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Combat Medicine 101(Open to four)

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1 Combat Medicine 101(Open to four) on Mon Sep 25, 2017 2:58 pm

Ishi was awake, for once. Admittedly, that’s because he had reserved a training area. It floor was entirely made of matts, and he was wearing a typical Aikido uniform.  It was one of the main martial arts that their parents had them trained in. He was the one who had to do it. He had to teach people a relevant way to break an arm and put it back to its unbroken form. He’s sure a lot of kids had the ability to do such things.

He found another student that was willing to spar with him for he was rusty.

Ishi took a deep breath in. He watched the boy run towards him, getting ready to attack him with quite the attack. This boy was obviously fast, strong even. However, he was to attack Ishi in the exact way that he shouldn’t. In close combat.

As the boy closed in and started his strike, Ishi would grab the boy and using a mix of the momentum plus Ishi’s sizeable physical strength, he’d force the boy to flip and land on the mats.

“That was a fast and strong strike, however. You didn’t have a plan of attack if it didn’t hit. You must think ahead.”

If one were to arrive on time, they’d see Ishi stood up and the boy on the ground, and the course of events obvious.

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2 Re: Combat Medicine 101(Open to four) on Mon Sep 25, 2017 5:36 pm

Another day, another class, Friday was looking at her schedule for the day and saw that she had to head to the school's training ground. Wearing her gym clothes as she wasn't all too sure of what to expect, she figured that maybe it would be something of the likes of a PE class. Although why of all classes, one with mechanical knowledge would go for something related to medicine? Especially since it was the second class on the subject she was attending. Well to put it simply, why take a class about something you already know? She wanted to learn more, not see what she already knows.

As she went through the door way, she was surprised to see that the one teaching Combat Medicine was the same man teaching Medicine, although she didn't quite know why she was surprised when it actually made a lot of sense. Nonetheless, it was nice to see that it was one less teacher to meet and remember their name. She had arrived a moment too late to see what had happened and could only see that another student was already there, although lying on the ground. Wondering why, Friday walked towards the two of them, waving to her teacher as she approached. "Sup Teach? Beating up children so soon in the morning? Did he deserve it at least?"

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3 Re: Combat Medicine 101(Open to four) on Tue Sep 26, 2017 3:48 pm

Combat, this word had made Lothric quite interested in the current class but he was still slightly confused about how medicine could be done while in a combat situation, while he knew about closing a wound and such might be doable while fighting human or faunus enemies a Grimm would most certainly go for the kill the moment it noticed the wounded. Either way he was interested and any class with Ishi would end up being rather enjoyable and who knew he might get another shot of fighting him this time instead of just being allowed to wound him.

Entering the training area which had been set aside for the class Lothric saw Ishi and a student who was down on the floor, most likely from a move made by Ishi. Just as he was about to greet the teacher he noticed the other student question what Ishi was doing and if he at least had a reason for doing it, Lothric simply chuckled at this and thought about all the potential ridiculous answers the teacher could come up with.

Not wanting to hold his tongue anymore Lothric clapped his hands together a few times while approaching the others, he then spoke with the same regal manner and calm tone which had become his signature speech pattern, "Salutations Teacher, I hope you are doing well from our previous encounter." he then bowed his head deeply in respect before turning his gaze to the other student and bowed down once more.

While bowing Lothric adjusted his sword as it did not sit quite comfortably by his waist and internally cursed the choice of wearing a simple tank-top and shorts with sneakers for this kind of class, but alas he would have no real room to change and wearing armor might just seem a tad excessive in this situation.

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4 Re: Combat Medicine 101(Open to four) on Wed Sep 27, 2017 11:27 am

He looked as kids started filing in.

"I was sparing with him, and I won. That's all."

He stretched and pulled the kid up. He patted him on his back and watched the kid run off.

"Hello, Ser Lothric. Hello..."

Ishi didn't know the others name. He knew that they were quite the short woman, as Lothric was quite the tall chap. He also knew that Lothric was an adept man at combat in all manners.

"Right. I'm Ishi Omo, teacher and doctor. I'm here to show you how to injure people and how to heal those injuries. My certifications are the years and years of training my parents had me go through, and my previous job as an assassin. Both were fruitful in increasing my talent and skill of hand to hand combat."

He, however, was still Ishi Omo. He was still incredibly off about many things when it came to combat. Simply put, while he had skill and experience, he lacked the urge to end fights anymore. He used to, but he's not an assassin anymore.

"State any certifications or skills you have as of current."

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5 Re: Combat Medicine 101(Open to four) on Mon Oct 30, 2017 6:25 pm

Maestus was watching the group of three for some time from a distance, hoping to find an opponent that she wouldn't be worried about hurting, maybe even finding someone that could beat her.  After witnessing who she assumed to be the instructor completely ruin another student, she decided that this class might just be fun for her.  She began walking towards the group and, although the students would be able to see her, she remained out of the instructor's sight.  Not intentionally, it just sort of ended up that way. She had only met one of these students before, the others were still unfamiliar to her, and the one she did know wasn't someone she knew well.  Maestus walked close enough to hear the last sentence the teacher asked, uncertain of the context.  Once she was within reach, she tapped on his shoulder to get his attention, looking down to see his face.  "Hey.  Name's Maestus.  I don't know about certifications, but I'm pretty good at fighting.  At least... I like to think so."

