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Quote The Raven, Nevermore (Open/Halloween-Event/Open To Eight)

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Autumn was beginning to eat away at Skylight forrest, green leaves turning to orange before wilting away entirely. It was sad yes but despite that, in the heart of the forrest's clearing, festivities were taking place. A stage had been built in the clearings centre; decorated with ghosts and pumpkins of orange, black and white colours! Dark curtains were now drawn, but bellow there was a crowd of many! Mostly the young adults had gathered for this special occasion, a Halloween concert in the dead of night as the cracked moon shone from above, but that was not the only draw to citizens and hunters alike! Just beyond the clearing, where the city paves met the green many traditional carnival games had been set up; from bottle stands to darts to basketball hoops to the strongman test to apple bobbing and many others! There were even a number of smaller rides to go on such as a ferris wheel. The rides and games were not currently active, power had been sapped from that region and all was pointed at the stage. Bright orange and white lights lit it in preparation for the upcoming event. Behind the curtain, not yet drawn open, strode back and forth a young woman in the palest white makeup, piercing red eyes and a billowy black victorian dress. She muttered to herself, speaking mantra in an attempt to overcome her stage-fright.

"Once upon a midnight dreary, while I ponder, weak and weary; over what is quaint and forgotten..." Young Eggy Alisa Poe, an upcoming musical prodigy and quickly becoming popular in goth and grunge communities, was preparing for her first ever show live on stage... and it was a big one. It was supposed to be bigger granted, but with the kingdoms currently struggling to find themselves, her Manager had only managed to get her this gig. "Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal no mortals ever dared to dream before..." She hadn't felt something like this before, this sensation in her stomach... this sweat on her brow. From the sidelines her manager attempted to comfort her, tell her this was the first step to bigger things, not to worry, but this would fall on deaf ears. No matter the gain, she couldn't help but fear the fall. Was fortune worth this awful feeling? This pounding in her head, these palpitations of the heart? She felt as though her bones were turning to mush beneath her fingertips, like they might dare slip out from beneath her skin and shoot across the floor. "Ghastly Grimm and ancient Raven wandering from the nightly shore, q-qouthe the Raven..."

She took the centre, grasping at the microphone. Behind her a violinist stood, old and practiced lacking the fear she did... but in his eyes she saw only distance. He was afraid she'd ruin this night for her, ruin his reputation. She swallowed hard, her black painted nails rapping against the cold plastic of the microphone. He flowing black dress had grown wet from sweat, she could feel the makeup running down her face. The mic not on she spoke aloud as the curtains began to part, closing her eyes as screams filled the air; "Open here I flung the shutter, when, with many a flirt and flutter..."

Black curtains fully opened she dared to look out to the crowd, but hanging above them were beasts alike no other. Brought on by her own fear of a show she was yet to perform, her fear to plunge into the deep. Feathers began to flit downward slowly toward the stage, landing as though they were the branches of trees. Pointing out toward them, shouting over the active microphone; "N-Nevermore!"


Three Nevermore Hp: 300 Each, Defence 3 RES/DEF Hard Difficulty

Black wings hung over the crowd, each fiver meters in diameter, a distance of roughly ten meters above the tallest head in the crowd. Three sets of red eyes pierced the dark, eying the girl on the stage; but due to a loud scream behind her the primary target of their first attack shifted. A feather from each was thrown forth, with a single wing flap the feather would fly above the crowd and pierce into the source of the screams. It was the violinist, who had looked on at Eggy with such ire. His bowstring was torn in two as he was spread, feathers piercing his leg and chest as he hit the deck. It was unclear whether he was unconscious or dead, not that the majority of the crowd seemed to care. His screams were now being echoed bellow, civilians rushing this way and that in an attempt to escape the arena.

The birds would not hesitate in attacking those bellow, rising higher above clearing before spreading their wings wide. Their white helmets reflecting the moonlight; with a single flap of their wings each would send forth a barrage of feathers. These were without target, simply an attempt at crowd control and to better contain the humans/faunus. Immediately the clearing was cut down to a third of it's size, a rough ring of black wings creating a fence to keep people trapped. Now it would be like shooting fish in a barrel, or whatever the Grimm equivalent phrase would be. With a tremendous screech, the three would stare down at their prized prisoners. The birds flew a good fifteen meters above the group, any hunters would have to mount the feathers or leap should they want to damage the birds with their semblances. Soon death would be brought upon them...

All the while Eggy stood still on centre stage; the light sapped from her scarlet eyes. She was shellshocked, she had expected things to go badly... but she had certainly not anticipated this. In her fear she would run back, further behind the curtains and curl up into a ball. Reciting dark poetry to herself in an attempt to regain control, her manager had long since fled. She was alone back there. As such, due to her emotional state, every so often the Nevermore's beaks would twitch in her direction; as if the fear was calling to them. Her fear rivalled that of the entire group bellow!

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Jaiden watched the woman's hesitation with a bit of pity, and just an ounce of amusement she felt ashamed for somewhat, she'd come mostly for a variety of reasons. To see some of the events, try her hand at a few maybe, if they were free, possibly find someone with something actually interesting to talk to.

