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Big Buster (Solo/Hunt)

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1 Big Buster (Solo/Hunt) on Sun Oct 01, 2017 10:30 am

Flash Driver
Flash Driver wasn't exactly known for training or going on missions. It was uncommon for androids to train, especially of Flash's... type? He could download combat data and it wasn't as though he gained muscle tone or anything. The only thing Flash really had to learn for himself was utilising his semblance, being that semblances varied by person to some degree and finding I direct set of videos on a semblance which matched yours was indeed difficult. The tall droid had been making his way into the forrest for quite some time, taking care not to crush any plants in their now wilting state. He tried not to think too much about them, but he didn't want to hurt them that much was for certain. It was best to just leaf them alone.

Holstered over his back, on a simple string bandoleer, was his weapon; a shotgun painted black in order to differentiate it from the rest of his body. He really didn't like being compared to an item which could actively hurt people... even if he kind of was one by design? It was a weird and scary thing to think about, and certainly not what he was currently focusing on. No instead his processors were wholly focused on scanning his surrounding for grimm, be it those smaller biting things he had encountered at the school or something bigger like those birdies. No matter what, he was out to find something; scanning the area with his eyes... eyes the location of which no one truly knew. Checking his GPS, on his scroll which he had modified and combined with his body, and finding himself quite deep into the forrest he decided to finally draw his weapon from his back and turn the safety off. It was indeed loaded, six shells already within. He felt calm and collected, safe in knowing he was a titanic hunk of metal; out there just doing his best!

The area he was currently in was quite cramped, through the trees above had begun to thin their leaves. On the ground deep, broken blue, leaves were scattered across the ground. With each of his heavy metal steps there was a titanic crunch. While he was not feeling any particularly negative emotions, he wasn't exactly subtle.

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