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Medicine 101(Open to 4)

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1 Medicine 101(Open to 4) on Mon Sep 25, 2017 2:33 pm

Ishi Omo
The school year was starting and he couldn't host most classes at his mansion. He had to host them here, where he could legally mix chemicals in front of children for the sake of education. Though, he didn’t like the idea of children actively mixing chemicals that they didn’t understand. He wasn’t sure if there was anyone who actually wanted this class, as he couldn’t be arsed to actually take a look at the roster of children.

“Finally, a class that has relevance to nothing so that like, no one would join.”

He did, in fact, want people to join. Though, on the other hand, he couldn’t be arsed to deal with children today. He was the man who makes drugs and surgeries or something like that occasionally. He was, most of all, Ishi Omo, the doctor who saved people. Though, one could see that from how he was face-first on the desk behind a bunch of empty vials and various beakers and such.

He wasn’t actually going to create medicine today, but he would have ot work on getting some sort of lesson plan together.

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2 Re: Medicine 101(Open to 4) on Mon Sep 25, 2017 5:26 pm

Friday was roaming through the hallways of the academy, heading towards one of her classes for the day while playing with her hair to help them dry a bit as she had just gotten out of the shower minutes earlier. She would have had more time to be ready if it wasn't for the fact that she had been stuck in a situation with a random gorilla. While this whole situation made her miss breakfast, at least she wasn't sweaty and covered in dirt anymore which was always a pleasant thing.

Arriving at the door to her class, which appeared to be a general medicine class for probably minor injuries and the likes, at least it's what she thought. She figured that some other students would have made it before her, but apparently not as she was rather early, early enough to catch a man -who was possibly the teacher of the class- with his head slammed against the huge desk at the front of the room. Friday figured he had to be sleepy and didn't bother him and instead walked to one of the many free desks and sat down near the back of the room and got her stuff ready, placing pencils and notebook down and waited for the class to begin.

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3 Re: Medicine 101(Open to 4) on Tue Sep 26, 2017 8:25 pm

Terra walked down the halls to her class. Okay,she wasn't walking. She was sprinting to her class,not even bothering to watch where she was going. When she finally got there,she tripped over and dropped everything. When she got up and picked everything up,she noticed that there was already two people there. One was a student and the other she can only assume the teacher. For some reason his face was on the desk. Did he fall asleep? Terra just shook her head and took a seat in the front of the class. She pulled out a bunch of journals and a textbook. She also had some weird beakers in there for some reason. Why did she have these again? Oh yeah,this class is medicine so they might be using chemicals. Terra decided to keep them in her bag since this is just the first class. She faced forward at the teacher and waited for him to wake up and start the lesson.

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4 Re: Medicine 101(Open to 4) on Wed Sep 27, 2017 10:38 am

Ser Lothric Ember
Walking towards the class Lothric had been thinking about what this one would teach him, it was no secret that he held Ishi highly, mostly this was due to how he acted and his apparent skills in combat. Entering the rook he noted the two other students and gave them a small bow with his head, noticing how Ishi had seemingly face planted the desk made Lothric shake his head lightly before he walked closer towards the teacher until he was standing close to his side.

Unsheathing his blade Lothric raised it and held it an inch above Ishi's head before letting out a slight chuckle as he started to speak in his regal manner "Salutations teacher, I doth hope thee hath nay taken thine liberty of death so quickly. It would be such a bothersome experience to preform the act of revival on you this time." using the metal engravings on his sleeve to create sparks by dragging it over the magnesium strip Lothric coated his blade in fire before long while still holding it over Ishi's neck, he wanted for Ishi to wake up but hopefully without an injury but knowing how this teacher could draw out an act as noted by the whole pill ordeal Lothric had the thought that if presenting him with a scenario of possible damage as well as the heat to bother him into moving, Lothric hoped this would be enough.

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5 Re: Medicine 101(Open to 4) on Wed Sep 27, 2017 11:44 am

Ishi Omo
He felt the heat of the blade on his neck. He could guess who it was. It was Lothric. What a wonderful guy, this Lothric chap.

He'd whisper something to Lothric.

"Don't let them know what's coming up is a trick you've seen before."

He dug into his desk, pulled out a pill. It was one of the same type he took every time this class happened. He then removed his arms from under his face, allowing it to hit the desk and then moved his chair back, but when getting up, got cut by Lothric.

"Thanks for the wake-up, Ser Lothric. It was wonderful."

He'd move to in front of his desk. He'd sit in front of it, motioning for Lothric.

"My name is Ishi Omo, Medical teacher. Sometimes man who makes drugs, and sometimes man who makes an arse of himself."

He got up and started walked left, to right, to left, repeatedly. He smiled.

"In this class, we'll learn some basics of medicine and the like. We're also going to go over a little bit about what to do wh-"

In the middle of the scentence, the pill took effect, and he fell face first. He, to most people, would be completely unconsious and possibly dying. He was fully aware of what's happening, but no one would know that but those who attended the class itself before this.

So, Lothric was the only one who was there. They had to figure out what caused it, and what to do. Ishi's breathing would be very shallow, and his pulse seemingly super low. He would laugh but, he was in a mostly comatose state.

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