Her pitied smile vanished as her head twitched towards the Nevermore as poet screamed pointing to it. It wasn't long before things were descending into chaos and Jaiden was happy her equipment was so easy to carry around that she could have it on her. She withdrew her knife, eyes bouncing from grimm to grimm noticing the encirclement, as well as the occasional twitch in the direction of the poet hiding behind the curtains. That could be useful, but she wasn't quite sure how yet. She needed to calm these people first, and/or get them out. Hopefully other hunters or huntresses were present who could help out with that, but for now she needed to take action.

If I end up on my own during this I'm absolutely screwed. Heck even with help this is going to be ridiculously difficult She thought as she had to start using her semblance to sweep herserlf out of the way as a barrage of feathers rushed towards her.

"Contain yourselves! It's imperative you feel as few emotions as possible, particularly negative ones do so and this might get a lot easier." She shouted using her semblance again to throw herself off her feet upwards in a gust of wind, while and applying her fire dust to her dagger. Let's get this started shall we? She grinned with the excitement of the fight, even though she knew odds were not presently in her favor.

As she closed in on the first one she intended on attacking it twice, both slashes aimed at it's wings, before trying to run off of it and jab her knife into the second one.


Hp: 100/100
Sp: 180 (Semblance used twice for movement)

Used tier 1 fire dust on knife

Two slashes to first nevermore: Damage 70 (Not adding defense)
One slash to second nevermore: Damage 35 (Not adding defense)

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Valerie wouldn't have missed a festival like this for the world, with rides, games, and the reading of poetry. This had been something nice to do that would take her mind off of her studies if only for a bit. She did not hesitate to bring her handgun, as well as wear her Atma gauntlet, just as she always did anyway.  
So, how coincidental it was that work would come rearing its ugly head anyway. She had noticed the feathers at a moment similar to the poet on the stage had, and thus was springing into action at quite the advantageous time. A feather from the Nevermore would come down directly on top of Valerie, leaving her with narrowly enough time to extend her shield and make note of the sparks that came off as the feather scraped against it, barely knocked off course.

This observation was greatly overshadowed by her own focus as she made a mad dash for one of the most sturdy booths at the carnival. Valerie dropped her shield and did her best to climb, utilizing the grip reinforcement that wearing a gauntlet gave to her, as she found herself at least a few meters above the rest of the crowd. She would extend her shield once more, as she drew her sidearm and began to fire at the first Nevermore she could spot, utilizing the laser on her pistol to easily find the bird in the night sky. She would then shout to the crowd.

"Do not worry! I will be your guardian! Find shelter and let us watch over you!" Valerie was now scanning the field for anyone injured or in the way of danger that she could provide support to.


Hp: 110/110
Sp: 200/200

Actions taken: Climbed onto a small booth and fired 2 shots at the First Nevermore.

2 Shots: 35 + 35 Dam (No Def applied)

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Maestus watched the singer in curiosity, even if she wanted to be angry with her at first.  When she heard about this arrangement with games that she'd never heard of and, most importantly music to listen to, she had to come and see if it was going to be as great as she thought.  She was worried she'd be kicked out at first, since she accidentally activated her semblance when she tried the strongman test, practically destroying the thing.  Now, she was more worried about this poor singer, seemingly on the brink of screaming.  Well, until she sorta did.  She watched, almost in shock as the giant birds sent their feathers around the crowd, keeping them from escaping.

This was supposed to be a good night.  This was supposed to be a time for Maestus to finally show people that she was more than some freakishly tall robot of destruction.  She was so close to extending her claws and going into a frenzy, but she had to remember what she was taught about her anger.  She wasn't sure how to help the crowd so far, but after watching one of the band members get absolutely ruined by some feathers, she had to try and help out the singer. After all, she still wanted to hear what her voice could do.

As she ran towards the stage, Maestus activated her semblance.  Surprisingly, she wasn't even that angry when she did it, and it was still at full strength!  She would have to look into that.  Maybe it was because of some sort of heroic duty or something, but that seemed too cliche and Maestus had bigger things to worry about.  Running towards some of the feathers on the ground, she picked up a feather and threw it at one specific Nevermore, repeating the process three more times and making sure she was throwing it at the same bird.  Although, not using her claws started to stress her out, it felt good fighting in a newer way.

After having her fun throwing feather javelins, she continued to sprint through the crowd.  Due to her larger body, higher density and the strength of all of her limbs, she plowed through anybody that could've gotten in the way.  After realizing that she was hurting people somewhat, she settled for jumping over those that she couldn't run past.  She eventually made her way to the stage and hopped onto it, but the fearful woman that was standing there was gone.  Maestus looked around confused, and watched one of the birds.  One of the birds seemingly twitched it's head towards Maestus, but why?  She wasn't afraid, and she heard that Grimm were mainly attracted to negative emotions.  The violinist wasn't going to feel many emotions either, if he was dead like she assumed him to be.  Turning around to look for a person scared enough to get the Grimm's attention, she decided to tear through the curtains, almost slicing up the girl who seemed to be taking a... defensive position?

