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Open Air Combat! Battles For All To See! (Closed)

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The first class of the year! Oh how the summer had flown by. The Goddess Eminence P. Haze, her first and second name known only to those who knew of her hunting background and expertise rather than the school as a whole, had returned from her long evenings of smoking and sipping wine in her abode. Marvelling at her treasure and, very rarely, training. The Goddess had decided to open the year with a rather simple class for two randomly selected students. Through their newly issued scrolls they would receive a message advising them to arrive at the outdoor training area outside the gym building.

This training area was hardly befitting of the Goddess majesty, a simple ten yard by eight yard rectangle painted onto a stone slab. There was no cage nor walls surrounding it, it was perhaps the most simple arena one could imagine... and that would make it perfect for Haze's class. To start at the bottom and raise one to the top, to go from rags to riches! Standing in it's centre, handbag on her right shoulder and mace in her left hand she would await the students. Her weapon was already full loaded with dust, the golden metal glowing a hot red; wisps of heat visibly escaping the weapon.

She was dressed not in her primary combat attire but the clothes she more typically wore to sitting lectures, her long dress with a slit down the right leg. Atop her head as per usual was a tiara and on this rare occasion she was indeed wearing her cape, long and a dark navy blue it stretched down to around knee hight. Should the students take too long she would begin to spin the mace between her fingers, a red circle beginning to form where the mace's head had been. The sky was clear, the sun was shining, and soon enough Haze would be laying the smackdown on some students. This was going to be fun!

The Scroll Message:
Dear *Insert Name*

You have been selected randomly for the first Combat Strategies class of the year. Should you chose not to take this class simply reply with the number 1 and the class will be ascribed to another student. For this class you are to bring all of your weapons armour and dust, be in good health and prepared for combat. This will be a dangerous experience however most certainly an educational one. You are to come to the Open Air-Arena outside the Physical training facilities at noon sharp. There you will meet with Madam Haze.

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Dear Roy Fox

You have been selected randomly for the first Combat Strategies class of the year. Should you chose not to take this class simply reply with the number 1 and the class will be ascribed to another student. For this class you are to bring all of your weapons armour and dust, be in good health and prepared for combat. This will be a dangerous experience however most certainly an educational one. You are to come to the Open Air-Arena outside the Physical training facilities at noon sharp. There you will meet with Madam Haze.

That was what Roy had woken up to on this bright and beautiful Monday morning. His brand spanking new scroll that he had just obtained, and this was the first message that it had on it. Roy had conflicted feelings about the woman known as Madam Haze. On one end he disliked her rather...egotistical personality, but on the opposite end of the spectrum. She was only teacher he had ever met who could make him actually interested in a lecture. And boy oh boy was that a hard thing to do. Plus he was Roy, the moment he had read the message he was up and out of bed and beginning to get dressed already. If Roy saw an opportunity he was going to snatch it up as fast as he could.

This open air arena also intrigued him quite a bit, while he oft fought outside he had never done it in an arena before. With his signature trenchcoat, and teeshirt combo on he would make his way out of his dorm. His hair was as usual unkempt and all over the place, jutting every which way simply because he was too lazy to comb it. And of course his katana was at his side. After the usual morning coffee, and aimless walking he would soon arrive at his destination exactly one minute before noon. As soon as another minute had passed he would turn the corner and make a light wave towards the Professor a slight smile that he couldn't help at the sight of her steaming mace. This was going to be fun.
"Hope I ain't late, Madam Haze"

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While Busan wasn't particularly skilled with the use of his scroll, given his rather large hands, and by extension, his fingers, he was able to make use of the message, even despite getting it during his morning workout. The message itself was a little odd, given that he was a newer student and Tech major no less, but Busan was an adept combatant and would never turn down the opportunity for a bit of sparring. He had rushed to his locker and donned his armor, as well as his hammer. He stood tall, but kept out of his Cannon form, leaving him with his massive hammer slung over his shoulder as he walked from the locker room toward where he remembered the training area to be. He walked up nonchalantly, with one hand on the massive hammer over his shoulder, and the other hand clenched into a fist as Busan rolled his shoulder in its socket, trying to get loosened up.

Busan looked down at Roy and stared intently through the visor on his helmet, knowing full and well that his expression was completely hidden. He stared and stared, sizing Roy up for a moment before cheerily saying in his jolly demeanor, betraying his rugged voice "Good morning! I hope you're as excited as I am." He cheerfully rose one of his hands in a wave type motion, before eyeing the mace that Haze was spinning. "Quite the craftsmanship there." Busan spoke as if speaking to himself when he referred to the mace.