Introducing herself out of nowhere and butting into a conversation wasn't really her favorite way of talking to people, but there wasn't much she could do if she was going to join in on this class.  Come to think of it, she almost forgot to ask about joining in the class late.  "I hope you don't mind, but it seems like you guys are about to do a pretty fun class. I want in."  She wasn't exactly sure about what this class was going to entail, but after witnessing a sparring match, she assumed it'd be about fighting.  Although she didn't get joy out of hurting people, she did enjoy combat.  She couldn't really explain it herself, but it made enough sense to her, even if it was hard to explain to others.  Waving to the other students, she gave them a simple "Hello," before turning her attention back to the instructor.

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6 Re: Combat Medicine 101(Open to four) on Wed Nov 01, 2017 3:23 pm

While listening to Ishi, Lothric couldn't help but smile and wonder about what they were going to be doing, still the whole area and how Ishi was made him bet it would be something with combat and end with how to heal the injuries they had acquired while doing so.

Turning his attention towards the newcomer Lothric gave the features of Maestus a glance over before returning his attention towards Ishi again, when Maestus was done speaking about the skills of fighting it had Lothric couldn't help but smile and it widened slightly as it explained about a wish to join the class and by that point Lothric was running several scenarios through his mind about how to deal with this, but all of this was put on hold as Maestus spoke once more with a short hello. Bowing his head towards it Lothric said in his normal calm and regal voice "Salutations to thee.", while not bothering speaking anything else he returned his attention for the final time towards Ishi as he continued to speak "I am skilled in swordsmanship, battlefield tactics, unarmed combat and can utilize my semblance with great proficiency.".

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7 Re: Combat Medicine 101(Open to four) on Wed Nov 01, 2017 8:47 pm

"Yes, hello Maestus. You may join us, as it seems like we may be short someone."

He looked at the mental image of the class registry and denoted someone missing. So, he decided to let Maestus stand in as a member. He would have to invite her to later classes, the robot was both large and looked physically dominating. He could respect that. Lothy, though, he knew that Lothric was skilled. That was to go without saying. He felt like he could match the Knight in fair combat, though. If it came down to it, Ishi was a scrappy fella.

"To start off this class, let's have a scrap. Lothric, you are to fight Maestus unarmed; Maestus, disarm yourself."

He trusted in Lothric's honor. He hadn't much of an idea about the robot, but he assumed that she liked fighting and that that was enough to keep her somewhat honorable. Somewhat okay, even. That's all he could hope for, and he guessed that was what he was going to get. At least some amusment. Some alrightness. Some mediocreness, even.

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8 Re: Combat Medicine 101(Open to four) on Wed Nov 01, 2017 10:29 pm

After hearing the teacher order her to disarm herself, Maestus flinched and looked at her arms.  "Uhm... That's not happening any time soon," she said, pointing at the tops of her forearms where her claws came from.  "These are a part of me.  Always have been.  Although I haven't tried to take them out, I don't plan on it and would recommend you didn't try to remove them either.  If we aren't using weapons, I'll keep them retracted."  It seemed that the others would just have to trust in her, seeing how she had no idea how to remove her claws if it was even possible to do so in the first place.  She stepped towards the other student, Lothric.

Sizing up the man, she wasn't sure what to think.  Sure, she had a good two or three inches on him, but in an unarmed fight, this might not be a very big factor.  As far as she could tell from how he spoke and his attitude towards the teacher, he seemed like he was at least decent towards others, which she could respect.  Raising her fists in a standard boxing stance, she spoke the words, "Nice to meet you, Lothric. I hope you like fighting as much as I do."  After finishing her sentence, the gold on her body would flash a molten gold color for just a moment.  This wasn't really on purpose, it's just that she never fought anybody with just her fists before and this seemed like it'd be exciting.

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9 Re: Combat Medicine 101(Open to four) on Sat Nov 04, 2017 7:21 pm

Lothric chuckled lightly as he was set up to spar with the newcomer, not that he hadn't seen this coming and even if it wasn't against Maestus he might have been forced to fight Ishi in this manner and while that might have been a more interesting fight Lothric knew that considering Ishi that he might have played a few tricks on him while fighting.

Taking the sheathed sword and throwing it to Ishi Lothric looked at him and said in a sinister tone "Please teacher do be careful with Sanctus Ignis or I may do something we both will regret. Oh also I will want it back after this." turning his attention back towards Maestus he gave it a warm smile before bowing his head and saying in a warm and calm voice "Indeed, it shall be quite interesting fighting you with only fists.".

While he may have been thought to enter a fighting stance Lothric simply kept his normal stance and looked at Maestus as strategies started to fill his thoughts, landing on a favored one when fighting opponents like it, Lothric smiled once more before saying in a cold tone "I await you, as well as both the skill and fervor you bring. Now let us start this duel.".

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