A cruel thought was brewing in Maestus's head.  Those giant annoying birds seemed to get a little distracted by this girl's fear.  If I could make that fear even stronger, they'd have a harder time trying to kill off the crowd, right?  Of course, she couldn't just make her scared and leave.  She probably wasn't nearly as good at dodging as Maestus.  Looking around for a solution to this, she spotted a rope on a pulley system. "Ha... yes." She had to laugh to herself about this stroke of genius.  Of course she wasn't going to let this girl get hurt.  She was going to take a hit if it seemed like avoiding a feather would hurt the girl, and as soon as she got hurt at all Maestus would hide her.  For now, she had to execute her plan.

She grabbed the girl by the back of her clothing, holding her up to Maestus's face to speak with her.  "Hello. I'm Maestus.  I know you're afraid and you're probably not in the mood to be scared but..." She didn't even wait to hear her reaction to this foreshadowing she gave the girl.  She set the girl on her feet, waited just a moment, then sweeped her legs to topple her to the ground. "I'm really sorry about this. I'm not this mean usually, but I need you to scream." She tied the rope around the girl, making knots that she was fairly certain would hold her weight, then lifted the girl to Maestus's back to tie her to her shoulders.  The whole process took a bit longer than expected, since Alisa probably wasn't too willing to be tied up after witnessing a traumatic event and being tied up afterwards, but she eventually had the singer tied to her back.  Maestus turned her head to the right so the girl could hear her better before roaring out the word, "SCREAM."

She jumped and tore through the curtains before sprinting to the middle of the stage.  Too keep the singer terrified, she started to do acrobatic moves and high jumps to make what Maestus thought was pretty close to a roller coaster experience. "HEY! BIRDS! LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME AND PANIC!"


HP: 200/200
SP: 90/100 (Semblance used) -10

Actions taken: Tied an unwilling victim to her back in an attempt to get the Nevermore to focus on her instead of the crowd.

4 Buffed Featherspearthings: 160 damage if hit, no weapon level bonus added.

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Terra was actually having a good day for once. She went to this festival,played some games,listened to music. Then all of a sudden three massive Nevermore came down from the sky and ruined it all. Now Terra is stuck in a ring of feathers with a bunch of panicking people. For some reason,the things keep twitching their beaks in direction of the stage. Terra decided to take action and ran over to one of the feathers and ripped it out of the ground. She chucked it at the first Nevermore and another at the second. She made a platform with her semblance and raised herself to the same elevation as the Nevermore. She made some giant spears with her semblance and struck them down on the third Nevermore. She moved the platform over to the stage and jumped down to the violinist. She observed his wounds,and even though she isn't a medical major,she could obviously say he is dead. She turned around just to see her dorm mate jumping around with the singer on her back. That must be the source of the fear. That singer must be so scared,that all of the other people's fear is shadowed by it. Terra just made a bow with her semblance and prepared to attack the Nevermore.

Feather throw:15 damage on Nevermore A
Feather throw:15 damage on Nevermore B
Two spear throws:40 damage on Nevermore C

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A deep breath was done before all the things happened. He had been asked to supervise this whole thing, and had arrived a few moments late. It was Ishi, so that wasn't to be unexpected. What he didn't like or expect was the simple fact that there was 3 nevermores standing around, and a bot that was running off with what he guessed was the fear buffet.

Ishi was standing in his lab coat and jeans, with sandals on. He was here to listen to garbage poetry and occasionally hit kids who decided that drinking was a good idea over the head. He, as of the current moment, was trying to figure out what to do. He had a good few assumptions, many likely false. That was no matter, though. It was simply a matter of being birds in a cage. That was a simple tactic.

It was a proven tactic not to mention. He'd stand there, waiting.

"God. If Kir could see me right now, she'd be laughing her arse off. Probably drunk."

He looked at the feather cage and wasn't quite sure what to do. There was students starting the attack on the grimm, while he would have to wait and see what was to go on. They were big grimm who were hunting.

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Nevermore A Hp: 205 (On top of Stage)
Nevermore B (Airborne on Stage Right) Hp:300
Nevermore C (Landed on the Ground) Hp: 280
Level 5 Defence 3 RES/DEF Hard Difficulty

The bird's attempt to create further panic seemed to have gone off without a hitch. The screams and turmoil had remained, despite the loud shouting of a girl from atop one of the site's various attractions. It was at this point that a female faunus would leap out and upward on a gust of wind, her blade drawn and imbued with flame she would slash one bird twice; resulting in an ear-wretching screech. Not out of pain no, but out of surprise that one had the gal to challenge it. It's allies, hearing this call, would ascend even higher into the air; resulting in the girl's launch from the first bird to the next falling short. Should she fail to correct her path she would be flying quite rapidly toward the tree-line. As it would begin to ascend two more shots, similarly bothersome rather than painful, would strike the bird; coming from the blonde girl.

It would be at this that the bird would screech once-more; a single spear thrown by an android sticking out of it's abdomen as it let forth a powerful wind and begun to rise. With a great gust of wind it would propel itself upward; blowing back the remaining spears thrown toward it by the ram faunus and android before quickly taking roost upon the stage's roof; it's wings drawn wide. Tracking the path of fear escaping the clearing with it's beady red eyes it caught sight of a person in it's general direction; the blonde haired girl standing high above the crowds. Without hesitation it would fan a wind, the might of which would result in the shaking of the construction she stood on before three feathers would find themselves racing toward her.

