 HP

Major: Dust
Likes: Nature, combat, dust refining
Dislikes: Snow/the cold/winter/being cold, discrimination, lossing (at anything)
Fears: Becoming severely injured/sick, becoming/being helpless, tight spaces
Talent: Dust Refining
Weakness: Medic/Doctor
Overall Personality: In the simplest terms Russet is competitive and aggressive with a rather fiery disposition. In her youth she had anger problems, in that she was easy to anger, now she has anger problems in that her temper when ignited is a blazing fury that is best avoided. Through years of anger management Russet has learned to control her anger though and over all she is fairly easy to get along with, so long as you don't mind someone who views life as a competition and hates to lose at anything ever. The easiest way for her to release tension, stress, frustration, and anger is simply to let loose her innate fire magic, which at high enough levels of those emotions lets itself loose without control, however a could secondary release if a good fight or training/sparing session, in lieu of either of the aforementioned activities a good workout session is a good tertiary release activity as well. Despite her character flaws centered around her anger she is very passionate and with those she is close to she is quite warm hearted and caring. Besides as bad as her anger is one could argue her cooking is even worse, that is unless you like the taste of char in your water.

Aura type: Defense
Aura Color: Light Blue
Semblance: Soul Fire: The ability to use fire magic without dust. (Offensive and Utility)
Item 1: Magical Armor: A set of armor that was designed for ease of movement that primarily cover just her limbs but also has a cloth "breastplate" and is also made to protect against dust damage.
Item 2: Weapon: 7ft long spear with an oversized guard and a long double edged blade that tapers to a sharp point. It has a dust injection system that feed dust from the pole into the center of the blade and from there to the blades edge.

History and Sample
Russet was an angry child from the very start, though there was never really any environmental reason for it. She never was bullied and her family life wasn't anything particularly grim, in anyway that wasn't brought about by her own actions. The worse that has happened to her was a brief period of being bullied, only lasted a couple days, for being a faunus. This however ended once her bullies learned that she was both naturally strong and rather talented at fighting. Unfortunately this is when she learned that she enjoyed fighting as well and soon she had crossed the threshold from being bullied, even if only for the briefest of time, into being a bully herself.

At the slightest provocation should would lash out with a flying fist, elbow, knee, foot, head, or whatever other body part, or even occasionally whatever items she could use as an improvised weapon. The violence and aggression quickly fed into a love for anger due to the adrenaline and dopamine that got released and things went south from there for Russet. The instrument of her downfall was learning to activate her aura mid fight one day. It hadn't been something she was trying for or even at all conscious about before it happened. It merely happened as her frustration increased from being in a losing fight, as one would expect when it's one versus three. With the crude use of her aura and her overall fighting prowess she both gained victory in the fight and a permanent expulsion from her tenth school, at the age of thirteen.

At the end of their wits her parents decided that rather than trying to find another school for Russet they would instead keep her under virtual house arrest, though if they could have gotten their hands on an ankle monitor they would have used it, and instead have her home schooled. For a while this seemed to work but without the ability to get into any good fights the rebellious Russet got frustrated enough that she decided to run away from home. In the long run this stint would only last fr a couple of months but those couple of months were enough to change her life forever.

She quickly found herself a member of a street gang and would regularly go on missions to steal whatever the gang needed stealing whether it was money, dust, food, alcohol, and even a few members of other gangs for retribution for slights they had caused. At the around the two month mark of her escape from home she went to go rob a liquor store she had hit up a few times already and was caught off guard by a change of cashier, who she later learned was the owner's brother and an ex-hunter, who didn't take kindly to her attempt of robbery or use of force to try and force compliance to said robbery attempt. In fact the resulting fight was the most one sided fight she had ever been in that wasn't in her own favor despite the fact that he was an ex-hunter due to a grimm inflicted injury and he was also holding back.

However as far as the fight went Russet still managed to win in the end through sheer luck, though whether it was good or bad luck she still to this day hasn't decided. Due to her very vehement hatred of losing Russet reach deep within herself during this fight trying to find any possible way of winning and in doing so managed to activate her semblance for the first time and releasing a maelstrom of fire catching the building on fire fueled by the the alcohol from the various smashed bottles. Thus the fight ended as both parties made a beeline for the escape of the front door to escape the inferno. Once outside Russet attempted to flee but due to the smoke inhalation and her over all weakness from the use of her semblance without training ne collapsed to her knees coughing and trembling until well after the authorities came and placed her under arrest.

After a brief visit to the hospital to make sure Russet was fine she was sent to juvy. While there the ex-hunter she had fought, Wilt Rayne, began looking into Russet's past as despite everything he had been surprised and impressed with her overall skill level despite, and perhaps even because of, her overall crude but effect display during the fight. Upon learning about her a sense of compassion overcame him as much as a singular idea. He became convinced that had she been exposed to hunter and combative training sooner she would have had a much different life, and also due to how young she still was her life could still turn for the better if she was given the right opportunities.

Pulling some strings Wilt was able to get Russet's sentence reduced to mandatory anger management, to last until the court was satisfied she would be able to keep herself in check, and community service for a whole year on the one condition that Wilt would become her legal guardian. As her new legal guardian Wilt himself home schooled Russet in the ways of a hunter effectively giving her the education one would get at a school like Signal Academy in a one on one setting for free, albeit at a slower rate as he would only teach her things he and her anger management therapist deemed she was ready to handle. As such her training wasn't completed until roughly half a year before she would turn twenty-one, and just before the new school year at Syne was to start despite the fact that she had finished the mandatory anger management when she was seventeen. Also despite Wilt being her legal guardian for the entirety of Russet's teen years he was adamant on her reconnecting and staying in touch with her parents and twin brothers, who were born when she was fifteen.
RP Sample:
As the history professor went on with their dull, and seemingly endless, lecture Russet began to tap her fingers on her desk in ever increasing frustration as she willed herself to concentrate on the info vomit being projected at her. Old habits truely die hard and all she wanted to do at this very moment is to head straight out of the classroom and head straight to the sparing fields do get a good work out wailing on opponents in a good practice fight, or at the very least to go and practice some fire magic in her ever lasting quest to perfect her semblance. Instead she closed her eyes and thought back on her anger management lessons and focused on breathing in and out slowly and counting down from ten. Soon enough she was calm enough to pay attention for the last few minutes of the lecture before the bell rang releasing her from the tedious lecture. With a bit more enthusiasm that the situation merited she gathered up her belongings and head to her dorm room to drop them off before making her way down for lunch.

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2 Re: Ashworth, Russet {Done} on Mon Sep 18, 2017 12:04 am

Ishi Omo
Alright, Wonderful App.


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