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As the pair of students arrived Haze would immediately size them up, not comparing them to herself naturally; rather comparing themselves to each other. The first to arrive, only by a matter of seconds, had been a boy who's face was familiar to Haze. A man of lesser height, seemingly a rather frail build and yellow going orange hair. At his waist was a sword, a simple weapon no doubt. In her brief scanning of him, taking less than a moment, neither would be able to gleam any insight into what the Goddess thought from her expression... well, outside her condescending smirk showing she thought herself leagues above him. When it came to the next though Haze was taken slightly aback, not that she was unused to seeing armour no... but rather...

"Naturally the weapon, it's sheen grace and polish will fit the owner... you dare wear a helmet when addressing me? Know you no manners? Both of you should be kneeling before your superior, but to go so far as to wear a helmet? Are you so afraid to lose your head? Fufufufu~" With that Haze would begin to twirl her mace, a red outline following the head as she circled it. "But perhaps that is wise and courteous of you, perhaps wearing a full suit of armour will allow me to use so much as a tenth of my true power. FuFuFuFu~ Wouldn't that be a sight to see~"

Comparing the two, well. The taller man in his armour looked as though he might eat the smaller of the two. This being the case Haze came to a quick conclusion, the spinning of her mace would cease as she did so. "This lesson will be based on endurance training, the best way to learn which is by enduring yourselves. From a strategical standpoint the longer one can endure the more time their team has to regroup, the higher one's pain threshold the more mistakes they can make without earning a panicked state of mind. If you learn to rely on your aura, understand when it is at it's breaking point, you will be able to understand how many hits you can afford to take for a greater goal; for example closing distance or defending another. I plan to also teach you both to deal with overwhelming numbers in this lesson."

"To begin this, and I do believe it is wise to begin as such, you will both attack each other once. Any attack you so chose, I doubt either of you will be able to defeat the other in a single attack... unless I'm seriously underestimating one of you. The smaller will go first for such sake, then the larger." And with that Haze would take a step backward, leaving them to enact her demands.

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Roy's eyes flickered over the heavily armored gargantuan man that stood over him, the giant hammer told him a lot about his fighting style course, Rot could honesty care less either way. He gave the jovial man a smile in response to his words, surprised that someone with such a deep voice could sound so happy. Of course then Haze went on her usual tirade about her superior status and what not. If he was being honest, he was surprised to not hear the word goddess being used but quickly cast it off as nothing. Once she finished monologuing and actually started on about the lesson she had Roy's full attention.

Endurance training, while defending physical damage wasn't his strong suit he was sure he'd manage. What really peaked his interest was the mention if overwhelming numbers. He had always avoided jobs that had more than two targets involved, simply because he wasn't that good at fighting multiple opponents at once hopefully this lesson would provide some insight on how to aid with such a problem.

Once she finished talking Roy would turn towards the much larger man and scratch the back of his head in a nervous gesture while in all actually he was letting static electricity build up on his hand. Walking forward he would stick out said hand, in a handshake like fashion while looking up to the man and smiling. "Never caught your name big guy. Mines Roy, Roy Fox.".

On the assumption that he accepted the handshake, Roy would loose a full on blast of static electricity through the mans arm, smiling the same way the whole time. He would then step back and tilt his head a satisfied smirk on his face. "Oh, by the way I guess you can attack now"


Joy Buzzer: 20dmg(-20sp)

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The idea of fighting multiple people was less desirable than a one to one engagement, not because Busan worried that he couldn't handle the fight, but rather how it diminished the scale of victory for the party with more people and altogether showcased ones fear of loss in the face of fair combat. He did laugh in a jolly manner in the face of a challenge and removed his helmet, tucking it under one of his arms He smiled warmly behind his thick beard at the amount of confidence exuded by their instructor. "Apologies for my informality, I expected the rigors to begin upon arrival."

In response to the seemingly friendly greeting given by Roy, Busan left his hammer standing on its head as he reached forward. "Busan Jackson." Upon grasping his hand Busan was jolted by a sudden burst of electricity, and it almost got the better of him. Behind closed lips, Busan clenched his teeth and continued to shake his hand. He exhaled deeply through his nose upon release.