The two other birds were doing much better, having risen so high above even the stage now that they were becoming difficult to see, the ram faunus feather throw to one of them would simply fall short as a result of this increased elevation but as it shifted left and right in the air one of the birds wings would be caught by the construct. Shaking this injury off almost imediately the bird would without hesitation dive directly down toward the girl; before she could even move from her constructed platform. It would race toward her like a bullet intent on ramming her. Whether it would succeed or not, breaking through the construct platform regardless, the bird would land in the feather circle's centre and raise it's wings.

Meanwhile, backstage, poor Eggy Poe would be very surprised to find herself being assaulted and bound from some perversion of man, deer and machine complied into one. Upon being grabbed the girl would flail wildly, sobbing as she did so; no less than three potential attacks beings swung at the machine. These consisted of two flailing backward karate-esq chops and a strong attempt to kick the machine in it's right shin... regardless of these attempts however she would eventually be bound and hoisted onto the android's back... yet at her call to scream the girl would fall silent. She was shellshocked, almost entirely catatonic her fear was so great. If the machine had recieved any blows from the girl it might have been around then that she would notice, the red marks on her paintwork... they were blood. The girl's own blood from striking hard metal. This girl had no aura... and she had just brought her into a warzone. Almost immediately two of the three birds would set out to attack the android and their hostage; the grounded bird firing forth one feather while the only bird still airborne would shoot another two. Coming from opposite directions, the grounded bird being in front of the pair while the airborne bird was to the upper right. If the android hadn't noticed the blood and taken proper action, if she would run with Eggy on her back, the wearing of heavy ropes against the poor girl's skin would make it more apparent that she had no aura; eventually small would would begin to open over the android and blood would leak.

It may have been thought of as... curious why the bird atop the stage did not attack the pair. but this was for good reason, you see if one were to pay close enough attention to the violinist rather than the girl they would have noticed... he was groaning, death was nearing him could he not be stabilised, but as it stood he was very much alive. In a fear not dissimilar to the girls, not brought on by his failure but by the pain he was in. The bird atop the stage would screech, it's weight denting the roof and sending a series of stage-lights cascading to the ground. Almost daring someone to come to his aid.

Jaiden your attacks, going by your stats do 30 not 35 per hit ^^ 4 spt x 5 = 20. + Dust used level x 10 = 30. Terra do not make assumptions on the npc in plot thread in the future, this being more-so important for the violinist than the girl as I'm sure you have read in this post. Also you do not have as many actions as you listed, you made your platform which counts as one of your 4.

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Jaiden grimaced as she heard the nevermore screech and saw the other rise before she could reach it. Her first attack had barely scratched the surface essentially, and her next apparently wouldn't be taking place at all. Well that was almost flipping useless. She thought spreading out her limbs to try and slow her descent as much as possible as she used her semblance to create a burst of wind against her fall and at an angle trying to allow her to land into a run. Unfortunately, she was just high enough to be going really fast, and not high enough to fully get ready before the ground was catching up to her. As she reached the ground she slammed into it more then landed, and grunted with the pain. Not enough to cause serious injury, plenty to hurt. Healing aura will help but I can't rely on that to much.

She looked around at those who were present, some had shown up and were trying to help, she didn't really know most of them except... Maestus? She thought looking at the android running around with the poet tied up, but she also noticed the Nevermore didn't seem to be going after Maestus and the poet, but instead staying atop a roof over which Jaiden could barely see a barely alive violinist. Realization dawned on her, Crap. She ran towards the violinist as fast as she could, while yelling back at Maestus, "Hey Maestus. Careful with her, she doesn't seem to be taking those ropes well. Get her away if you're able but they don't seem to be paying attention."

She leapt into the air using a gust of wind to assist her flying around and up from the side hopefully not drawing too much attention from the nevermore atop the stage, and then applying her fire dust to her knife trying to preform three slices this time aimed towards it's wing hopefully catching fire.


SP: 160
HP: 95

Used semblance twice, once during fall, once during fall, once to get up the stage.

Three tier 1 fire dust strikes at nevermore A wing with intent to cause burning:
Damage if hit (defense not included): 90 + For every 20 damage the burned-player deals the burned-player takes 5 damage

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Though, the shaking of the booth would unbalance her down to her knee, that only aided her in being safe from the oncoming feathers as her shield was more effective when she was kneeling. The first feather would dink off of the shield, the second would push her back, and the third would knock her off off the platform she had climbed onto.

She landed prone on the ground, and quickly started to get up, spotting the violinist pinned under the feathers and Terra nearby. She would start to sprint from her kneeling position toward the stage, folding her shield so she could go faster and shouting on the way to every available student and huntsman. "I need a hand here!"

Valerie made it to the stage, sliding over top of it rather than wasting time on the stairs. Quickly throwing herself between the Nevermore and the injured man, but finding no time to raise her shield again. Instead, she faced her back toward the Nevermore, standing over the violinist, and unfolded her wings and spread her arms, seeking to prevent anymore damage from coming to him from the falling light fixtures or the grimm. She simply stood, bared and braced for the pain of being hit by falling lights or the Nevermore while she kept him safe.

In her opinion, this was the best option for now. Removing the feathers without being able to heal him soon after would only lead to massive blood loss, and to try to heal him in this dangerous situation would be foolish. For now, she would protect him, casting a barrier upon herself, and waiting for assistance.

