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Test your might (Open to three students)

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1 Test your might (Open to three students) on Wed Sep 20, 2017 6:31 pm

It was the center of the indoor training area, that was where Kiragaya stood. The seven foot tall giant mass of meat was currently waiting for the students to arrive. It was rather early though so he couldn't really blame them for not being here at lighting fast speeds. He was shirtless, his armoured haori no where in sight, his giant cleaver was firmly planted within the ground and he was leaning back against it, casually whistling a tune whilst tapping his feet in a harmonious fashion.

There was surprisingly not a single piece of training equipment around, no mats, no painted track lines just the lone figure of the giant man leaning against his sword whistling a random tune out of boredom. Today wasn't going to be a physical conditioning or a muscle memory exercise just a test. He wanted to test a couple kids abilities and make a general gauge based on that. Of course he was also just bored. Three students, randomly sent personally written letters inviting them to a challenge. He licked his lips his lips slightly a wide smile thrown onto his face in a haphazard manner. Hopefully they could provide at least a semblance of entertainment  if that was simply wishful thinking only time would tell.

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2 Re: Test your might (Open to three students) on Thu Sep 21, 2017 10:28 am

Joan is an odd fellow, with his shade uniform still on even though he was at Syne. When he received the personally written letter, he raised it and looked at it and squinched his eyes. He hadn't slept that night. Not because of depression or anything, he just didn't feel like it. It wasn't even demotivation, it was misplaced motivation. He was going with the flow, and the flow told him to go to this guy. He massive giant of a man peeled himself out of bed.

He couldn't bother to actually put on shoes. He didn't feel like it. Why should he? He could just walk to the training area. He was walking to the training area. Well, speed walking. The letter sounded like a physical activity, no matter what was said in the letter. It was sent by that new tall guy who was supposed to be the physical education teacher.

He arrived in short manner, to see the very large man.

"Whoah. You're like, bigger than me."

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