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Pandora Marigold

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1 Pandora Marigold on Wed Sep 20, 2017 4:47 pm

Pan Marigold
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Pandora Marigold
Age: 17
Birthday: August the 8th
Gender: Female
Race: Faunus (Frog - Animal feature as a prehensile tongue)
Height: 5ft 7 inches
Weight: 115lbs
Face Claim: Froppy / My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia)

STR: 3
DEF: 3
RES: 3
SPT: 3
Aura 150|150 HP

Major: Academic
Likes: Pandora, or, Pan as she prefers, is a fan of amphibians, swimming, and cold drinks. Outside of what one would expect of a frog faunus however, Pan is also a fan of relics, and historical artifacts.
Dislikes: Perhaps as a result of being a frog faunus, Pan tends to dislike warm temperatures. Alongside this, she has a prone habit of disliking loud humans (although a personal interaction may shift opinion), as well as disliking being on transports, and being in crowded environments.
Fears: Contrary to what one might expect from a person like her, Pan is actually scared of spiders, as well as fearing sudden noises or "jump scares", and being forgotten.
Talent: Archaeology
Weakness Vehicle Mastery
Overall Personality: A quirky individual with a love for exploraiton and adventure. Pan sees the world as a place to discover and learn, enjoying the very idea of simply running around, and uncovering mysteries. Often quite open and willing to hear others stories, opinions, and beliefs, she takes pride in the idea of making friends and telling stories. She views her friends as a part of her, and for that reason tries to go out of her way to help those she cares about, providing emotional support at any point that she can. Furthermore, she tends to be calm, and difficult to make waver in resolve, keeping her composure under what others would regard a "difficult" situation. She never seems to be in a rush, even in emergencies, and perhaps for this reason comes across as overconfident to some, or perhaps even oblivious.

Aura type: Healing
Aura Color: Green
Semblance: Hydrokinesis (The user can mildly control and manipulate water, able to turn the liquid dense enough to stand on, or manipulate the direction and speed of its flow. It cannot be used offensively, however, and barely defensively at all, as it is still simply water. Furthermore, there is a rather restricted limit to how much water can be manipulated at once.)
Item 1: (Weapon) Reflex-Function Stave - Thrysus: A long staff of 5ft and 10 inches length, and a diameter of 3 inches, the stave is an ornately designed and carved piece of metal that has a singular joint at the centre for the stave to bend at up to a 45 degree angle in any direction. Inscribed into the staff are various images of leaves, and at the top-most point is a metallic pinecone shape. (Rating 1)
Item 2: (Physical Armor) Safety Suit: A rather simple suit that consists of thick, comfortable fitting fabrics, plated and layered with a protective and somewhat slippery outer shell. This design is so that blows are softened, at least somewhat, although isn't the most effective of defenses in the world. (Rating 1)

History and Sample
Born in Menagerie to a couple of loving parents, Pandora Marigold always watched through windows as people went out to forge stories of their own, some fighting for the rights of Faunus globally, others going to intergrate themselves among society. Not particularly sympathising with the ruthless take on equality that the notorious White Fang had taken, the young Pandora did nothing for a long time, unsure of where to go with life. Yet seeing everyone go and do their own thing, even if she didn't agree with it, was inspiring alone. Not wanting to feel outdone, the girl one day left the house without telling her parents, going to look around the outskirts of the island for things that interested her. Shells, stones, and seaweed. Yet, while digging through the stones, inquisitive and curious, the girl found a singular jewel. Proud, she ran home, showing her parents.

So happy to see their child enthusiastic about something, the two parents talked, scheming together to surprise their child pleasantly, while also fulfilling their own desires to leave the borders of the Faunus "appeasement" island. After a few years, which they did not mention once to their daughter, the parents saved up, and took a boat to the continent of Vale, from there moving to a small little island. To little Pandora, this was an adventure, something she was excited and thrilled for. She didn't feel connected to anyone back at Menagerie, feeling that the tensions of split opinions made it an uncomfortable place to create comraderie, and find people that she could call friends. And what better place than to sign up for one of the renowned locations of the world? A huntsman academy. At this place, the academy of Syne, Pan held her hopes that she'd be able to learn new things, make new friends, and discover things she'd never imagined. Seeing some old or shiny things wouldn't hurt either though.
RP Sample:
The girl stood in front of the archway, looking around with a somewhat bewildered excitement. She had been excited for this day for quite some time, and being there now, standing and looking up at the architecture of the place her parents had told her about... It caused a grin to slowly but surely spread upon her face. It didn't seem near as populated as Menagerie, however from what she knew, that was the sort of thing to be expected in most placed, Menagerie being relatively small compared to its populace. With excitement in her step, Pan walked forward, continuing to look around as she approached the main building of the academy, holding her staff and using it as if it were a walking stick due to the lack of practical ways to carry and store it otherwise. Still, this wasn't something she cared about too much. Physical appearances mattered none to her.

Still, as a passing thought before she approached the door proper, Pan stopped, opening up her pocket and holding up a sweet, which she quickly licked up with her tongue. A good luck treat given by her father. Happily chewing on the tasty treat, Pandora stepped forward, and with a spring in her step, moved to make herself known, and make new friends, speaking to herself under her breath. "You can do it Pan."

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Richard Lionheart
Hey hey welcome to the site! I'm glad to see someone doing something with archeology! This app is almost perfect, there are just a couple minor things. The first would be in your fears/dislikes you have loud noises listed in both. If you just add one new entry to either list that will sort it out and you need to specify armour type on your item. Just adding "Physical" or "Dust Resistant" in the brackets you put armour! Bump when done

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Pan Marigold
Oh, whoopsies. Edits made.

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4 Re: Pandora Marigold on Wed Sep 20, 2017 6:53 pm

Richard Lionheart
Approved ^^

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