Hp: 110/110
Sp: 180/200

Actions taken: Blocked the feathers aimed at her with her shield, but promptly sprinted to the rescue of the wounded man, throwing herself in the way of any sort of danger to him and forming a barrier around herself to help eat the damage.

Barrier: 20 DAM for 20 Aura

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After jumping around for a bit, doing her best to stay out of the way of those incoming feathers of death, Maestus's attention was taken for a moment by someone calling her name.  "What?! What do- oh." It was Jaiden, somebody she met out on the town a while ago, but just now she warned her about the person tied to Maestus's back, getting her to sprint to cover to check up on her.  She had hoped that whatever it was Jaiden was warning her about was an exaggeration, but she was horrified to find out that it was worse than what she said.  

The singer was bleeding from trying to strike back at her a moment ago, and the ropes were practically tearing into her skin.  Maestus sliced the ropes off, doing her best to not cause anymore damage to the girl, no matter how minor.  "Oh... oh no... I'm so sorry! I..."  Now wasn't the time for apologies.  She tried her best to be as gentle as possible while picking her up, and she brought her to a spot that seemed like it would be a decent place to hide behind the stage. "I know someone that can take care of you later. Stay put."  Turning back to face the creatures, she heard a familiar voice call out for some assistance, but she only spotted the source after a moment as Valerie slid onto the stage.  Maestus made her way to follow her, and only now remembered the violinist that was skewered by one of the first attacks.

Rushing to her ally's help, she shouted out, "Get him help, if you can! I'll see if I can stop these from hitting you two..."  She wasn't confident in her abilities in catching a weaponized giant feather, but taking a hit wouldn't be too bad, right?


HP: 200/200
SP: 90/100

Actions taken: Took the victim off of her back and hid her somewhere backstage, using herself as a human shield for Valerie.

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Oh crud. There is a giant Nevermore heading towards her. Terra jumped off of the platform and raised the platform above her,bracing herself for the attack. When the Nevermore crashed through the platform she got hit in the process and flew back a little bit. These things are strong,really strong. Terra stood up and grabbed her leg. She winced a little and made another spear with her semblance. Alright you stupid bird,time to die. She threw the construct at the bird and made a hand with her semblance. She dug it deep in the ground and threw a chunk of earth at the Nevermore,specifically at the Nevermore's eyes. She turned around and noticed the Nevermore hovering over the stage. Is that Valerie? And Maestus? Terra darted over to their aid and threw another spear at the Nevermore. She  stopped at the last second when she saw another Nevermore. This is bad. Really bad.

Blocked attack from Nevermore C:-40 damage with defense and armor,-20 aura
Attacked Nevermore C with construct:20 semblance damage,-20 aura
Attacked Nevermore A with construct:20 semblance damage,-20 aura

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Ishi sighed. This was not what he needed in his life. At this rate, his occasional trips to the stores were going to become far more often. People dying wherever he went, you'd think this is Ishi in his 20s. Sadly, as Ishi knew all too well, he was past the 30yr old hump. That made him old as tar and sometimes older.

He dug into his pockets, pulling out a cigarette. He'd stick in his mouth, and then in short matter, light it with a lighter before shoving it back into his pocket. Taking a drag from his cigarette, he'd start to move towards the stage; evading people. He noticed that Valerire, a star student, had decided to put her body on the line again. Jeez, she was reckless to an extreme. She couldn't just walk away, no! She just had to help people. What good was that when you got hurt every time?

Plus, these other characters who decided to fight these grimm, including the bot that decided to run off with bad emotion lady. He was almost entirely sure that the grimm and co were being pricks right now, and he didn't want to deal with it. Once he arrived, dodging past people and ignoring the grounded grimm alike, he sighed.

"Val, if you're still alive; condition of patient?"

He'd unsheath his sword and look at the grimm around him, and get ready to parry the various pricks that have decided to ignore the fact that this was a school function. He was grumpy, frustrated even. Simply put, he could have just, not done this, and been alright.

He knew that the bot had taken the hit but it wasn't like grimm feathers couldn't ruin metal and go straight through.

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Eggy Alisa Poe

Eggy's day was going from bad to worse; first the concert had been ruined, second she had been tied up and third she was bleeding. This strange deer, robot thing was attempting to apologise as she cut the poor girl free of the binds... but Eggy was in a near catatonic state. Her eyes had gone dark, her frightened expression had faded... she was seemingly unconscious. Perhaps she had gone into shock? Regardless, unless forced, she would not be moving from behind the stage for quite some time. Her breathing was shallow and her fist bloodied.

Nevermore A Hp: 140 (On top of Stage, above centre stage)
Nevermore B (Airborne on Stage Right) Hp:300
Nevermore C (Landed on the Ground) Hp: 260
Level 5 Defence 3 RES/DEF Hard Difficulty

As the blonde girl raced toward the stage the bird atop the rafters, Nevermore A, would flick down a single feather; directed to pierce through the semblance-shield and (due to positioning) through the blonde's skull. After all, the droid was stationed before the girl... not above her. It was primed to send forth even more feathers only for a brown haired woman to pop up before it; riding on a gust of wind. Opening it's wings in preparation to fight, it had been distracted by the pair on the stage for much too long. Strikes would land; one, two and three! Alas, while the girl had intended so scorch the giant bird but it's reaction would prevent such. Feeling the burn it would hop backward, the stage beneath shaking and creaking as it did so, and quickly clap it's massive wings together. Two feathers would race for the girl, quite close to one-another and aimed to hit her centre chest as well as her lower waist. Behind it however would be a frankly ludicrous gust of wind, after the feathers had passed or pierced her she would need to deal with this gale-force lest she fall again. As this happened however a magical spear would pierce the nevermore's side, the mesh roof of the stage being torn through, and it would let out a loud screech.

