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Knock knock (Private w/ Ishi)

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1 Knock knock (Private w/ Ishi) on Fri Sep 22, 2017 12:52 am

Orion Dawn
"Here is the address, we want him dealt with completely and utterly. Send a message with it. 'Nobody that messes with out family escapes from our fury' Make sure that he dies in his home."

The words echoes in Orion's head, and he found it funny that there was actually a two-bit criminal that would be upset about anything enough to actually place a hit on some guy who did some messed up stuff in his past and was now a teacher. He chuckled as he looked at the old man's photograph in his scroll. This was gonna be a piece of cake, especially in such a confined space. Orion had been daydreaming on his way to the door from the front gate and almost bumped right into the door when he got to it. He slipped his scroll into his pocket and made sure that his arms were fully covered by his gloves and leather jacket. He popped a cigar into his mouth and lit it up, taking hold of the door knocker and childishly knocking a stereotypical beat on the heavy front door.

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2 Re: Knock knock (Private w/ Ishi) on Mon Sep 25, 2017 1:07 pm

Ishi Omo
He wasn't expecting any visitors. That was no matter, his name was recognizable enough that perhaps someone was here to try and organize a meeting with the good doctor. He didn't actually, particularly care though. He had heard the knocking and he had grabbed his sword and put it on his hip. It probably wasn't an assassin. You could never rule that out though.

He opened the door to a rough and tough type of guy. Huh. Not the visitor he was expecting, but he best invite the boy in and ask what he requires.

"What do you require? We can discuss it in the dining room, over a drink or two."

He spoke softly and would wait for the other to do something. Just because he used to be an assassin, doesn't mean every rough and tough types here to kill him. However, it's to be safe that he keeps his sword close and his wits closer.

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3 Re: Knock knock (Private w/ Ishi) on Wed Sep 27, 2017 4:13 pm

Orion Dawn
Orion sort of stood there for a second before shrugging, knowing that he would never be the type to turn down a free drink. This man was awfully hospitable for a hit target, leading Orion to hope that this wasn't going to negatively affect his karma by the time he was done. He walked through the doorway, wondering exactly what kind of teacher this guy had to be to afford a house like this, and even considered staying here for a couple of weeks after this job was done.

Orion stepped into the dining room and leaned against the wall near to the door he walked into, crossing his arms as he waited for his host to come back with his drink. He tapped his foot against the floor idly as he waited before he decided to actually pipe up. "What I need is you. Ishi Omo, I've been sent by a party to find you."

He wasn't lying, but he was only telling the information that would pique his hosts interest a bit for now, if only to fill the silence temporarily.

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4 Re: Knock knock (Private w/ Ishi) on Wed Oct 04, 2017 12:17 am

Ishi Omo
"Well, if I'll be honest. There's roughly two types of people who try to find me. One half are the type who want to murder and maim me. The other are the type that want to get medical help. You don't seem to be in outward medical pain, but perhaps it's more internal."

Ishi spoke, calmly. He went and grabbed two beers from his fridge before walking back and handing one off to Orion.

"Personally? My life's been a bit boring lately. i miss the old days."

He spoke as though he were remembering good times. He was. His version of good times was a good bit different than most peoples. That was okay. He was sure this Orion fella was here to kill him. The general look made him reek thug. Though, maybe a refined thug. Most thugs would just, like, break through the wall and yell and stuff. This one came and knocked. That was pretty good.

"Now, do you need any medical help?"

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5 Re: Knock knock (Private w/ Ishi) on Thu Oct 05, 2017 9:29 pm

Orion Dawn
Orion took a gulp from the bottle of beer, and shrugged his shoulders. "Eh, I wouldn't say so. Some people say I should look into mental help, aside from that I have the occasional phantom pain."

Orion would tilt his head back as he drank what was left of the beer all in one go. "That's really hospitable of you by the by, maybe now you can help me. You see... you're actually my father...."

