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Kosuke Kaneshiro [FIN]

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1 Kosuke Kaneshiro [FIN] on Wed Sep 27, 2017 11:57 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Kosuke Kaneshiro
Age: 20
Birthday: July 15
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 172 Lbs.
Face Claim: Random Uchiha OC (Naruto)

STR: 5
DEF: 3
RES: 2
SPT: 2
Aura 170|130 HP

Major: Combat Major (Specialized Hunter)
Likes: Training, Fighting and Good food
Dislikes: His own cooking, the creatures of Grimm, those who would disrespect his parents legacy.
Fears: Failing to honor the promise he made his family, Death before he can live up to his parebts legacy, and spiders.. those things are evil.
Talent: Fighting
Weakness Cooking
Overall Personality: Kosuke is a very serious man. From the time his parents died to the present he is often seen as distant or apathetic to those he doesn’t know. He is very kind and loyal to those that he does know however and is very protective and kind to any he considers precious. Despite his often aloof behavior, he can be quite friendly and outgoing around his friends. When he is in a fight is when Kosuke is the most happy, it is as if all his problems fade away and all he focuses on is winning the battle at hand. When he loses a battle, instead of getting upset or frustrated, he will remember the fight over and over again looking for ways he could improve himself.

Aura type: Healing
Aura Color: Light Blue
Semblance: Lightning Manipulation: With this ability, Kosuke is able to manifest and utilize lightning or electricity in his attacks. From launching bolts of lightning from his finger tips to shrouding his fists in electricity, the usage of this technique are practically limitless.
Item 1: Ripper Storm appears as a greatsword that spans 5’ in length and just over 4” in width. The metal appears a smooth black and silver color with the hilt and guard appearing to be golden. While it is a large sword, Kosuke typically wields it with one hand, leaving his other open to counter or block. It has a small metal cable coming from the bottom of the hilt. It is around half an inch thick and is capable of stretching to around 5 feet long. This allows for a slightly longer reach if Kosuke decided to throw the blade and use the cable to guide it.
Ripper Storm:

Item 2: Armor: Kosuke’s armor appears as simple black chain mail tucked under his clothes. It seems to be weak compared to the usual armor seen around, but in fact it is quite durable. It covers is chest, back and arms well. He wears black plate armor over his shins and has metal plates woven into his clothes above his thighs. This all protects his vital areas without sacrificing too much on movability.

History and Sample
Kosuke was born to Mito and Koji Kaneshiro, both well renowned Hunter and Huntress respectively.  They often told Kosuke tales of when they went on hunts and slayed the creatures of Grimm. In the first few years of his life, he was awestruck by their stories and aspired to become a hunter himself like his parents. His Grandfather was also a well-known hunter who had retired many years ago. At the age of ten, Kosuke’s parents died on one of their hunts and he was sent to live with his grandfather. That is when his life and personality took drastic turns. He became much more serious and apathetic to almost everyone around him. He convinced his Grandfather to begin training him in the ways of a hunter. The first three years went by extremely slowly as it turns out his grandfather was a slave driver when it came to physical training. He spent hours pounding the training katas into Kosuke’s skull. Not only did he learn the basic forms for a few different fighting styles, he worked on improving his own physical fitness. The next two years were spent with his Grandfather helping him learn to harness and utilize his Aura and train his Semblance. It took him many hours of training, often training for multiple days without more than the required rest. It was after he had reached an acceptable level of the combat aspect, Kosuke’s Grandfather decided that it was time to train him in the ways of forging a weapon. It took many, many tries but after three years of hard work, he managed to perfectly craft a sword. Shortly after he finished his blade and learned a few katas for using it, his Grandfather passed away in his sleep. For the next two years, Kosuke gained experience hunting down Creatures of Grimm and killing them using his blade. Recently he was accepted into Syne Academy and is slated to begin his first semester very soon.
RP Sample:
It was a slightly chilly day, the leaves were rustling as the breeze blew through them. There was a single person standing in the cemetery their black trench coat flaying in the wind. If the odd clothing didn’t draw ones attention, then the shoulder length, snow white hair would. But, surely, if the hair didn’t, then the massive five foot long blade on the man’s back would. It was none other than Kosuke Kaneshiro, visiting his parents and grandfathers graves. “I am headed out today. I was accepted to Syne Academy to undergo training to become a hunter. I just came here to say that I swear I will make you all proud, and I will uphold the legacy you have placed on my shoulders.” As he turned to walk away, a lone tear fell from his eye. He approached a man in black who was waiting to take him to the Airship port. It would surely be a daunting task to face the Academy, but Kosuke had to do his best to uphold not only his parent’s memories, but his Grandfathers as well.

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