The spear had been thrown by the faunus woman Nevermore C had been chasing. Having crashed through her barrier and rushed the girl the bird took a moment to adjust it's position and as such take a spear to it's side... however the mud would not blind the beast. Instead, tracking the girl's movements as she made her way toward the stage, it would shriek and toss forth a volley of three feathers; a gust following it and shaking the stage. These feathers were poorly aimed, and coming after the one Nevermore A had thrown down, but they were rushing toward the Lecturer, the ram faunus and the android girl individually.

Finally, the bird to the right of the group had seemingly gone ignored. Without hesitation it to would let forth a volley of two feathers; both aimed for the violinist but both the blonde and the android stood before him; liable to bear the brunt of this attack.

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Jaiden's eyes narrowed as the feathers flew towards her, she spun on her trying to rush out of the way while swiping to try and either evade or shove one out of the way. Unfortunately however, while she did manage to get out of the way barely, the following gust was to close after and too strong for her to get out of.

She was thrown back off her feet and through the air until she slammed against a fountain causing it to break as they collided and she dropped to the ground.

Pulling herself to her feet she winced in pain rubbing her back and trying to reorient herself. Jaiden squinted trying to get her bearings one where everyone was and what was going on. It was then she noticed Nevermore C's assault on Maestus, a blonde, and the Violenist behind. Deciding it was best to try and lighten the load of the others and maybe redirect the attention of as many Nevermore's as she could she took action quickly.

She ran across the ground towards the higher nevermore, and stopped while whipping an arm forwards from her side and bringing with it a gust of wind hurtling debree into the air aimed at Nevermore C to hopefully injure it and get it focused on her.

This was immediately followed up by her appearing to clap her hands but stopping short, and sending two intersecting bursts of wind towards it's face just to add to the attack and try and get the point across she was coming after it.

While injured, she knew she had a relatively good chance of evasion due to her semblance. Which meant if she could get them after her, she could allow everyone else to either get people out or attack them while they were distracted.


SP: 140
HP: 45

Two semblance attacks:
Aimed at Nevermore C.
Gust of wind with debree plus wind blade at head (defense not added): Damage: 20 + 20 =40

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Valerie winced a little bit as the first feather dinked her in the back of the head, just barely breaking through her barrier, but still hitting her with enough force to knock her down onto her hands and knees, still hunched over the violinist. She looked between her legs to see that Mae was there, trying to take hits for her. Valerie gritted her teeth as she kicked out the backs of Mae's feet to knock her down. Valerie refused to let anyone get hurt for her, because to her that was the same as her hurting someone, especially when this was her decision in the first place and no one was allowed to take that from her.

"Get down, you idiot!" Valerie seemed like she was about to follow-up with something, until she suddenly flinched in pain from both of the other two feathers smacking against her aura on her wings. Her only follow-up from that was a light growl as she started to get angry. 'What did Professor Orange say in class again? Smush your anger down? Wait... I think I get it, just a bit.'

Valerie put her hand against the violinists shoulder, and with the other, yanked the quill from his chest while healing the both of them simultaneously, doing her best to pin him down as he was likely to jolt from the pain. She stood up and tossed the quill off to the side, turning around to face the Nevermore.

"Stable, Professor..." She said in a husky voice through gritted teeth, because this was the first stepping stone to her anger. 'Just because you smush your anger down, doesn't mean it's gone, but... you can let it loose a little bit later then.'

She let her hair turn black just like her aura as she cracked her knuckles, and looked at Maestus. "If you want to make yourself useful, take them somewhere safe." She adjusted her gauntlet on her wrist briefly. "Oh yeah, and if I ever see you put a civilian in danger for our sake again, I will dismantle you so fast that nobody will know how to put you back together. This isn't their fight and they don't deserve it, we're supposed to keep them safe. YOU are supposed to keep them safe."

Valerie looked back toward the Nevermore and scouted a path to get to it before shouting and running directly towards the creature.


Hp: 85/110
Sp: 125/200

Actions taken: Took the initial feather hit from the Nevermore fell on top of the violinist. She then tripped Mae with her legs to take the hit from both of the other feathers as well, the hits enraging her, but she pushes it down long enough to help the violinist and heal herself before charging at the Nevermore.

2x Healing: -60 SP to heal the violinist and herself for +20 HP
Recovery Aura: +5 SP

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Maestus just barely remained on her feet, bending backward almost comically while the claws in her feet dug into the floor as her only support.  As she slowly came to stand completely upright, she couldn't help but let her fury build within her as who she thought was an ally threatened and berated her.  She already knew that what she did was a mistake, Valerie was just pouring salt into the wound, making Maestus feel just as guilty as she was furious.  Maestus was about to retaliate against her fellow student, having not noticed her take two hits for her, but not only was the shaking of the stage incredibly distracting, but Valerie had already run off to do whatever else she could to help.