So that was what Roy had chosen his attack to be then? Busan was mildly disappointed not to get a glimpse of Roy's physical strength yet, but took solace in the fact that he would be able to display his. "My turn then?" Busan crammed the helmet onto his head, and growled out his command, "Then brace."

Busan took his right hand on the hammer, leaving it on the ground, but still holding it. He allowed his body to achieve its full musculature, and although he did not gain any noticeable height, Busan did grow far larger than before. In his full stature, he was a hulking mass of meat and metal, and when he finally moved, he did so seemingly effortlessly. With one hand, Busan whipped his right arm forward with Briseadh in tow and would catch Roy in an uppercut directly to his chin and follow through so that the hammer could once again rest on Busan's  mighty shoulders.

As soon as Busan was fully at rest, his body would return to its regular size, soundlessly.


HP: 130/150
SP: 140/150

Actions Taken: Busan was electrocuted and endured the pain. Busan powers up, and casually uppercuts Roy with his hammer.

-10 SP: STR Boost

50 Dam to Roy (before Defense)

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Haze couldn't help but feel peeved, were they taking this as some sort of joke? Choosing not to draw a weapon but perform a simple semblance based attack? Let alone through a handshake rather than a punch or a blow dealt through his sword, it had to be made of metal right? Capable of conduction? What a ludicrous waste otherwise. To have such a semblance but not think to conduct through a sword, he couldn't be that stupid could he? In the larger man's bulking up the Goddess at least got to see something more interesting, as he swung toward Roy's chin the Goddess would begin to prepare the next part of the level testing. Raising her Mace to the heavens she would begin to circle it in a figure eight formation. In the circular areas, floating next to each other, two fireballs comparable to small suns would begin to form.

As soon as Busan's blow was dealt, she would begin to instruct. The suns pulsing and beginning to separate from one another as they grew. Their size appeared to cap at a meter in diameter, a violent orange colouration to them. "I think this power level should about do, how about you two try it. I'm sure pitiful blasts such as these won't kill you~ I can't be blamed if you do though, I am simply too powerful~" And with that her mace was brought down, pointed between the two. The great balls of fire would rush down after it, following her traced line they would race directly toward the pair. One for each of them, that would do. Upon contact these orbs would simply pass through the body, one could try to push against them but it would be akin to pushing against fire itself... impossible to do due to it's gaseous form. It would pass through them upon contact, burning them, before exiting the other side. Meeting the ground before spreading into two circular pits of flames.

Assuming they had both taken the hit Haze would speak, "Now, at what level would you describe the pain you are currently feeling? FuFuFuFu~"

[Notes - These fireballs have been made with tier one dust, they deal 25 damage before dust defences]

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Pain..lots and lots of pain..

That was what Roy felt as the hammer impacted his chin directly, of course Roy was sent soaring upward in a comical fashion before, face planting rather lazily. Managing to regain his bearings he slowly got back up to his base and gave the larger armoured man a smile, his tongue bleeding slightly from biting it upon impact.
"Nice one, can't say I didn't deserve tha-"

Fireballs, two of them somehow floating around madam Haze's mace in a graceful yet deadly fashion...he really needed to get some dust soon.

Then of course without further ado they were sent hurtling at them, two twin balls of destruction ready to decimate its foes with no remorse. The foes in this scenario just so happened to be the two students who had just attacked each other. When the blazing ball of fury was upon him, Roy simply did what he was told to do, let it pass through him. It stung a little sure but in the end it didn't really scratch his Aura- if anything it was quite pleasant like a warm breeze abliet a small bit of stinging. Heck, even his jacket was unscathed, Roy smiled brightly to that fact. It seemed he wouldn't have to get it resewn this week. Once the atack was finished he gave a warm and bright smile towards Madam Haze almost immediately answering her question.
"It stung a little...? Made me feel quite warm actually! It looked really pretty though."

Damage stuffz:

HP: 105/150
SP: 130/150

Casual Strike to the chin- 40DMG taken

Haze's miniature sun- 5DMG taken

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Busan still continued to stand strong, even despite the heat of the flames. Of course he was sweating inside the armor and wincing a bit as the metal from his suit heated up, but they didn't know that, nor did they need to. The flames around Busan would eventually dissipate, and he would be standing there, leaning up against his hammer gently, as the head was down and the handle stuck up into the air. Busan looked his hands up and down and noticed that his armor was actually a bit blackened from the flames, annoying him slightly as he'd have to clean it later.

