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Vanta Black [Finished]

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1 Vanta Black [Finished] on Tue Oct 03, 2017 12:53 pm

Vanta Black
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Vanta Black
Age: 19
Birthday: November 10th
Gender: Female
Race: Faunus; porcupine
Faunus Traits:
Being a porcupine Faunus, Vanta's body is covered in sharp quills that serve as a defense mechanism. The upper parts of her arms, from her hands to her elbows, are covered in quills.
Her legs, from the ankles to the knees are also covered in quills, her hair is interwoven with quills long and short. Finally her back as several particularly large quills which are about as long as her torso as a whole is. All her quills detach fairly easily upon being disturbed and stick into any unfortunate enough to have attempted to brave them. The quills of a porcupine have many small barbs along its length which make it painful to remove. Vanta seems to have the ability to flatten her quills to avoid unfortunate accidents, but going against the grain of the barbs will still result in a pricking.
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 122 pounds
Face Claim: Genderbent Izaya Orihara; Durarara!!
Locks like the night and eyes the color of dried blood, hair cascading down over her shoulders with two long strands in the front and a mane in the back reaching her shoulder blades.
It seems lightly spiked at a distance and gives off the look of being blown with snow at the base,
the difference between hair and quills almost non-existent until up close.

Olive skin often bruised and marred carrying evidence of past scuffles, with a scattered bunch of freckles dotting her cheeks. Most, if not all, of her body hair seems to be mixed in with quills, long and short and short and long, making her arms and legs noticeably darker. Her entire frame seems solid, built for street fighting and bar diving. Her breasts are modest, her form stocky and thighs thick to support her body.
All her body is finely muscled, trained from day to day activity.

She wears comfortable, light clothing. Hoodies and t-shirts, shorts and skirts. Sneakers, boots or barefoot depending on the mood and occasion. When fighting she tends to remove any shirt or hoodie she may be wearing at the time to free up as many of her quills as she can.

Aura 150|150 HP

Major: Combat

  • Getting Physical: Be it working out, a brawl or a rendezvous, Vanta enjoys physical exertion. Restless and easily excited, she's voted most likely to return injured from a mission. Injured, but giddy.
  • Drinking: Work hard, play hard. So sayeth the most ancient knowledge passed down through her family for generations. Vanta gets the job done and enjoys treating herself to a stiff drink at the end of the day. She's fairly good at holding them back without it getting to her but will become more driven by instinct when drunk, becoming more easily provoked for a myriad of situations.
  • Sadistic/Massochistic: Perhaps as a result of her Semblance and Faunus trait, or perhaps as a result of underlying issues, Vanta enjoys pain inflicted and taken. While she doesn't let this get in the way of her day to day she'll often fall to this when in the heat of battle, or in the more private moments of her life.
  • Reading: Never judge a book by its cover. Despite appearances and attitudes Vanta enjoys sitting down for a read every now and again, drawing as much as she can from her texts as she can.


  • Discrimination: Vanta is a proud faunus, unafraid of speaking her mind and baring her traits for the world to see. A quick way to work her into a frenzy is commenting negatively on her heritage.
  • Dust: Simply put, Vanta doesn't much care for Dust or its users. While she does have dust available to her due to her training and desire to become a huntress, she tries to steer away from it as much as she can. She'll often taunt Dust users if she gets the chance, poking meaningless fun.
  • Vegetables: Give me meat or give me death.


  • Fading into Obscurity: Of course the feisty, loudmouthed girl fears being forgotten. Vanta's ultimate goal in life is leaving behind a legacy worthy of being remembered, so the thoughts of dying unknown and forgotten often haunt her in the time before sleep claims her.
  • Deep Water: Nah, definitely not. Vanta admires the ocean and will comment on its majesty and inexplicable draw. From way over in her room, firmly locked on land. She gets nauseous when forced onto ships and will often freeze in place or panic if placed directly into the ocean.
  • The Dark: Being stripped of sight will throw Vanta into a panic, triggering her to haphazardly throw out attacks headless of whoever may be in the immediate vicinity.