Orion would keep the most straight face he could possibly make as he made intense levels of eye contact with Ishi. This would go on for a few seconds before Orion's leather clad hand would slap the table as he began laughing. "Oh, I'm just pulling your leg man, ohh my..." He would wipe a tear from his eye before pulling a chair back and flipping it around so he could sit with the back between his legs.

"Yeah, but I am here to kill you anyway, just a contract and all. Before that, I want to ask why a teacher is being targeted by some low-life underworld trash-mob for death? I mean, you don't have to answer, we can get right to the murder, the homicide, the crime stuff, but most people prefer to postpone that a bit."

Orion would pat his pockets briefly searching for his pack of cigars, only to realize that he had left it at the bar like an idiot.

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6 Re: Knock knock (Private w/ Ishi) on Wed Oct 11, 2017 11:42 am

Ishi Omo
"Why am I being targeted? Quite simple. I'm a teacher now, but was not always. I used to be an assassin."

He spoke this casually. He opened his beer and took a large gulp before yawning.

He knew he wasn't the boys father. Beyond the fact that he wasn't that old, he hadn't done anything like that in a long time. Not to mention, the last person who he did that with was dead, head taken clean off. Impossible to have a child when you don't have a head. It's not why he had killed her That didn't change the fact.

"Right. We should probably get to fighting. I haven't all day, and I'm sure you've got some things to do later. Give me a few steps backwards and we can get started."

He chugged the rest of his beer and threw it, before drawing his blade and getting into a lazy stance that betrayed his years of experience just because he was tired and, the fact was, people wanted him dead. They never did it like this though, so that's good.

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7 Re: Knock knock (Private w/ Ishi) on Sat Oct 14, 2017 5:39 pm

Orion Dawn
An assassin? Hmm, okay. Orion was suddenly glad that he had exercised restraint in showing his full hand. His pleasant disposition had been a mere facade, something that he hoped to give him an edge in this skirmish. Orion would continue to pass himself off as unpracticed and untested as he backed away himself and began to stretch a bit before holding a very sloppy appearing stance as he held his fists in front of his face, closed tight and still entirely clad in leather, hiding their robotic nature. He took the moment to flick his cigar into a nearby fire place, he may have an idea later actually.

He smiled and scanned the room identifying escape routes and possible dangers, before piping up. "Go ahead gramps, you get the first hit. If you really are an 'assassin' it might just save your life."

Honestly, Orion hated putting on this show and acting like a foolhardy buffoon, but there was no amount of care that was too much as far as any mark was concerned, much less someone claiming to be an assassin. Orion could see no reason as to why Ishi would lie in this position so far, and any man that age that worked in this business is someone to be wary of. For now, he would hope to deceive him until he could make an easy opening.

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8 Re: Knock knock (Private w/ Ishi) on Sun Oct 29, 2017 12:35 am

Ishi Omo
"No, no. You should. I extend the same kindness to you." He spoke in a sarcastic tone, indicating that it was not a nice thing. Well, it was, but in this case it was just being foolhardy. He wanted to have some fun. This kid seemed amusing in all the possible ways. He had to be strong, with that build, and if he had gotten assigned to him, they obviously thought that the boy wasn't a complete idiot. Something did smell fishy to Ishi, but that might have just been the kitchen still in his nose. He had some fish in the fridge that he had wanted to fry later for some good grub. It'd be the best grub when he was finished dealing with the foolhardy fellow.

He wouldn't change his stance, though. He then had an amusing thought, that maybe the two of them were doing the same thing.

"How about a deal. We both go into actual stances and try this?"

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9 Re: Knock knock (Private w/ Ishi) on Thu Nov 02, 2017 1:02 am

Orion Dawn
So his ruse was see-through eh? Well, Orion wasn't one to give up on his manipulations easily, but in this case there weren't a great deal of options for keeping this going. There were, but they mostly included dying or making his ruse a reality in some way. Wait... That... Might not be the worst idea in the world. Orion cocked his head in a smile and shrugged.