For now, Busan simply lifted his arms up, behind his back in a stretching motion. "Heh, that tickled." Busan did wipe his armor with his hand briefly, leaving a large swipe from the blackened armor to reveal the chromatic steel underneath. He sighed and leaned against his hammer yet again, watching Haze expectantly and fully expecting to be hit by something again by this point.


HP: 115/150
SP: 140/150

Actions Taken: Busan endures yet another charged blow, but stays resolute in his bravado, casually resting as he speaks.

15 Dam from Fireball

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Haze would frown, "I meant overall, attempting to show such useless bravado will not earn my favour. Regardless, as I explained, I am using such a tiny volume of my power otherwise you would both be laying dead currently. Having assessed your levels I do believe this is the strength I should maintain. Now, with those parameters in mind...Hold still for a moment, the initial pain will pass." Haze would raise her empty hand, permeated and slick plastic glove now facing them open palmed. Without warning a cloud of purple smoke would emerge from the gloved hand and rush toward the pair and attempt to engulf them; the smog forcing its way into their systems. Through their noses and mouths, even open wounds though their aura likely would not allow for such. This dose of poison, which intent was to deal immediate damage and not to linger, was simply the beginning. Having engulfed them for a moment she would then have it spread, creating a clearing in it's centre of approximately four meters and roughly circular in shape. It was as though they had been trapped in an open top cylinder, approximately three meters tall. The fog was made around a half meter thick on the outside, making the already impermeable miasma even harder to see though. This concluded, Haze would lower her hand; the smog would hang in place around them; an arena had been created.

"The likelihood is that you are both humans, your armour does not seem to indicate horns or ears nor a tail, regardless this will be an important lesson. When fighting with impaired vision the likelihood is that you will take damage, but you must respond immediately to such damage. Take the opportunity to counter, lest the attacker escape outside your vision once-more." Pressing the top button of her mace the dust silo would change, the metal head now tinted a faint aqua-marine, not that they would be able to see it from within the fog ring. "I want you to endure or react to the oncoming attacks and strike out of the miasma in their direction. I recommend the use of ranged attacks in response, however if you are lacking such simply attempt to strike through the cloud. Strike too far out however, and I will not hesitate to strike your arm as Grimm surrounding you in darkness would. Think of the centre of the smoke, the area you can see, your campfire you are trying desperately to defend. Your last light-source, all that is saving you from the darkness of the night."

And with that the attack would commence. Naturally Haze knew not where they stood within the smoke, at least not until they screamed out in pain. Bringing her mace before her water would begin to flow from it's head, not falling to the ground as gravity would dictate but with some strain from the toxic Goddess it would hold in the air as the water expanded. Quite quickly it would separate into two airborne streams, growing as it rounded the smog pillar, before reconnecting. Essentially Haze had created a circle surrounding her for pillar, almost touching it. Her right arm did strain from the weight of the water, but she would continue to ignore it. As it was forming the students within would hear the sound of rushing water, but upon it's completion near silence save for the occasional trickle and droplet falling. She would lightly shift her mace, still very much attached to the water ring, and two attacks would form. From the water ring two high speed bubbles would shoot out; both coming from Haze's left-hand side. The first one would be around twenty five degrees to the right from where they had last seen Haze standing while the second, emerging a good few seconds later, would emerge almost one hundred and fifty five degrees from that point on their right.

These bubbles, should they fail to make contact with either student, would shoot across the nigh empty centre and exit through the opposite side of the smoke pillar. Upon contact however they would press into their bodies hard and fast before popping, not dissimilar in feeling to punch.

20 aura for 20 damage delt to both before the pillar's formation, no intent to poison. All further attacks are dust based, doing 25 before defences.

HP:200 Aura: 100

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If there was one thing good to come from the situation he was currently in it was the fact that Haze's name made somehow perfect sense. He and that armoured guy, who's name he had forgotten were currently encompassed by a gigantic pillar of hazy smoke. Now if this were any ol' smoke he wouldn't be having a problem, sadly this was a smoke that was burning his lungs, and making his everything hurt. He tried to look around for his fellow victim in this smog, but as expected ended up finding absolutely jack squat. It was at that moment of aimless wandering in the cloud that he realized something very important.

He was in a cloud.