Talent: Fighting
Weakness Swimming
Overall Personality: Vanta is a simple woman at heart. She enjoys any day where she sweats, enjoys a stiff drink and enjoys eating. Any day that involves all three of these things is a fantastic day in her eyes. Humble, protective and proud, she's the kind of person who forms bonds for life and protects them with her life. While she does enjoy fighting and is prone to picking them she's not one to hold a grudge, just as happy to laugh and drink with her opponent afterwards as she is to fight them in the first place. Diligent and responsible, she gets everything done before venturing onto whatever the day will bring.

Aura type: Defense
Aura Color: Beige
Semblance: Hardening: Vanta's Semblance allows her to, very simply, harden any part of her body to significant levels. This not only allows her to become more resilient to attacks but can also be used to strengthen her quills, allowing them to pierce steel and inflict damage. As long as her Semblance remains in use her Defense and Attack stats are raised by 1 but her Speed is lowered one tier.
Item 1: Gauntlets (Weapon): Vanta wears a pair of fingerless gauntlets that encase her hands up to the wrists, each of the knuckles an open barrel that allows her to shoot off a shot at will. She uses these to fire normal bullets or, if the situation demands it, Dust.
Item 2: Tabbard (Magical Armor): Beneath her clothes Vanta wears a plain white, open backed tabbard as her only form of protection against dust. The tabbard itself seems to writhe with an effect similar to an oasis reflection, inscribed with fine runes all along the edges.

History and Sample
Born to working class parents and the middle child among three other brothers,
Vanta was born with a wooden spoon in her mouth. The girl learned to play, dress, speak and act like a boy due to the influence of her three brothers and could never quite fit in with the other girls around her.
Her mother seemed to be the only non-porcupine faunus in the family, being a cat herself. Regardless they all lived in love and relative peace, her father and brothers teaching her pride and attachment while her mother taught her the importance of family and loved ones.

As she grew the girl discovered a love and affinity for fighting, often beating out all but her oldest sibling.
She picked fights and made lots of friends as she grew in her own little way, and once her Semblance flourished she fought even more, with a newly inspired vigor in her stride. When she came of age she,
like her brothers, enrolled in Shade to start their hunstman training and eventually left their own separate ways, some to work, to make families and Vanta to continue her studies in Syne. She bid farewell to her family and was off, determined to make a name for herself as a famous faunus huntress.
RP Sample:
Each breath was a mixed bag, each gasp bringing the relief of a new breath but with the added cost of dust sticking to the throat, kicked up and settling from the scuffle taking place.
A sharp intake of breath and a raspy, hocking sound before the battered girl spit, a dusty glob of blood and spit splattering on the ground nearby. Despite this there was an elated look to the girl, an odd grin on her features as she took the back of her hand to wipe the corner of her mouth, smearing a streak of blood across her face. Oh well.

Across the way a figure lie prone, occasional moans and the heaving rise and fall of the chest the best signs that they lived. Good, she didn't need that on her hands. With another sharp breath the girl strode forward, the quills lining her arms and legs lying flat against her limbs. The fighting was done, she wouldn't need those anymore. She stood looming over the prone body, arms limp at her sides and open palmed. Then all at once she'd dip down, extending a hand. The figure winced at the sudden movement but soon relaxed; it was an offer to help. The beaten man took the hand and stood, the prickly girl offering a laugh.

I'll tell you what,"came her voice, tired but full of very obvious glee as she took some steps back, stretching her shoulders back to pop the crick in her back. "Helluva fight, that was" And it was. Her torso was covered in little cuts and bruises, one cut above her right eye forcing her to keep it shut. The man was at a loss, so the girl laughed once more, a hand smacking him on the shoulder hard enough to make his already weak knees buckle.

"Come on! Pub should still be open. My treat!"

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Richard Lionheart
As I said on discord bud, I think you need to change fc ^^ BUmp when done

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