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Cooper Cook [W.I.P]

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1 Cooper Cook [W.I.P] on Fri Sep 15, 2017 10:20 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Cooper Cook
Age: 18
Birthday: September 14th
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 1.85m
Weight: 80 kg
Face Claim: 707 from MysticMessenger. Same as my profile pic but I can't seem to get the picture up. Can I maybe get some help pls?

STR: 2
DEF: 3
RES: 3
SPT: 4
Aura 170|130 HP

Major: Engineer
Likes: Singing, writing and sleeping
Dislikes: Conflict, crowds and people who ask him to sing on demand
Fears: Blood, Clowns and heights
Talent: Musician
Weakness Tactician
Overall Personality: Chilled out, laid back and not really with the world are a few ways you could describe Cooper. A musician and prankster in equal parts, Cooper can come across as either funny or a pain in the neck. Either way, he doesn’t really care much. Get close to Cooper however, and you’ll find a young man ready to listen and learn, and a soldier ready to defend his friends. He isn’t one for violence however, and prefers to hang back from fighting, giving heals and covering fire to those who need it. In combat, Cooper seems to make up moves on the fly, and often lands flat on his face because of it.

Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: Bright Orange
Semblance: Echo: Creates a monochrome duplicate of Cooper that repeats his actions over a 5 second period until destroyed or desummoned. I.E. If Cooper played a 5 second long riff on his guitar and activated Echo, his duplicate would play the same riff until desummoned or destroyed.
Item 1: Weapon: Revolver (Stray Cat): His father's old revolver, a battered Great War era weapon that is somehow still reliable. The body is a muted silver, witha  brown leather grip. Each of the 6 cylinders has a small "9" carved into the side.
Item 2: Dust: Tier 1 Wind

History and Sample
From Vacuo to Syne, Cooper Cook has lead a relatively quite life. Cooper’s father left early on in Cooper’s life. His mother, Lilly Cook took care of him as best she could, juggling work and child care rather well. However, realising she couldn’t keep on like this, Lilly sent Cooper to a boarding school. From the people to the uniforms, Cooper hated it, but could understand why he was here. He… resisted the teachings of his academy, and instead acted out and got into trouble at every step. Eventually, he was kicked out at age 14 after joyriding a stolen car on the school playing field.

He tried not to cause trouble for his mum, learning how to cook and clean for himself. He didn’t quite live up to his namesake, but he didn’t poison himself either. At the same time, he was finding ways to keep himself entertained while not in education. Eventually, he stumbled upon music, learning guitar and how to sing through a friend. He started to earn money by busking on the streets of Vacuo, earning a good amount of Lien doing so. However, that changed following a package arriving from across the seas. A package from his father.

It explained that Cooper’s dad had left because of his duties as a Huntsman. While it pained him to leave Lilly, his Father was being called to a large scale offensive against a White Fang stronghold. While the attack was successful, Cooper’s father lost his life during the battle. He left instruction that once his son, Cooper, turned 16, he would be sent this package. Inside was his Father’s old revolver, the first weapon he used as a Huntsman, and a note offering a place at Syne Academy for when Cooper turned 18. Picking up the revolver, named Stray Cat, Cooper made a promise to his dead father. To carry on his legacy, and become a Huntsman in his footsteps.
RP Sample:
"Cooper!" the instructor yelled, "Focus! You make a mistake in the field, you're dead!" Pushing himself up from the training ground, Cooper cursed under his breath. "Yeah, you're not the one getting knocked back down though." He yelled. Swinging the cylinders on Stray Cat open, Cooper loaded 6 normal rounds, before slaming the chambers back into place. "You ready to go again Cooper." The instructor asked, "I want a perfect run this time!" Cooper cracked his knuckles and started tapping one foot, keeping a beat to fight to. It was some rock song he couldn't quite remember, but the beat was there. "Ready and waiting." Cooper smiled calmly, and the simulation began once more.

"Argh! Same stupid Beowolf!" Cooper had felt the hologram's claw rake through his chest. He used every trick he had, even Dust and his semblance Echo, and still couldn't best the sim. The instructor got down from his podium, helping Cooper back to his feet. "That's enough for today. Cooper, you've got talent but you need to practice more, eh?" The instructor placed a hand on Cooper's shoulder. "Maybe put that guitar down for a moment and try some targets!" The instructor walked off, leaving Cooper alone. He sort of chuckled to himself, slipping on a set of large headphones. "Pfft. Yeah, maybe sir." Cooper walked away, feet stepping to the same beat as before...

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