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Artist? Photo manipulator? Post here!

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1 Artist? Photo manipulator? Post here! on Mon Jul 21, 2014 7:08 pm

Hello! This thread is for both people who want ether a edited piece of art for their avatar or signature and people who are artists and want to give out requests, here is a example of a artist application:

Artist Classification:(Painter, Photo Manipulator, Manga, ect.)
Examples of my work:(You may post as many picture examples as you wish)
Request Slots:(This shows how many art requests you take at any one time and how many of those slots are filled)

Now here is a character art request application example:

OOC Name:(OOC stands for "Out Of Character" this is what other people call you when your not role playing)
Name In Picture:(This is the name that will show up on the work of art, leave blank if you don't want one.)
Appearance:(A picture rather then a description is highly recommended)
Text/Lyrics:(These are the extra words that go usually go underneath your characters name, you may request a specific font, however the font is completely up to the artist, please leave this blank if you don't want any extra text)
Background:(Transparent/white backgrounds are also a option)
Specific Artist:(Is there a certain artist who's work you admire on Syne? Then put his/her username here, if not leave this space blank)

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