The only thing that would be better was if he was close to a tornado or something. He would quickly activate a minuscule amount of his semblance by rubbing his index finger and thumb together, quickly smiling at the result. His entire body was coated with electricity seemingly coming off of him in waves.  He was in a cloud, and said could was rubbing against him in literally every spot possible. It had been a long while since he had been to have this much electricity build up at once, and quite frankly he loved it. He was barley having to use up any aura, and he was pretty much a living flashlight. Unsuprusingly, he didn't realize that by basically supercharging himself he was affecting the whole cloud as well. If one were to pay attanetion they would notice the cloud was sparking with stray bolts of electricity akin to  thunder cloud,thankfully it wasn't enough to hurt anyone.

Still the smog was thick enough that he couldn't see amazing well only a little bit in front of him. Thankfully that would be all he needed as the sound of rushing water that had previously filled his ears came to an abrupt stop, signifying that the attack was either finished or canceled most likely the former of course. He would brace himself his eyed sharpening and keeping a trained eye on all of his surroundings. It happened within the span of a few seconds, but that was all Roy would need as he quickly sidestepped letting out a relived breath as the stream of dangerous looking water soar by at an amazingly fast speed. Without a single wasted breath, he would let out a quick "Duck" Hoping his armoured companion could hear him. Even if there was no second attack it was better to be safe than sorry.


Poison cloud dealt 20 dmg to Roy

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Busan would be incredibly glad about the glass on his helmet that would keep any of the smog from damaging his eyes, even despite his difficulty breathing through the smoke before it dissipated and formed the ring surrounding them. Busan would clutch his hammer closely to his chest, and eye nervously about the perimeter. Rushing water? And then it stopped, obviously that wasn't a good sign, his years on the force taught him to be wary of sounds that ceased suddenly, especially if they didn't fit the scenery. Water was far from what Busan was expecting to see in a training field so his guard was up, but it was the movement of Roy over anything else that triggered him to spring into action turning his body quite subtly to avoid the first attack and gaining a moment to scan before the next one became visible, only giving Busan enough time to drop and dive out of the way, leaving him on the ground.

He would think for a moment about these attacks and even the smoke pillar. All assured, there was no way that she could be firing so inaccurately on purpose, her sense of pride seemed to diminish that possibility, which only led him to one other possibility.

Busan would put his hand to his helmet in an attempt to silently shush Roy and got onto his knee, gesturing for Roy to do the same. From this position, they'd be less likely to be hit by a random toss, but should they need to dodge they would still be able. Busan wanted to read the attack patterns a bit more before they tried anything offensive.


HP: 95/150
SP: 140/150

Actions Taken: Busan dodges both of the bubbles and dives into a crouched position to continue observing.
20 Dam from Smoke

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Hearing the boy shout duck, her bolts landing on opposing sides of the water rim thus missing their targets entirely Haze waited... but no retaliations would come to her strikes. They had decided not to chase the target, they had completely abandoned the task to cower. This was fitting, as they were in the presence of a Goddess, but incredibly tedious. Speaking up she shouted; "Were you not listening? You are supposed to chase the attack and strike at it, as though you are standing your ground against grimm. Would you cower and die in real life?!"

There were a number of factors which went into Haze's next attack, the primary one being what the blonde boy had shouted. Haze knew fine well of this ducking technique, in fact it was one she herself often utilised when within her cloud. She would cover a wide area in it and simply lay down, let the shots fly over her and cause her opponents an unprecedented struggle in finding her. To remedy this Haze did the obvious, in the case they hadn't ducked as the boy said they would take damage to their legs regardless. Lowering her mace to the ground, a light sloshing being heard as the aqua-ring came with it, before twisting it once more two bubble shots would fly out alike previously; at similar angles and in the same order as the last set. The mace hadn't been lowered so as to meet the ground, rather being a foot above it, thus the bubbles would be shot out at that elevation.

Next she would rise and tilt the entire ring a good forty five degrees down rightward (from her standing position) and with it a jet like water-pulse would spurt forth and launch in the downward sloping direction. With that done, straining further still from the weight, she raised her free hand and reinforced her smog-pillar. She would force them to fight back, no matter the cost to her body.

Hp/Aura/Damage All attacks are dust based, doing 25 before defences. HP:200 Aura: 90

Roy Note:
You wouldn't have known this but Haze's cloud does not conduct electricity well, being an insulator as most gases are rather than a conductor. People have tried to set it alight through electricity before, it is quite unreactive.

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