Feeling the entire stage shake, Maestus took a look around to find that one of the Nevermore was on top of the stage while another was on the ground further away.  Deciding that starting a fight with another student would be difficult and a burden during this event, so she decided to make her way to the Nevermore above her.  She jumped onto whatever sturdy objects she could find that would let her climb up the stage and towards the Grimm, digging her claws into them to get a grip and jump off to get higher.  As soon as she felt that she could reach it, Maestus pounced towards Nevermore C, activating her semblance and flying through the air, leaving behind a molten gold trail in the air like a comet.  "Catch me! Catchmecatchmecatchme!" If she was able to reach the Nevermore, she would grab onto it while it was distracted and dig the claws on her hands into the thing's body, scratching up whatever she could reach with her feet.  However, if she missed, she'd slam her claws into whatever she was standing on in a rage.


HP: 200/200
SP: 80/100 (Semblance used)

4 Buffed attacks. (The two from attempting to latch on with claws on hands, other two from the claws on her feet) : 200 damage if hit, not including defense.

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Terra flew back a couple feet and got pinned. "You little jerk. You messed up now. You're on my list." Terra grabbed the feather and ripped it out before falling on her hands and knees. She was taking way too much damage. She picked up the feather and charged at Nevermore C. She stopped abruptly and threw the feather like a javelin into the bird. She turned towards Nevermore B. "You're on it too buddy." She walked towards the grimm,slowly,calmly. She held out her hand and made a knife with it. Someone is going to die tonight. She ran towards Nevermore B and threw at the bird,aiming for its chest. Hit or miss,after a while the knife will disperse. Terra only looked up at the thing. She climbed on the stage and ran at it,before jumping at the edge and raising her foot. She kicked at the thing and fell to the ground.

She stepped back a little bit and stayed low to the ground. Hopefully she gets some help,and soon.

Feather throw:15 damage to Nevermore C
Knife Throw:20 damage to Nevermore B
Kick:15 damage to Nevermore B
Made knife with semblance:-20 aura

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Nevermore A Hp: 0 (On top of Stage, above centre stage)
Nevermore B (Airborne on Stage Right) Hp:280
Nevermore C (Landed on the Ground) Hp: 215
Level 5 Defence 3 RES/DEF Hard Difficulty

Three ear wrenching screeches sounded, one from each bird, their eyes were no longer drawn so ardently to the violinist... but the girl who's aura had blackened. As she screamed at her comrade, the android almost returning the sentiment, the bird which had previously gone quite untouched was thwacked by crates and sharp gusts of wind. It's screech cut off it would be first to break the noise, immediately loosing a sharp feather in the once-blonde's direction before Nevermore C stumbled backward; almost dazed by the injured brown-haired girl's attack. The landed bird would take one of it's own feathers to the wing in it's stupor before letting out another screech, the white haired girl's attack had met it's mark.

Nevermore A to was caught off-guard, feeling the rending of sharp claws meet with it's feathered hide it's screeching would cease and it would jump before flapping it's wings. The girl-droid's frantic scratching would do much to rend the underside of the large bird but as it began to fly once-more and a powerful whip of it's wings would force the girl fast toward the stage and tracing her was a pair of sharp feathers; primed for piercing... but her last slash as she fell had dealt great damage to the beast and it had no real way to defend itself from her. The bird would frantically flap twice before falling, turning to eerie black smog as it fell to the ground. Nevermore A was defeated.

The final bird, Nevermore B, had truly gone untouched until this moment. It's screech was cut short by an aura induced knife, meeting with the creature's chest. Red eyes locking on the being that did it, seeing her rush up and jump at the bird, with it's mastery over the air it quite simply flapped left; ducking out of the way before turning it's back on the stage and to her. It would not give her time to recover, flapping it's wings and loosing a feather toward her.

The violinist had regained consciousness, having lost a lot of blood they had paled greatly. Reaching up to grasp at the black haired woman he didn't seem to be seeing her, still overcome by pain and confusing, but at least he was conscious and moving!

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Her mind whirled as events transpired. Trying to pinpoint where she needed to be. She had to smile as one of the three birds was eradicated from the equation. Mathematically, it would work best to eliminate them one at a time by pressing as much against one as they could at a time so they had less attacks to deal with at a time, but it was far more difficult to manage then it sounded unfortunately. Without risking lives that is.

Even knowing full well to use up her semblance on this could exhaust her so much she might go unconscious, she also knew against something so far away it was the only action she could really take. As for the others, they were doing well enough, the one doing the worst however was Terra. And that meant it was her who Jaiden would be going to help out. Always protect the weakest links, and in this case, Jaiden was pretty sure of those fighting the ones most injured were herself and the other Faunus. She just saw the feather as it left the Nevermore and raced forwards. Fortunately, Jaiden could tell she was starting to heal thanks to her own aura. But she wasn't certain it would be enough or not.

