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Valerie's Solo Weapon Training

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1 Valerie's Solo Weapon Training on Mon Oct 02, 2017 1:17 am

Valerie was looking down range with her custom 9mm Sidearm on a small table directly in front of her. She stared slowly toward the target, looking up from the table to see the teeny looking human shaped target at the far end of this range. Her gaze trailed slowly, back toward the table and to her high powered pistol yet again. Valerie was certain that she would have this down pat, as this was far from her first time using this pistol in a way that challenged her, but this would be a fresh way to be challenged.

She put her foot forward and stomped on a small pedal under the table, causing 3 beeps to be heard. 2 short ones, and the last one much longer. The last beep is what signaled that the clock had begun to tick down from the sixty second mark she had set for herself, as well as signaling her to begin. Valerie grabbed her pistol and began to pull it apart piece by piece. Slide first, then the pin, and the spring, etc. She would lie them all horizontally on the table and then begin putting them back together until the handgun had once more been fully formed, earning the hall a belting "One!" from Valerie as she began to disassemble the weapon again. There was a steady click, clack, click, clack to be heard if one was paying attention to her working. "Two!" Click, clack, click, clack. "Three!" Click, clack, click, clack. "Four!"

This went on for some time, but Valerie couldn't say how long. She had no time to check how much time she had left. She was fully focused, working in her militaristic fashion which she usually left reserved for missions that required professionalism and attention.


On number eight however, there was a slight failure, as the spring clipped her fingernail and fell to the table, bouncing itself off and threatening to fall to the floor. Valerie snatched it mid-flight however, and seemed utterly unfazed by the lapse in time that had just occurred, soon belting out yet another. "Eight!"

The tension in her eyes was felt as her focus only deepened for the final two assemblies. Click, clack, click, clack. Tick, tock, tick, tock. "Nine!"

The pause was palpable and only filled by the clicking and the ticking that had been assaulting the hall for what felt like hours at this point. Then there was another shout, seemingly louder than the rest, semming to give way to some form of relief, but only to be filled by some other type of focus.


Valerie suddenly yanked the slide back and began to open fire on the target at the end of the range, emptying the magazine and pulling it soon after, as though part of the same motion as firing. The magazine was set horizontally next to the gun on the table and Valerie stomped on the pedal again, staring straight forward. She slowly directed her gaze toward the digital clock nearby, and finally read off that she still had two seconds to spare on her exercise. She smiled and hit a button on the table that dragged the target along a wire to be examined.

Valerie slapped the magazine back into the handgun and holstered it, leaving behind the target in the room with a smiley face drawn with bullet holes on the head.

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