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An unexpected encounter (open)

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1An unexpected encounter (open) Empty An unexpected encounter (open) on Sun Oct 01, 2017 12:28 pm

The city of Bellmuse was calm, the sun is high in the sky. Loghan is sitting in a bar awaiting his new contract, the wolf pendant hanging around the young bounty hunter's neck.

He did not receive any information on the contract but the last time he was abandoned from the beginning, people moved as and when. Loghan's sword remains on his back but the only thing he was afraid of is that his way of holding himself may seem scary and that his client is going away.

His mind wandered a bit thinking about what had happened to him and the person he met on his journeys through Remnant. He wonders if one day he would see the people he saved, but he wonders where his parents are today.

Then his instinct informs him that someone is approaching him but he prefers to wait because he does not want to make a false idea, but he nevertheless wishes that his client is not lost his day to stay in this bar has cheap beer drinking and smoking cigarettes.

'Pity, tell me it's my client I'm sick of waiting here, I could have done things much more useful than staying like an idiot here.'

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2An unexpected encounter (open) Empty Re: An unexpected encounter (open) on Sun Oct 01, 2017 4:52 pm

Kedron walked in a black trenchcoat over his clothes, slicked down hair, and a scarf wrapped over his mouth and some of his head muffling his voice and further concealing his appearance, as well as contact lenses which made his eyes appear dark green. His sight dropped onto Loghan. Ah, good he's still here. Putting this outfit together took a little longer then expected. He thought walking up to the bounty hunter and seating himself next to him.

"Unfortunately I kept you waiting longer then intended." He said simply his voice a bit deeper and muffled by the scarf, "There is one thing I want of you now, and two options for your payment. The first, is five hundred lien after you've completed the mission, the second is more up to you. A favor perhaps, if it's reasonable. Before I continue I want to know just which price you need. And how secret you're willing to keep this."

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3An unexpected encounter (open) Empty Re: An unexpected encounter (open) on Sun Oct 01, 2017 5:33 pm

Loghan looks at the man next to him, he thinks of his offer because it is rare that someone offers him a contract with alternatives other than to give him money for his services.
Loghan was often hired as a mercenary when bonuses were scarce but that meant he was doing his job well.

The big question is what the man has to say about him has as objective, but the fact of being able to ask him what he wants within the limit of the reasonable one is much too tempting and if he makes call to him it is that he knows a minimum of the organized crime environment, so if he thinks logically he might have information about his parents or at least be able to help him harvest it.

He can not afford to let this happen, so he decides to accept the offer.

"I am ready to accept the contract against a very important favor for me and to reassure you I know to keep a secret, you have my word as a bounty hunter but if you want I would like information about the purpose of this contract. "

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4An unexpected encounter (open) Empty Re: An unexpected encounter (open) on Sun Oct 01, 2017 11:04 pm

Kedron looked at the bounty hunter for a moment considering his choice, and choice of words, before responding, "Very well, equal value for value permitting." He said before moving onto the other question and looking forwards.
"The purpose. Well, I'm sure it'd be clear by the job I need you to complete. Humans, they're mostly disgusting creatures, I intend on making it clear that their unjust discrimination against Faunus does not go unpunished." He reached into his coat withdrawing a full face grimm mask but keeping it mostly concealed so not to bring attention, and with it a hooded cloak. "Tomorrow, or the day after, I want you to attack someone in the police, a particular person not just some random person. I want you to attack Atlas Liandry, you probably won't win. But I don't expect you to do this until you die, or even kill him. If he dies that's not an issue, but it isn't the goal." he pulled out a folded sheet of paper, inside of which simply said, For those of you who foolishly work among cowardly humans who either ignore, contribute, or fail to protect the Faunus discriminated against. Consider this a warning,

"Make sure that is left behind where they'll get it, then get out. Just two more things, avoid speaking, and avoid using your semblance if at all possible. I'm aware how unusual of a job this is, but I fully intend on attempting to fulfill the return that should arise to my own abilities and reasoning." He awaited the response.

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