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Friday Beauregard [DONE]

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1 Friday Beauregard [DONE] on Tue Sep 19, 2017 7:20 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Friday Beauregard
Age: 19
Birthday: October 14th
Gender: Female
Race: Raven Faunus, has a black feathery tail
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 109 lbs
Face Claim: Tokisaki Kurumi/Date A Live

STR: 2
DEF: 4
RES: 2
SPT: 4
HP 100|200 SP

Major: Tech
Likes: Music, sweets, thinkering with things, training and staying healthy and in good shape, challenges.
Dislikes: Not knowing how something works, being refused a second chance, movies, having nothing to do.
Fears: Androids (mistrust), chickens, blue moons.
Talent: Mechanic
Weakness Sculpture
Overall Personality: A pretty, intelligent and quirky girl that lived her life with her parents in Bellmuse. Coming from a family of artists she had wealth and fame and pretty much everything for herself but all of this wasn't made for her. Impulsive and passionate about anything and everything mechanical, she spent most of her youth with scraps, junk and other random things and just messed around with all of it and it made her really resourceful and her time spent in scrapyards made her quite agile. She also loves to tease others for no and all reasons while not necessarely being mean.

Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: Dark Red
Semblance: Deja-Vu/This is a teleportation semblance, Friday can leave a "trace" of herself somewhere to which she can teleport back to later on. She changes place with this "trace" to cause confusion amoung her opponent. She doesn't need direct eye contact with the "trace" either and it only costs her SP when switching place with it, not placing it. The trace is like a transparent sillouette of Friday with a slight tint of red and keeps the position she was in when she created it.
Item 1: Weapon/ A custom plasma multi-tool, mostly used to cut and weld but the unique twist to this tool is that the plasma cutter option can have its blade grow in length, making it a plasma shortsword for either when Friday needs to cut bigger pieces of metal or in case she needs to defend herself.
Item 2: 2 vials of Earth Dust, wears a glove in her left hand to help her manipulate her dust as in her mind it is similar to sculpting which she sucks at.

History and Sample
Born and raised in Bellmuse in a rather rich and famous family of artist, Friday Beauregard went in a whole other direction than her whole genealogical tree and decided to not do art for a living. One of the reason was that she wasn't good at it, like real bad, especially sculpture which her dad tried his hardest to teach her, but in vain. Spending most of her time messing around with random scraps of metal and learned by herself to be a great mechanic. While her parents weren't sure about how to deal with their child going in another direction in life, they were absolutely supportive of her choice as any good parent only wants their children to be happy. Although they never involved themselves in her little trips to scrapyards, they always made sure she had the right tools for her hobby and while what they got her was a good start, it never took long for Friday to modify her equipment to be better suited for her projects. Things always went so well and only got better when she realized that she had a special power, a semblance as they call it. She learned to use it to make easy back-and-forth fast travel with the objects she'd find, making it far more easier to transport. After some time after learning of her power and also pretty much learned everything she could by herself about machines from literal scraps, Friday figured that maybe it was time to go to school to learn more, and what better school than Syne? Plus it's right next door... in the middle of a Grimm infested forest but still, next door. After modifying her tools to also being able to use them as weapons, more so with her plasma cutter, and with good enough training in her opinion, Friday enrolled at the school for huntsman.
RP Sample:
"Are you sure sweetie it's what you really want to do? It's going to be dangerous after all..." said a woman to her little girl as she was helping packing her stuff. "Yes mom, I'm sure. I want to learn more about what I can do and if while doing so I'm also helping others why would I not look forward to it all? Plus it's not like I'll be alone doing all this "dangerous stuff". I'll be fine." did the girl replied to her mother with a comforting smile as they finished packing clothes and items that the future huntress in training will need on this journey. The two of them then headed downstairs where a man was waiting, standing next to the large door that lead outside. The mother placed the girl's things on the floor before hugging her tightly, tears in her eyes and without a word. The child could only return the gesture, feeling a bit awkward by her mother's action although understood it. The woman then reluctantly let go of her child before watching her leave the family house with her father who would see her to the academy himself.

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2 Re: Friday Beauregard [DONE] on Tue Sep 19, 2017 7:40 pm

Yuri Rastenov
Everything looks good here. I will ask you to write down that you have 2 Vials of dust just for the sake of consistency and making sure you fully understand how much dust you start off with. Afterward, we should be aces.~

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3 Re: Friday Beauregard [DONE] on Tue Sep 19, 2017 7:48 pm

Yuri Rastenov
Dear Miss Beauregard,

I am pleased to inform you that are admitted to the Technical Studies program for the academic year. The Faculty of Syne Academy reviews admission and it is their decision, which is final. Welcome to Syne Academy.

Admission to our program is very competitive and we scrutinize each application carefully.  We have recommended that the faculty of this academy admit you because we think that you will be a valuable addition to our ranks. In turn, we hope that the personal supervision we offer, together with the collegiate atmosphere of our students, will combine to make your stay here very rewarding - personally, academically and professionally.

You've put in the work, so consider yourself approved!

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