"Huh? What are you talking about you moron?" Orion would suddenly sprint at Ishi, reeling his fist back while he was still running. "I don't need any of that kung-fu crap! I'm just gonna wail on you till you're DEAD!!"

Orion mildly hated himself for putting himself through this, and using the reward money for this he would be sure to spend the night at a spa to treat himself for his self-control, but then again, trying to keep this going was something of a treat in itself.

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10 Re: Knock knock (Private w/ Ishi) on Thu Nov 09, 2017 11:05 pm

Ishi Omo
Huh. Maybe Ishi had read him wrong, but that reaction was not what he thought was going to happen. He did not except the boy to charge. Or to threaten to beat him to a pulp. That wasn't a very nice thing. That could've been way better, admittedly. He'd watch the boy move, his opponents steps almost thuggish. No, no. They were thuggish, but he couldn't help but feel something off. Maybe it was the gung-ho feel of it, but it's not like that was unheard of? There was somewhat of a nice feeling to be had here, and had decided on a nice game to play with Mr.I will punch you. He'd sheath his blade.

He'd jump to the side and break out through his own front door. He'd then run out into the yard and brandish his blade again, waiting for his opponent to follow him out and dance with him.

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11 Re: Knock knock (Private w/ Ishi) on Wed Nov 15, 2017 3:18 pm

Orion Dawn
Here's a dilemma. Orion was glad that the guy was convinced that he was an idiot, that much is clear, but...

The job requires Orion to kill this guy inside the house, not outside of it, so Orion wasn't even gonna entertain this guys little game. Instead, he'd walk around to the nearest fireplace, which all mansions tended to have, and grab a burning log from it. Suddenly very glad that his hands were made of metal, yet still beneath his gloves, he'd carry the burning piece of wood to the doorway which Ishi had run out of, looking him dead in the eye as he tossed it into his living room and walked deeper into the building to leave him with the choice of coming in and fighting him or letting his home burn to the ground.

So maybe it was a bit unconventional, holding a house hostage, and Orion wasn't going to stop Ishi if he tried to put the fire out. That would make the fight a lot more complicated and dangerous than it needed to be, but....

It sure would be a chaotic battleground. Yeah...

With that thought, Orion would dig out a few more logs from the fire and toss them into different rooms, hoping to spread as much discord as possible for the coming skirmish. No words were needed, just the way Orion liked his messages to be sent.

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12 Re: Knock knock (Private w/ Ishi) on Sun Nov 26, 2017 3:30 pm

Ishi Omo
There was few things that Ishi could do in this situation. He could make this fight a ton more fun, albeit at the cost of a house. It really was up to him. It had been a long, long time since he had a right proper nice fight. That's just the fact. He didn't count grimm, as they were mindless beasts.

There was no doubt in Ishi's mind about what the purpose of this was. That was easily known merely by a look. It was meant to drag him in, but what did slightly confuse Ishi was seemingly the mans lack of care. This cemented the man as a cerebral fighter in Ishi's brain, and he sighed.

He really couldn't resist doing this the fun way.

He would run back in the house, towards Orion. He'd, once drawn close, would slash at Orion, going from right to left, before backing up slightly. There was no words, but the house was going to be burned down before the night's over.

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13 Re: Knock knock (Private w/ Ishi) on Tue Dec 05, 2017 4:24 pm

Orion Dawn
Orion happened to have a burning log in his hands at the time when Ishi slashed at him, so he held the log to block the blade while unconsciously backstepping to avoid the sword. The log absolutely shattered into a storm of ember and ash filling the room and his lungs. Though years of heavy smoking have rendered any sort of smoke such as this null and mostly ineffective, at least not smoke as thin and clear as this. "Heh. Nice try, but all too telegraphed to be effective. Try again and win a prize next time perhaps Gramps?" He taunted and jeered toward his older adversary.

Orion would reel back his fist as though to prepare a swing, and though he'd begin to follow through, he'd eventually twist and jump up to kick at Ishi with his left heel while bringing his right elbow downward immediately following the recovery.

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