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Ishi visits family again(solo)

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1 Ishi visits family again(solo) on Mon Oct 02, 2017 12:51 am

Ishi wasn’t one to stress about things that weren’t medically related. This wasn’t medical related, and there should be no other reason he was sitting outside his sister's door. He knew that Pops had all his kids get hand to hand training. Significant training. They were the sons and daughters of the Omo family. Liable for kidnapping for ransom, that obviously didn’t happen. Ishi was the one doing the kidnapping, and Kiri would have to leave home to be kidnapped.

He knocked on his sisters door and heard the movement of cans and the dragging of clothes. This was obviously the best time for him to call on her aid.

“Kir. I need to ask you some questions.”

“Ish, it’s like 8 in the morning. What are you doing up?”

“I’m up because I have a job that requires me to be up at all hours. Students aren’t going to wait for you to get up. They’ll just leave.”

“Sounds like my girlfriends. What do you need so I can go back to sleep.”

“Since father also had you trained in Hand to Hand, I want you to fight me. I need to make sure I’m not completely rusty.”

He heard a loud groan and the shifting of more cans before his sister appeared, donning a t-shirt and shorts. She was fit, like her brother, except younger and slightly grumpier. If you can believe it. She started the walk to the sparring rooms, and once they arrived, they saw their teacher.

“Hey, Mr.Jack. It’s been awhile. Mind if we spar a bit? I hope you've kept her training up to standard. You kept me to pretty high standards.”

The teacher nodded and left the room.

Ishi and Kiri put on proper Gi’s and got the mats out.

Ishi, in all his average size and looks, wasn’t quite lacking in muscles. He didn’t work out as much as a man of his size and profession probably should, but that’s not what mattered in the long run. What mattered was the skill Ishi had. The rather significant amount of skill he had.

His sister ran at him, and he simply parried her and clocked her one in the nose.

She didn’t fall, though. That was no matter, as a simple spinning heel kick would knock her down and about out. He sighed. She was still alright, but lacked the instinct that most fighters had. Well, maybe not lacked. Just didn’t use. That wasn’t even a terrible thing, all things considered.

He decided to use this event to test something.

He had her run at him again; and he formed his arm into a sort of sword.

He down-slashed repeatedly, getting the idea behind it even stronger and felt like he could do more with his actual blade. That was all that was needed. He felt like he had regained some confidence compared to what he had before the dragon. Was the dragon a major hit to his confidence? Yes, but that didn't matter now.

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