Using her semblance to make that rush accelerate considerable so she would try and knock the feather out of the way by kicking it from the side as she rushed it and knocking it off course. Bingo She thought as it managed to be put off course, although she still felt a bit of pain in her back after the hit from earlier and winced ever so slightly upon noticing it when she landed. She looked over at Terra and waved, "Hi hopefully you didn't have plans for that." She said very quickly running over a little bit so she would be close enough to be in range for assistance, but far enough away they shouldn't get hit by the same attack, "If you're still up to fight I think we need to try and kill one as fast as possible. I'm just gonna try and stick around you so maybe we can keep them bouncing back and forth from who to pay attention to...I hope."

With that she turned towards Nevermore B again and swiftly and smoothly launched herself through the air using her semblance to speed it up and guide her towards the Nevermore, this time paying attention just in case it might move, by going past it and then aiming to come back on it on the way back down knife in hand. Attempting to strike at either wing three times as hard as she could manage given the circumstances.

SP: 120
HP: 50 (Regained 5 points through aura)
Actions taken:
Semblance used to speed up and kick away feather aimed at Terra. -10sp
Gust of wind to leap through the air -10sp
Three strikes at Nevermore B: Damage if hit (Defense not added): 75 total.
15 +10 = 25 per hit.

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Valerie was taken by surprise by the two classmates locked in combat with the Nevermore facing away from herself and the stage, just barely taking in the scene by the corner of her vision. Rather than make any concerted effort to dodge the feather loosed at her from her previous target, she would avoid it by completely changing course toward the one distracted by her classmates. Running up some nearby sound equipment and leaping off of it to gain just a few extra feet of air, while a thought crossed Valerie's mind. How could she stay mad when her classmates were in danger? Maybe fighting this time was the better option?

So she landed on the back of the Nevermore, climbing up and grasping at the crest on the back of it's head where she'd be safe from it's snapping beak. Valerie focused solely on how to make sure she stayed snapped for a bit longer and thought about how this Nevermore was hurting them, and how it would continue if she doesn't stop it. She waved a free hand at Jaiden and Terra from it's back.

"Hey, either kill the other one while I distract this one or help me deal with this one, I don't really care at this point!" She tightened her grip with her heavy metallic gauntlet, securing herself further as she drew her sidearm and let her soul flow. The pistol crackled and sparked with black energy as her aura flowed into it. From there, she jammed the barrel into the beast's back and popped off two rounds. "And try not to die! I'm already stealing the attention by being a boiling pot of negativity right now if you were too dumb to tell!"

She kicks the grimm twice with the heel of one of her boots similarly to a cowboy spurring a horse as she begins to twist and yank on the creatures crest, trying to be the best pest to it that she can.


Hp: 85/110
Sp: 120/200

Actions taken: Valerie diverts her course and launches herself onto the Nevermore B, buffing herself and shooting it twice. She holds tight with her steel gauntlet and tries to irritate the Nevermore and keep it's attention through angry thoughts and annoying actions.

-10 SP- STR buff
+5 SP- Recovery Aura

2 Shots- 45 + 45 Dam before Def applied (30 + 30 after Def)

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Maestus crashed into the top of the stage, disorienting her for just enough time for one of the feathers sent towards her to pierce through her abdomen.  It took her a moment to recognize that anything had happened, but as soon as she saw the feather stuck on her, her anger grew even further with nothing right next to her to direct it towards.  However, instead swinging wildly at nothing as usual, she did her very best to calm down, if only for a moment.  She wouldn't be able to move very easily with a large feather stuck in her torso, would she? So, like a true medical professional, she grabbed the thing and wrenched it out, twisting this way and that until the object was removed.  Satisfied with her rather barbaric work, Maestus made a mental note to ask for help repairing herself later.  Now that she was done with all of that, she turned to see the student that yelled at her earlier, only this time she was riding the Nevermore.

After witnessing this, Maestus would jump down to the ground, having a whole new respect for Valerie now that she's made it clear that she's got guts.  Although, she wasn't sure about how she was going to attack that Nevermore consistently, seeing how it was in the air and Maestus was only able to use her claws.  Thus, the android had to look for a new target, one that was on the ground.  A target like... that one.  Going from standing still to sprinting in what felt like a split second, the android charged for the landed Nevermore.  "Here it comes, here it comes!"  Maestus yelled out as she dove at the bird, but instead of using the claws on her arms to attack the thing, she landed on her hands to push herself through the air to try and hit the thing with the claws on her feet.  Whether this missed or not, Maestus would swing her hands at the Grimm as she fell back down.


HP: 175/200
SP: 70/100

4 Buffed attacks.  50 damage each if hit, 35 including defense.

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Terra jumped sideways away from the feather. Enough taking attacks,now time to deal them. She ran towards it and circled it before snapping her fingers. At that exact moment,a large platform came out of the ground and set her flying up in the air. She made two needle with her aura and threw it at each of the bird's eyes. She fell down on the ground and looked around her. Now she is getting some help,and she was glad. Having to rely on your semblance for the whole encounter is exhausting and annoying. Her aura's low and she is getting tired. At least she weakened the thing down. So if she falls,the others might destroy them. She looked up at the Nevermore. She has nowhere near enough aura to fight that thing. Maybe if she sits out for a while it might recover but there will be no way that those monsters will stay distracted enough to let her recover. Maybe she can get the others to distract them.

2 needles:40 damage if hit,-40 aura

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